UNC Scandal

The Flagship Flaunts its Graduation Rates

Let’s all take a moment to marvel at the magnitude of unbridled arrogance here. This, after two decades of institutionalized academic fraud, and after they strategically self-indicted additional academic fraud just to keep their top-ranked men’s basketball team eligible for the 2016 NCAA Tournament. #UNC exceeds the national average in Graduation Success Rates. 10 teams scored […]

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More Violations at The Flagship

This is as “The Carolina Way” as it gets. Let’s all marvel at the brilliance of The Flagship’s PR Machine self-reporting additional violations, in order to delay their official response — and subsequent accountability — to their original Notice of Allegations, on the day of their deadline to do so. Pure brilliance. One could argue […]

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Chizik Not Hired at UNC Just Yet

We couldn’t believe it when the rumors surfaced about UNC hiring Chizik who is known in the coaching circles as extremely shady. It would take some serious ignorance or audacity for UNC to make this hire. They still might but things are being held up by a background investigation according to ChapelBoro.com Despite widespread reports […]

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