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    Coach Abatemarco

    Bubble watch update. BYU just upset gonzaga and that cant be good for the bubble pack…..

    Die hard state fan from the crystal coast!


    …Does that mean we won’t get that 5-seed now? :/


    Thoroughly disappointed with the results but not the least bit surprised. Agree with pup about how lucky we are to have Va’s updates, it amazes me how dumb people are about the selection process. Folks with the 20 win argument are almost to tiresome to argue with.


    You can argue RPI, strength of schedule, whatever. The sad and sorry truth is that NC State has lost a dozen games so far this season and will lose at least one more, or maybe two or even three before Selection Sunday.

    The Wolfpack went off the bubble today and landed squarely in the middle of the NIT field.

    Wait ’til next year……


    If the basketball staff is at a loss, maybe they might want to consider talking to the football S&C guys. No legitimate excuse to be tired or emotionally flat and give that performance against that opponent. None. Not with a 4 day rest, and not with the basketball schedules they’ve played their entire lives.


    Guys we did win after the big win at Louisville. It can be done.

    Yes, but the team – coaches and players – knew there was still work to be done. They knew they were still in the hole they had dug themselves, and that then was not the time to relax. After they beat u*nc, everything about the head coach said we’ve accomplished something, time to exhale and relax.


    mak – Its not the players fault.

    That. It’s the coach. Not only indirectly because of the accountability of the head coach, but directly, because it is his own doing.

    Not bashing him, just stating what has finally become obvious, to me anyway. I accept it. I’ll take the bad with the good. I’ll also hope the coach grows as a person, and is able to apply that growth to his coaching.


    I had no doubt we would have a hard time getting up for this game. However, to come out with the absence of any fire is very disappointing. They have one great player that had two fouls on him minutes into the game and we made no effort to go at him to pick up his third and he plays most of the first half. If we lose at the buzzer on a three point shot by BC that would be one thing but to go up there and get our ass beat buzzer to buzzer is very disappointing. It is the coaches job to have his team ready to play. He should have yanked the starting 5 3 minutes into the game. I have never seen a team that can go from one extreme to another over and over again.


    Overall losses means about as much to the bubble discussion as our team nicknames do. Beat Clemson and Syracuse, we are clearly in (3 Top 25 wins, 2 on the road), 90% likely to avoid play-in round.

    Had we not shat the bed yesterday, we could have made that “and” an “or” and that “90” a “100.” But we don’t do anything the easy way…


    See that’s where I disagree I think this falls on the players. Coaches can only do so much. Yeah he celebrated that night after the win. He is a players coach. Then he begin trying to get them mentally prepared. He can say all the right things and try gauge their mental state but he can only do so much. Push them hard in practice and yell at them until they are mad at you. Get them to rally around hating you. Sometimes no matter what you do you can’t get through.


    I’m not upset about that loss. I would have rather not loss but not upset. I think it is good to go into the tournament with an embarrassing loss so you have more to prove.

    What I saw yesterday were players with no legs. They weren’t at the space they needed to be. They weren’t getting lift on their shots. They were just tired. Their minds were there…their bodies were not. I think that’s why Coach left the starters in and just let them “play through the pain.” Besides Lacey’s 4 on 1 attempts which always drives me nuts….I didn’t see horrible play. This game will probably stick with them and will get them to the gym (today).

    Teams that go into to the tournament with 5-0 plus winning streaks don’t seem to fare well in the ACCT and NCAAT. Everybody is waiting for them to lose. I’d rather lose to Boston College than UNC-CHeat.

    On the streak that we have and with the teams we have beat. I’m ok with this one. If we happen to take Syracuse (which I honestly don’t care about- I’m an ACC traditionalist and SEC proponent; If Gott experimented wouldn’t bother me a bit) and then head into the tournament with some fire….this young bunch needs something to prove in the tournament and having a target on us doesn’t benefit us. If other teams are charged for us, not good for us. If they take us for granted, we will take teams by surprise. We are not a great team.

    We can play very good at times but mostly, we are just good. Kudos for the coaching staff for keeping us in the game. I see massive improvement with the quality of kids (haven’t heard/seen of any parental clashes, headcase issues, stupid court misbehavior, nor diva behavior issues) and their play but we are still not quite there yet. We are close though.

    I do like this team. They just need to find some motivation within themselves. Lazy as hell, entitled (god gave them the talent and/or body length) but typical of the good players that are out there. They play like they only have to do the minimal to show they care. Again, typical of all good and mediocre teams. UNC-CHeat same way. I like the guys who LIVE for the game and have passion for it. Go beyond their god-given talent. Those are the guys diving on the floor, taking charges, setting extra picks, doing the things necessary and extra to win. Right now, the guys are playing in a routine. They are tired.

