NYT factually inaccurate in article – Dean Smith’s shadow looming over scandal

Don’t have a lot of time right now…so, want to share this as quickly as we could.


As I skim the article, the first thing I note that the UNC PR machine was successful in repositioning ‘facts’ with what is supposed to be the “paper of record”. Take the following quotes for example:

The paper classes went back as far as the 1990s. The grades the athletes were given were always high enough to ensure they were eligible to play.


What does Dean Smith have to do with any of this? Nothing — and everything. Although Smith retired in 1997, four years after the paper classes began

Score one for UNC! NOBODY KNOWS how far back paper classes go in Chapel Hill. We only know about the 1993 date because that is when the AFAM department started (1992-1993) and that is the date that UNC paid for ‘independent studies’ to be completed.

As professor Jay Smith once said in a Daily Tar Heel article:

Smith said there might be a hidden reason for pegging the scandal’s beginning to 1993.

“The 1993 date is somewhat arbitrary,” Smith said. “And you have to wonder whether that date wasn’t something given to Wainstein by Debby Crowder and Julius (Nyang’oro) themselves, perhaps as a way of protecting the ‘93 team — the ‘93 championship team.”

Smith said the courses before then could have been legitimate but simply irregular in their accommodation of student athletes.

But Smith said the date could also protect a championship-winning basketball team.

“If the narrative is to be changed, if the date is to be pushed back, then that ‘93 team falls under a cloud in the same way that the other two are under a cloud.”

Smith said changing the start date has serious implications for both the basketball program and the bigger picture surrounding the scandal.

“If we push the date back and we trace this thing to its roots, we get a better sense of the sorts of systemic pressures that were operative here, that were brought to bear and that will always, I think, threaten academic integrity.”

So, there is no proof that the fraud actually began in 1993…but, that hasn’t stopped the lazy-ass media from falling for the lie – hook, line & sinker.

UNC paid for the ‘indepedent’ Wainstein report and set the scope & timeline of the review. They chose 1993 so that they could limit the investigation to just the AFAM department (which started in 1992-1993 and immediately saw SEVEN upper classmen from UNC’s 1993 National Champion basketball team mysteriously transfer into the major).

WHO KNOWS what existed BEFORE African American Studies. Rumors of similar set ups in UNC’s Portuguese ‘classes’ and geography ‘classes’ had existed for decades before 1993. But, to be fair, it really is amazing that 1993 date is now accepted as the start of the ‘full scale fraud’ as that was when Coach Smith and current ACC Commissioner, John Swofford, were in charge of UNC Athletics. Of course, it was just a coincidence that this scheme was cooked up the first year after Duke had successfully won back to back national championships. (If you want more on this, then you must read “The Thanksgiving Theory”.)

It has since been documented that 22 of the first 25 fake enrollments by athletes were by Dean Smith players. In Dean Smith’s last 8 years at UNC, the breakdown of fake enrollments by sport was as following:

Men’s Basketball – 54
Football – 26
Women’s Basketball – 2
All other sports – 0

So, the next time the absolutely WARPED media throws Dean Smith’s 96% graduation rate in your face then just respond that 88% of the initial fraud by athletes came from Dean, too.


PER UNC 2nd SACS Response & Wainstein Exhibits:

Total fake enrollments by athletes, all semesters from Fall 1989 through Summer 1998

Men’s Basketball – 63
Football – 37
Women’s Basketball – 4
All other sports combined – 0

Summer fake enrollments (1990-1998)
Men’s basketball = 30
All other sports combined = 6

Total Summer fake enrollments (1990-2011)
Athletes – 728 fake enrollments (52.4%)
Non-Athletes – 661 fake enrollments


1992-1993: UNC Wins National Championship in the first year that African American Studies Department Existed

The Carolina Alumni Review points out that Dr. Nyang’oro, the professor (and department head) at the center of the AAS athletic scandal, was employed by the University as a faculty member in 1988. Nyang’oro became the chair of the curriculum at issue in 1992. The Carolina Alumni Review also points out that Nyang’oro was the *first* and *only* department head; African American Studies as a curriculum was created in 1992 when Nyang’oro was designated the first and only chair.

In 1992-1993, the University of North Carolina basketball team won the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship in New Orleans finishing the year with an impressive 34-4 record.

