N.C. State @ Wake Forest – 8pm

N.C. State Wolfpack (14-9, 5-5) @ Wake Forest Demon Deacons (10-12, 2-7) | 8pm @ Lawrence Joel Coliseum | TV: ACC Network (WRAL locally)

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Ok, we all know what’s at stake. A win keeps the Pack treading water and trending slightly upward with consecutive road victories. A loss won’t sink the ship, but it would leave her listing badly.

Wake is having a tough season with respect to the W/L column, but the Deacons have shown that they are capable of playing quality basketball in spurts. They have no doubt improved since State played them last, and most likely view tonight’s game as a good opportunity to pick up a win.  Wake Forest has been mostly close and competitive against quality competition since facing the Wolfpack in late December.

Hopefully, the Wolfpack will come out with the focus and discipline necessary to pick up a key victory. As always, Barber, Turner, and Lacey have to be big – but getting the post guys involved early and keeping them involved throughout the game would be a great sign. A better rebounding effort would be good, as well 🙂 .

Ordinarily I’d link the ACC standings showing the respective RPI ratings, however today I’ll steer everyone towards this fantastic ACC mid-season review. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and get over there … The review has all the information you need to prime yourself  for what State and other ACC teams need to accomplish over the second half of the ACC season in order to get where they want to go.

After tonight, the Pack do not play again until next Wednesday evening – at home against Virginia. After that, there’s plenty of road games as we draw in on some must win games. There are so many ‘at’s left on State’s schedule that I think of the AT-ATs from Star Wars. Hopefully we won’t get slaughtered in those road games like the rebels did in that AT-AT battle. Enjoy the game everyone.

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    N.C. State Wolfpack (14-9, 5-5) @ Wake Forest Demon Deacons (10-12, 2-7) | 8pm @ Lawrence Joel Coliseum | TV: ACC Network (WRAL locally) GoPack previe
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    Larry Joe Coliseum, like BB&T Field, is where seasons go to die. Not suggesting Wake is good. Just saying there is some sort of mojo sucking magnet that we seem to have to pass under to get into Winston Salem. I’d rather play in Clempson than WS.


    Wake has a good point guard and a MOUTHY decent big man, outside of that made up of UNCG caliber athletes. These are the same athletes I fully expect to make around 10 3’s, Devon Thomas score around 30 and play with 4 fouls for the entire second half without fouling out. I expect to see the same tired motorcycle lead the team out with the same 30-40 year olds wearing stupid tie-dyed shirts with the band comprised of 40 year old “weirdo’s”. This will be one of the few games we’ve played this year where across the board we have wayyyyy better athletes than the team we’re playing, I don’t expect the score to remind me of that.


    We should absolutely hammer Wake tonight. I will be in full panic mode if we crap the bed at this point in the season.


    I like to guess which no name with mediocre shooting stats lights us up from the three. My candidate for tonight is Cornelius Hudson. No reason other than he shoots 30% and the name Cornelius Hudson just sounds like the name of guys who do it to us.

    Hopefully Ralston gets back on track and out-duels Cornelius.


    Shocking how everyone expects us to lose. Myself included.

    Prowling Woofie

    We are clearly the far-superior team. Therefore, we lose by 8….


    State by 12.


    I’m terrified to watch. Perhaps I will not.

    8 days off following a win would be awesome. After a loss would suck something fierce.


    As a State fan who lives in Winston, I can tell you I hate it when we come here to play in any sport. One benefit to living here is getting to see Wake play a lot. Their BBall team is headed in the right direction, and I don’t believe we are extremely better than them talent wise. They have a strong core of young players who will be very solid 4 year players for them. One European big man who can drain 3s all day long. Funny how they always have one, yet we can never find one. Their coach is going to be one of the best in the country once he gets a few more recruiting classes in Winston.

    Outside of the Dukes. Cheats, and Louisville we all have close to the same talent. The more experienced teams tend to do better, ie ND. The real key to his game is if Lacey and Cat decide to penetrate or settle for jump shots. If they settle for jump shots we lose, if they drive to the basket we win. We are at our best when we drive to the basket, but in the games we have lost I find myself yelling at them for settling for jump shots. Good things happen when you take it to the RIM!


    Yep, Manning has them playing well. It’s going to be close. I have no idea which side of close we will end up on.


    Last year we lost at Wake by 1 point and the year before that we lost by two. The previous two years we won by a combined 61 points.

    We’ve lost in Clemson 5 of the last 6 years.


    ^ Your avatar looks drunk which is where I’m headed. Go Pack!!


    Must win game……..


    Yeah, Sid’s last dumpster fire even beat Wake twice by extremely large margins. They have put some real shit on the court in recent times. Manning at least has them respectable again.


    If we lose this one, we won’t be a listing ship, we’ll be a sinking ship. I just hope this trip to Wake Forest won’t be another voyage of the damned.


    BJD summed it up nicely … but I will watch. I can’t help myself.


    Just like driving past a bad car wreck…I’m repulsed, yet I can’t turn away.


    In other Red and White (Cossack) news…I’m up to page 859 of “Quiet Flows the Don” comrades! Total sports media blackout has its side benefits.


    State by 12.

    Wouldn’t that be a relief.


    Not if they score the 12 in the last :31 of the fourth ot.


    In other Red and White (Cossack) news…I’m up to page 859 of “Quiet Flows the Don” comrades! Total sports media blackout has its side benefits.

    The culture and refinement that can be obtained by stepping away from State athletics …

    Nah, not worth it! 🙂


    I never cared for Cossack all that much. Hot Tub Time Machine was good, but everything else… meh.


    I suspect we’ll win.
    I also suspect it won’t be easy. Or pretty.


    Same game every week….

    30 minutes of good ball..
    5 minutes we’d rather forget…

    This time the Pack wins by double digits..

    BOTB’s keys to the game….

    !. Which Cat is our Cat tonight?
    2. Which Cat is our Cat tonight?
    3. Which Cat is our Cat tonight?

    and …

    4. Which BIG is our BIG tonight, which BIG is NOT?

    As for what Danny and Deacs do… I’m frankly more worried the response of the Japanese Government to ISIS terrorists….

    We play our game… we win…
    It’s that simple.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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