    Attitude check…Saw two walk-ons at Carmichael in January. One was not there to work but did run out to the hallway to meet chicks. I know he’s a walk-on. The other walk-on worked. Can you imagine how they are doing now when they are tired and beat-up with midterms coming up. My guess is not too great. That was a walk-on. They are not on the floor: They are part of the motivation strategy. It’s what happens with political, local hires. I am glad I don’t have to deal with that nonsense. Doesn’t mean that they are not good kids. Just naive kids who don’t understand that people are watching them all the time when they step into the general public. What carries in public carries back to the locker room.

    Difference between Duke and everybody else. Their players don’t need a Bobby Knight speech at the beginning and halftime of every game.

    We have some real h8ters on this site. I wonder if they had a bad interaction with Gottfried. Doesn’t make sense to me otherwise. Comparing him to Lowe and Sendek is about as Lowe as you can go. Gott has done an AMAZING job rebuilding this program after years of abysmal suctitude. A complete culture change in just a couple of years. Is he the coach for us long-term? We’ll see. I couldn’t be more pleased at this point. We are competitive again.


    Thanks, Doc Muffette. You took every, single, word right off my finger tips.

    Celebration after 12 years of frustration and having the monkey removed, and ya castigate the guy? …Gents, ya’ll are smarter then that.


    The team and the coach had every right to celebrate after the win in CH. And after that, move on. Next game. Again the coach can’t play on the court. A full season has been played, and these guys don’t know how to show up for a game? Give me a break. We play a lowly BC team, with a losing record, and think all we have to do is be there to win. When the guys start taking every game seriously, we will find more success. So yes, I blame the guys, no matter their ages. They know what they did, and know it wasn’t on the coach. Again there has to be leader on the court, and we had no leader. Lacey/Turner/Barber, played uninspirted games. We lose.


    Really Gowolves? When doesn’t the CEO take the fall? What should be done? Start pulling scholarships? He’s not only responsible for the play on the court but the individuals he brings into the program. Perhaps he should dismiss whoever recruited the players. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. HE IS 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT TRANSPIRES ON THE COURT. No one else. Remember Butch Davis? How about Dick Baddour? Or Holden Thorp?


    Really! I am talking about the play on the court. I am not saying about what goes on in the classroom. Don’t try to make this argument about something different. I am talking about all the proding, pushing, pleaing for them to play with a sense of urgency. Pack has always had problems getting up after big wins against the teams in blue. This isn’t strictly a Gott thing. Hell when our coaches can’t beat them we run them out of town and now you are saying lets run them because they lose the next game? This lunacy from some here to blame Gott for everything is silly. Coaches do carry some responsibilty but Gott has been doing this for sometime. He knows this game had all the potential in the world to be a trap game. I do not beleive for one second he didn’t try to address that all week. Players win and lose the games. Gott had a plan and sometimes the players don’t excute or they get patted on the back all week from their friends and negates all the work the ccoaches are trying to acccomplish. If Gott is recruiting players that have no business playing D1 basketball or trying to complete college course work then that’s on him. I am talking about more than one player every four years. I agree sometimes the message gets lost on a current group of players but that isn’t the case here. If that was the case then they wouldn’t be where they are as it relates to the big wins and the good chance to play in the NCAA. Each of his teams have gotten better as the season went on and this is another sign he has not lost them. If they make the tournement it will be four years in row he has led them to the dance. Are you telling me that counts for nothing? Look at the big picture not a microcosm of one game.


    Hell fire the chancellor, fire the AD, fire Gott, fire the staff, and pull all the schollys – lunatic fringe on a roll.
    And while you are at it sign hit contracts on Montieth, Turner and Ole Jed.


    and don’t forget that former coach who should be never named


    I’m not sure I have ever heard someone say GOTT wasn’t an upgrade over Lowe or HWSNBN. Plain and simple he HAS been an upgrade. Making the tournament has been a huge upgrade alone. However, we are just as inconsistent now as we were 3 years ago. Kudos to GOTT for making the schedule more difficult (which can explain some of the inconsistent issues but not all of them). This has also been the big reason we have been on the positive side of the bubble, so again the scheduling is a good thing.

    Gott isn’t going anywhere soon so love or hate him we are all going to have to deal with it. It’s simple (too me anyway) he HAS to become more consistent to get past next year. I love beating the Blues (love it) but I hate laying eggs on must win games even more. The latter is the biggest part of being successful for a program year to year. Just because Gott is better than the last two coaches we had is no excuse to free ride to say he doesn’t needs work. In my opinion the bar is low as heck if you are trying to compare what we have to the last two horrid coaches. Compare him to the rest of the league and we have a middle of the pack coach at best right now. All I’m saying is he is better than the last two but still needs work if he is going to stay. That work includes winning the must win games. Seriously all the positives he has brought (schedule, PR, a few big wins, NCAA bubble) won’t mean jack squat in a year if we still loose games like BC and the like. For now the positives mean a lot because they have been absent for a long time. However, at the end of the day being consistent in the ACC to a top 5 (in the ACC) team is what will determine his fate IMHO.

