Need some good news?

Toney Baker has been granted a 6th year, and he will likely return to play football next year…or will he? We found out that my sixth year of eligibility was approved this week, which is great. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet, but I’m glad to have the option to come back. […]

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NCAA strikes a much needed blow against injustice, SEMOST style

  “The NCAA hasn’t busted a single big-time men’s basketball program in nearly two years. It hasn’t nailed a major football program in nearly 15 months. It’s the longest stretch of compliance for the once iron-fisted organization in 46 years and the second longest ever according to an analysis of the NCAA’s major infractions database.” […]

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Barbrady mentality

Once again, the darlings in Chapel Hill get a pass. Per the N&O: UNC-Chapel Hill will not face sanctions over a pickup game Tuesday. The men’s basketball team played with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in violation of a rule that coaches are not allowed to watch pickup games during the offseason. Division I basketball […]

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