Bling prong? — UNC-CH player’s jewelry supplier dissassociated (Day 111)

The Daily Tar Heel’s excellent coverage of the scandal continued today as they brought us some actual reporting!  Imagine that — the local press actually printing new stuff about a huge scandal rocking the biggest athletic department in the region! Crazy concept, I realize.  Anyway the Daily Tar Heel posted the above-linked piece explaining that UNC-CH Athletic Director Dick […]

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Breaking Lies: Austin, Little & Quinn permanently ineligible [11:40 Update & Commentary]

According to reports, Greg Little and Robert Quinn will never see the field again for UNC-CH.  According to the linked article: Little accepted diamond earrings, as well as travel accommodations for the Bahamas, Washington D.C. and two trips to Miami, among other benefits. Quinn accepted two black diamond watches, a pair of matching earrings and […]

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What did UNC know about the Wichard-Blake payments and when did they know it? (Day 78)

Well nothing much happened today so I don’t know what to write about.  But seriously, given the unreal crush of information and news, starting today I will focus on one question per day.  Otherwise I would go crazy.   Today we have: What did UNC-CH know about Blake’s financial connections to Wichard and when did they know it? When […]

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