UNC’s roster for the 1992-1993 team can be viewed here. However, below is a clip from that link for your convenience:

Scott Cherry Sr 6-4 G
George Lynch Sr 6-7 F *
Henrik Rodl Sr 6-7 F/G
Travis Stephenson Sr 6-6 F
Matt Wenstrom Sr 7-1 C
Eric Montross Jr 7-0 C *
Derrick Phelps Jr 6-4 G *
Brian Reese Jr 6-6 F *
Kevin Salvadori Jr 7-0 F
Pat Sullivan Jr 6-8 F
Pearce Landry So 6-5 G
Donald Williams So 6-3 G *
Dante Calabria Fr 6-4 G
Larry Davis Fr 6-1 G
Ed Geth Fr 6-9 F

As you will see, the starting line up for the 1993 National Champion Tar Heels consisted of George Lynch, Brian Reese, Donald Williams, Derrick Phelps, and Eric Montross.

Before we move forward, a disclaimer: In the not-so-distant past, SFN was able to peruse old UNC Basketball Media Guides. For some reason we are having trouble relocating those online. But at that point, we were able to determine from UNC’s own publications the curriculum/majors of many of the former UNC basketball players.

The curriculum majors/minors for that group based on our best collected information and belief are as follows:

Lynch (Sr): African American Studies
Reese (Jr): Communications (minor in African American Studies)
D. Williams (So): African American Studies
Phelps (Jr): African American Studies
Montross (Jr): Communications

It seems worth pointing out that in the FIRST YEAR that curriculum for African American Studies existed at UNC (1992) that FOUR OF THE STARTING FIVE members of Dean Smith’s National Championship Basketball team IMMEDIATELY majored/minored in this brand spanking new curriculum with Dr. Nyang’oro at the helm. In just one year, an almost entire team happened to migrate to one particular, and brand new, curriculum?

But…of course…Dean Smith…who is/was internationally renowned and LEGENDARY for his involvement in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of his players lives simply had NO IDEA. The man that players turned to advise them on everything in their life did NOT know that the majority of his players all changed their major into a brand new major. The man that is still lauded and gets credit for producing a 96% graduation rate does not get held accountable for even knowing his players majors or study habits?

Which way is it?

Great work, New York Times! Way to really get behind the story!!

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    Don’t have a lot of time right now…so, want to share this as quickly as we could. Link As I skim the article, the first thing I note that the UNC PR
    [See the full post at: NYT factually inaccurate in article – Dean Smith’s shadow looming over scandal]


    Great job…I’d love to see how bad you can destroy their BS if you had more time. 🙂


    Well of course that dirty SOB started the entire thing. But at this point I’d be happy with the NCAA simply holding their feet to the fire for 93-forward……..

    Yet here we all sit into the SIXTH YEAR of this thing and still no resolution in sight.


    PLease send that info to the NYT.


    Quite interesting to read the comment to the article. When I read none really supporting UNX in this.


    ” Pat Kennedy said this about UNC: “Gary Williams will tell you this, most of the coaches in the ACC felt that Carolina was a fraud in that they walked around like they were Stanford or Vanderbilt or Northwestern, but they weren’t, they were not even Duke. They took the most exceptions the last few years of Dean Smith’s career they took the most exceptions of any school in the ACC. Meaning kids that would not normally get accepted into the university, that were accepted to the university to play sports. I remember one year at Carolina they had five exceptions starting on their men’s basketball team. So they were taking guys with very low level qualifications and then they would keep them eligible. By putting them in these courses. So if a guy was close to not being eligible and his GPA was a 1.8 he would then take a couple of these courses and his GPA would be up to 2.4 and then everybody took a deep breath and they did it again.”
    “And the thing about the coaches not knowing about it in football it’s possible because the coaches at different positions would know about it, but it may not get to the head coach. But in basketball the head coach would know about it because he would have to approve dropping classes and getting into another class to stay eligible for graduation.”

    This is my favorite quote/fact out of the entire scandal. Dean Smith just happened to start taking more academic exceptions at the same time the AFAM fraud system was set up. Just one big coincidence. Yeah right.


    Quite interesting to read the comment to the article. When I read none really supporting UNX in this.

    The vast majority of the commenters “get it”. It took a long time for this to reach the national stage, and longer still for people to realize exactly what went on and to finally accept that the carolina way was a sham. Now the learning disability diagnosis prong is getting more play. unx hires an integrity officer. The court of public opinion might actually force the NCAA’s hand.


    I was sad to see Joe Nocera’s name attached to this Smith-fluff. Nocera has written some good articles in the past about various aspects of the college athletics myth, but for him to put this tripe out was truly disappointing. In addition, the outing of BlueDevilicious’s real name seems like the most actual investigating he did in this story, and BD soon after altered his handle on Twitter.


