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MooU and the N&O allies?

About six weeks ago I argued that as the vaunted “Carolina Way” has been widely and publicly deconstructed, “the average Carolina fan has responded not with outrage but instead with passive indifference.” And today, Duke Basketball Report (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) compiled a few of the more classic responses on, […]

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N&O Editorial About UNC Scandal

John Drescher, Executive Editor of the News & Observer, wrote an editorial Saturday about the questions that should’ve been asked by the Faculty Council last week…but weren’t. When UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp appeared before the Faculty Council last week to discuss investigations into the Tar Heel football program, the scene was set for the […]

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Big Fowler Article in the Sunday Observers; headline contradicts information in article

Both the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh’s News & Observer ran a large featured article this morning titled – Fowler’s exit from NC State linked to emails. There is SO MUCH here that I don’t have time to start before heading to church! But, we just had to link it and get the conversation started. (Actually…true […]

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