Tourney time! NC State vs. Pitt Game Thread!

One score and 8 years ago, Jimmy V and Vinny D led their NC State team to a surprise championship in the 1987 ACC tournament. In three memorable games, the sixth-seeded Wolfpack would defeat each of their Big 4 rivals in succession: an overtime win over 3-seed Duke, a double-overtime win over 7-seed Wake Forest, and a 1-point win over the top seeded Cheats. Classic ‘Cardiac Pack’ March magic. The Wolfpack have been unable to stand alone on the ACC mountaintop since. There have been some fun runs since, but no titles. Twenty-eight years.

The 2015 Wolfpack stand at least a reasonable chance to end that drought and deliver something long sought after and truly cherishable to the University and fanbase: some meaningful postseason hardware. If this season’s squad is going to conjure some ‘Classic ‘Pack March magic’ they start tonight against Pitt.

Lots of activity on the site, and we’ve got a fun ACC / Conference tourneys open thread going in the forums. Please jump in and share your thoughts. If you can’t be arsed to get over to the forums, feel free to use this thread to talk about the day session at the ACC tournament. Lots of good discussion going on in other threads, too.

Go Pack!

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    ^something to do with Coaching… perhaps…

    Someone is trolling


    No fighting this week or next! Only good Karma. 😀

    Though I can’t help but notice that nobody be pining for TAFKAWBS no more. Hee hee.


    The team looked good last night in a methodical win. Quick thoughts:
    – The coaching staff deserves as much credit for the way the team is playing now as they did criticism earlier in the year. Good job at this point. I hope we keep playing like last night the rest of the year.
    – Cat was awesome.
    – Turner had a great game doing the other stuff.
    – We look better with the tighter rotation. That saddens me because I love what KW, Dez and Cody bring to the game.
    – I liked how we just methodically executed and the game was never really in doubt.
    – We did a good job with press break minus a couple of possessions. Earlier this year when we saw a press, we just folded like a cheap suit.
    – Pitt should have had a massive sense of urgency, but if they did we took them out of that early.

    On to Duke. If we win this, we can make some noise. In truth though, this is a very big challenge. They’ll be fresh and we’re coming off a game. They’re stacked with talent and are incredibly hot right now.

    This is where that BC loss killed us late. Had we won that, we’d be playing ND today. Who here doubts we’d take ND down?


    I don’t worry too much about the BC loss. It happened. Who knows if we don’t lose focus elsewhere (Clemson probably) if that doesn’t happen?


    20 wins, 20 wins. We in.

    Some engineer is going to shoot me.

    Luckily for you, I don’t know your address.

    I may have to reveal my new address for a possible extraction. I bought the house from a UNX tool and we are surrounded by houses sporting the light blue rag.

Viewing 5 posts - 326 through 330 (of 330 total)
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