A Collapse Narrowly Averted

One made field goal in the last 10:35 will ensure a dramatic finish, even when nursing a 15 point lead in a low-scoring game. Fortunately, Cam and Gavin kept State alive to get to the 2nd OT, where Miami ran out of gas. Despite blowing the big lead, it was great to win a close road game against a good conference opponent.

Can anyone who has the “U” tell us how it LOOKED, as opposed to how it sounded?

Fun nugget – watching SportsCenter before the game, David Thompson made ESPN’s all-time best dunkers’ list at #5. Ahead of him were Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, and one other guy whose name escapes me.

UPDATE: Dr. J was #2 on the dunking list. How could I forget him?

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  1. Ken Babb 02/10/2006 at 10:22 AM #

    Not that it matters much, but our game with Miami was sold-out. Folks just didn’t show up (at least according to a Miami message board).

  2. class of '74 02/10/2006 at 11:04 AM #

    ^if that so then they had about 25 to 30% no shows.

  3. choppack 02/10/2006 at 12:13 PM #

    I could handle living in South FL

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