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    My point isn’t that Lowe was a good coach. I don’t think he should be the coach here. That’s not the point. It’s that you could produce some stats that would make him look good. I promise you if you go and look at those, you’ll find some that he was actually good at that were core to the job.

    As for your value question, go look at the Forbes basketball evaluation for this year. We dropped out of the top 20. We’d spiked up in Gott’s first year.

    For attendance, we were 25th this year, with an average of 12k fans. In 2013 we were 12th with an average of 16k fans. We were 20th in 2012 with 13.5k. In 2011, we were 19th with 13.7k. I suspect that 2013 was probably the TJW effect.

    Part of the promise was that ticket sales and revenues were going to go up and that season ticket sales would be on the rise which are more full cost tickets. We’ve been dumping tickets every year and still not filling the arena. I don’t have the revenue numbers right here, but have seen them. We do make some serious cash as a program and are in the black. I don’t remember how that is trending.

    From the Forbes article “They replace Maryland, Minnesota, NC State and Texas. Those four are joined by Pittsburgh and UNLV among the teams in prime position to take a spot next year.” This ranking was for the 2013-2014 season which ironically had the big boast in attendance.

    Click to access attendanceYBYtop25.pdf

    Shows rankings under Gott are better now than in 1980’s. Shows average attendance under SL was equal to or better (with exception of 2013) and under HWSNBN was better than Gott. So what does this tell you?

    The on-court end of year performance all clearly say things are better than under SL and HWSNBN. But based on above I guess DY will be reaching back out to HWSNBN


    Wow, no one has bothered to bicker about what the definition of “is” is. I’m disappointed.

    I see no redeeming value for leaving this open any further. If any of the rest of the mods disagree, feel free to re-open it.

    Though I cannot imagine why you’d want to.

Viewing 2 posts - 151 through 152 (of 152 total)
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