Sunday’s salt in the wound – NC State, Phil Ford article in N&O

I know that the timing of News & Observer’s string of articles around the 40th anniversary of NC State’s 1974 National Championship Basketball this morning was pre-determined…nonetheless, this one focusing on the shift of power really stung. Despite the torture it created for me this morning it is worth reading; particularly for our younger audience. […]

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Mandel: “Shouldn’t Emmert Step-in [at UN*], too?”

With the unprecedented punishment levied against Penn State yesterday, Stewart Mandel says that NCAA “displinary czar” Mark Emmert “overstepped” and then touches on a question many of us are asking about the ever-inconsistent NCAA (SI.com): “While there’s been much speculation about whether this fits this specific bylaw or that specific bylaw,” said Emmert, “it certainly […]

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The Flagship wants its money back

If you haven’t already, catch up with all the recent batch of shenannigans over at The Flagship here (Rogueapalooza). Clearly, UNC was swindled (again) by a rogue, but now Thorp means business and wants his money back (WRAL): CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The University of North Carolina wants a professor at the center of an […]

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