Herb Sendek

Local media rushes to defend NC State against national hacks

Many props to long-time ACC sportswriters Al Featherson and Brett Friedlander for their latest columns that will be linked towards the end of this entry Also, our local radio guys like Dave Glenn, Joe Ovies, and Adam Gold have defended us all week as well. Maybe from now on the hosts won’t waste time on […]

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NC State vs NCAA Tournament teams

Now that the season is over, and Duke has won the national championship for 2010, we can fully take stock of the Wolfpack basketball team and see how well they performed against NCAA Tournament teams.  As many of us know, this year’s team was 7-7 against NCAA Tournament teams. How does that compare to past […]

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Fowler, Sendek, Amato and the GSR (Updated @ 1:15pm)

NC State is currently tied for the worst record in the Atlantic Coast Conference football season as the program heads towards its longest consecutive streak of non-winning seasons since the 1950s. The Wolfpack has been picked to finish 12th out of 12 teams from almost every imaginable source for the upcoming basketball season continuing a […]

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