    My take on this, from reading a lot and also trying to sort fact from fiction is that Dean E. Smith was the person that visited Kansas and SAW their AFAM department. He immediately then started campaigning for such. Now DES was the epitomy of the Leaning Left Liberal. When he championed AFAM, it was heralded as ultra progressive. SO, DES enlisted a person of impeccable skills at “snake oil selling”. Bring in the equivalent of Professor Harold Hill….Johnny Boy Swofford. Swoff was the point man. He got the Faculty Senate to endorse the proposal…and BINGO….AFAM at UNC was born. Remember its DNA came from Kansas where DES had his roots.

    NOW….think back a little. WHO was the Kansas Coach….Old Huckleberry Roy Williams. Roy brought the latest Czar of Kansas’ AFAM, Wayne Walden. You remember Mr. Walden. In ORW’s book, he said that Wayne was more valuable than ANY assistant coach and he HAD to have him at UNC. NOW, when the feces hit the high speed rotating HVAC air movement device, guess WHO jumped ship? Why Wayne of course. He was incognito for a LONG time, but high $$ Kenny did, I think, interview him and of COURSE, he “KNEW NOTHING”.

    So, when you follow the REAL history, DES was the daddy of the AFAM Department…and ORW, along with WW (not of the Dixie Dance Kings) refined it for UNC.

    Wonder WHY the NYT reporters can’t figure this out.


    DES was your typical PHONY ivory tower liberal.

    Jim Valvano was also a liberal, but the right kind (even if you didn’t agree with his politics). He believed everybody deserved a chance, and a helping hand to open a door of opportunity. But he surely never had a plan based on paternalistic racism ASSUMING disadvantaged black kids COULDNT learn and needed to be given made-up classes and degrees.

    The abject, cynical racism of the Swoffy/Dean scheme (and AT LEAST one of them HAD to be intimately involved in its creation) is by far the most underreported facet.


    V’s problem was that he wasn’t cynical ENOUGH (or at all). He truly believed he could help any and every kid.


    Any other school would have been given the death penalty by now. Brace yourselves for a wrist slap.
    My many years of hate are totally justified.


    I didn’t think it was possible to hate them any more intensely but I keep being surprised on a near-daily basis.

    Hopefully they land in WVU’s bracket and The King of Track Suits rips OL Roy a new one.


    Nothing is going to happen to those cheaters. Combine the NCAas lack of action on this with the decline of the watchability of college basketball and our suckage and I just don’t watch it. I used to love it, now I just don’t care.
    More free time with the kids.


    He (Valvano) truly believed he could help any and every kid.

    Yes… at his core he was 100% Coach…

    After Charles Scott arroove on the Hole (1965)…
    Smith aspired to a bigger agenda (change the world while keeping his coaching job)….

    It’s sad but true… in both cases Money, Power and the Sinful Nature of Man corrupt everything pure ….
    and both men had “plenty of help” surrounding them…


    I’ve heard rumors of a new book coming out….

    Dean E. Smith, the Man and the Myth

    by Bob Lee and Jay Smith

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    When will something be realeased from the NCAA regarding UNCs response to the NOA? Last I heard they self reported additional “violations” witch bought them more time, but that was months ago. Shouldn’t there be action soon?


    Still on the clock with UNX’s revised “self reporting” – no doubt a self serving plan.


    Yes, and from what I get…the revised NOA will contain a bit more than what UNx expected.

    The NCAA is going to punch them square in the mouth, but what was expected for Spring, will most likely come heading into the Fall semester.


    There are worse places to be punched, but I’ll take the mouth.


    The title of the NYT article has been bugging me. It should be “UNC Scandal Fallout Looms Large Over Dean Smith”.


    witch bought them more time

    Which* don’t know if that was autocorrect or what!

    So who’s court is the ball in, so to speak? Can’t believe the timeline is already pushed to next fall.

    Is the NCAA still digesting these new “violations”? Will a new NOA be handed down, essentially starting the process over?


    Last I knew it was in the UNX court but I might be behind the curve. Regardless the last minute “revision” started the clock at zero once again.


    With as many problems that they have at unx they can probably keep self reporting and prolong the chicanery for another 5 or 10 years. Just self report ever so often and start the clock over.



    you might be on to something here…

    let’s watch this… third time around the track proves your “theory”…
    in which case the pressure on the NCAA to act becomes unbearable…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yes, and from what I get…the revised NOA will contain a bit more than what UNx expected.

    The NCAA is going to punch them square in the mouth, but what was expected for Spring, will most likely come heading into the Fall semester.


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