    My personal opinion is he IS an upgrade but the shine is starting to wear of quickly. Without a fresh coat of paint next year he is going to have a tough time with DY (BFF’s or not). I’m also not convinced he doesn’t bolt for another job IF we make the tourney and he has a miracle run. Even with that crazy buyout.


    In checking boxscores, Lacey/Turner were a combined 9 of 31 shooting, and the team percentages BC 58%, NC State 33%. And the coach don’t shoot the ball. Guess we will see Tuesday vs Clemson, if the guys learned anything from the loss, to BC. I, for one, certainly hope so. Win that, and we should be okay at home vs Syracuse.


    Thanks Mr. Dog.

    Tractor, well done for your public service. The only thing I see missing is hire Archie Miller. That seems to be one of the mainstays of the Gott-Hate crowd.


    And it certainly made me forget yesterday, after watching the video of State/unc in this years football/basketball @ CH. Thanks, Royal Wulff!


    Watched the massacre from the Robinson County Rest Stop on I-95 North. Timed our arrival and got the DirecTV dish up and watched it in the motor home.

    We were doomed after a few minutes. Came out strong…and then “wilted” and the N&O said. Never could get old Mo going. Got the lead down to 4 or maybe 6, but ran out of gas.

    Was it conditioning? Don’t know. But when Turner is tired and has no legs….his J suffers….and it did that yesterday.

    Washington was motivated and showed spark. Cat was there….Lacey did not show much.

    After a while….it was over…really over.

    As to WHY it happened. Take your pick…

    Gott is a player’s coach. V was a player’s coach. He did very little prep. He let his “stars” loaf during practice. BUT, he could get the entire TEAM up for a game. He took the most unlikely crew and worked miracles with them….plus a little luck.

    Sloan was more of a Mikey….a scowler…..and he coached differently.

    No need to talk about the others…

    Mikey was a Military Man. They carry dog eared copies of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. They are required to read it while on the john.

    Mikey does NOT need to give pep talks. The team is committed to annihilating the opponent from the tip to the last buzzer. That is how they play. They do not let up. They rarely bring in the “subs”. That is how he recruits….and his game plan. Gott does NOT coach like Mikey. No one (maybe Knight) coaches like Mikey….

    If you measure achievement versus potential (as in Talent), Gott gets higher marks than ORW. ORW as the same issues….his team is up and down…..and he is a Two Ringer.

    Did we celebrate too much? Did we slack off in practice after UNC? Were we physically exhausted after UNC? Did we get the Big Head after UNC?

    All I know is that BC came out of the gate to play. We did not. V once said that the Utah (memory) coach in the NCAA run told his team….”State can NOT shoot 60% in the second half….we can beat these guys”. He was wrong on both…..we shot 65% and they could NOT beat us.

    If you looked at the graphics being flashed up…we shot WORSE in the beginning of the second half….barely 30%….down from the first half’s 38% or so. When you can’t hit squat and can’t get rebounds…..then you get beat.

    SO, take your choice. BUT, remember….Gott is NOT going away….right or wrong, we don’t have the money.

    Look at the “Team Coach” at VCU. Shaka has NOT done that well… who knows. We have GOTT….right or wrong for at least 2 more seasons. The Frosh looked great….pity the rest of the team did not play like the FROSH….


    We had what looked like a tired shooting night. Lots of front rim stuff and definitely a step slow on defense most of the day. I thought we got a ton of good looks that didn’t go down. Our offense is so heavily reliant on our three perimeter guys that we are going to have offensive games like this. The problem yesterday was that the defense was poor as well.

    As much as people rag on Turner, we’d have three or four more losses without him. Just like is white clone, he’s a liability on defense, but he can flat shoot you back into a game or put one away for you as well. It’s what shooters do. I’d love to have a guy like BSW or WSW that plays D like Cat, but he’s not on the roster. Caleb Martin might develop into that, but I doubt he will ever be the kind of cold blooded shooter that the Wood Brothers have been for State.

    I’ve been saying for awhile that we could lose any of the last five games. I didn’t see if Klempson came back in OT after their epic collapse at home to GT, but Littlejohn is about as unfriendly to us as Conte so Tuesday will be a struggle.


    I likewise can’t believe we’re complaining about the locker room celebration.

    He said all of the right things in the UNC post game locker room speech. Stuff like, “we’re not done,” and telling them they won because they prepared well and then executed what they prepared.

    And sometimes after beating UNC you just gotta let it out.

    As for why brought a turd sandwich to a nerf gun fight on Sat…I’ll leave that to the experts.


    Forgot to mention the women of State basketball are mirroring us. Pretty much the same record, and after unsetting Duke, they got blasted at FSU. And we have Notre Dame today. Guess we will see what happens there too.

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