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    Predictably. And badly. It’s as certain as State football in Winston-Salem — one win (2001) since 1995 — or at Boston College — 0-5 in ACC play —
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    Of course we were going to lose today. That’s who we are. We can have big wins in football and basketball and lose to the worst teams as well.

    Unless there is some apocalyptic shift in college sports, I feel we are doomed to this level, never to win another meaningful title.

    It’s not Gottfried, Lowe or Sendek. It’s not TOB, Amato or MOC. It’s just good ole mediocre State.

    Prowling Woofie

    You earn your ass-kickings just like you earn your victories.

    Congrats, Pack. Celebrate this one….


    Clean up in aisle three.

    A turd had been laid


    “It’s not Gottfried, Lowe or Sendek. It’s not TOB, Amato or MOC. It’s just good ole mediocre State.”

    I hate that statement, but cannot disagree with it.


    I think for me, the positive is limited to the time when the five subs came in. They played with an intensity I wish I had seen in our starters. They had some limited success in closing the gap in score and I would have been fine leaving them in.

    I have a real love-hate relationship with this team. On an individual level, all our players are great guys and easy to love. However, their inconsistency is maddening and I hate to watch them when they make boneheaded low IQ plays (and I’m not just talking about the freshmen) and end up giving away games that had just about won.

    We do look like posers. I don’t to see us celebrate another game until is comes with a banner.


    Why can’t we show up for every game like we do for UNC/Duke? These guys just don’t get it. Lacey was clearly the biggest disappointment, and not to mention the constant outside bricks from Turner. Inexcusable! The two should of had to find a way back home. This is the end of season, when you put it all on the table. And we didn’t. In the last 16 wins over Duke/unc we have a 1-16 record. Mental, mental, mental!!!!!!


    I’m sure a contract extension is in order.


    Here’s the thing about this year’s team…
    They are all tweeners…

    1. Every man starting can play two positions because he’s half one and half the other…
    2. This is not a slow team and this is not a fast team…
    3. They all can be leaders… on the court … we have had games where any one of six or seven guys was the guy that GOTT everybody else going… and then there have been games like today where they are still looking at each other to see who’s night it is…

    So what happened is this…

    There is always a letdown after a Big Win, especially when you GOTT the Coach dancing on YouTube like he just won the National Championship…. which is some ways he did.. and if you don’t dance Tuesday night, you will never dance after a NC…

    It’s BC @ BC @ Noon… discussed ad nauseum elsewhere…

    We come out flat… duh…. like who the hell didn’t know that was coming …
    including the BC Coach… whatshisname..

    So he tells his SENIORS to light our a&&es up from the start… and go as long as they can, knowing his kids have not ever done that for forty minutes and hopes…

    Now from the bench the way you fix that by the book… is speed up the game..
    BUT we are not a fast team… and while the O may get some highlight shots… our D goes to Sh&t in a fast game…so that will NOT work with these kids this year, maybe next year, idk…

    So what you gonna do, SFN Coaches ??

    Coach used his home run move from Tuesday ( the early and quick TO ) but that ain’t gonna work cause they are flat … what are you gonna say to them that you hadn’t already said… that works to calm ’em down, that don’t work to fire ’em up… that was DOA before the whistle…

    Next move please…
    BC is hot… you know they are gonna cool off…
    but you GOTT to let / HELP the opponent take himself out of the game…

    In this case there is no excuse for Hanlan not getting his third foul in the first and fouling out, along with a couple of team mates, in the second with enough time to win the game from a 10-12-14 distance…

    No excuse… unless the kids were told to do exactly this and they did not execute… but then… that is exactly what a WHITE team is for…

    Coaches GOTTa learn too…

    On to the next game…

    We are still dancing..
    just doing it the hard way…
    which is exactly what young kids like ours are gonna do…

    And yes… this ain’t Alabama…
    This is THE ACC where late in the season..
    VaTech goes to overtime against DOOK and loses by seven to the Hoos in Hooville

    so… duh…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    mak – It’s not the players fault. When your coach dances a jig after a game and public announces, “I’m celebrating tonight!”, you’ll have to excuse the players if they think they’ve accomplished something.

    Funny – again, you blame it on 18-22 year olds instead of a guys who has 14-15 seasons of major college basketball coaching and has been on the bubble 7 of the 9 years he’s made the tournament. But by all means, keep on blaming it on the kids.

    Royal Wulff

    I’m as disappointed as anybody. I was on Facebook after the game and saw this:

    As a die-hard fan & alum, it made me feel a little better.

    Here’s to better days.


    But bill – both Duke and UVa won. And UVa, when the played at Wake they doubled up the Deacs – without their 2 best players.

    This team can play fast…and perhaps that’s the best way to deal with stuff like this. We didn’t make our run vs. Clemson or Wake until we started pressing. Perhaps, we should have started the game in the press. We’ve got a lot more depth than do and a faster game definitely favored us. But I don’t know what happened – all I see is the “effect” – and it’s the same effect that keeps a team on the bubble year in and year out.


    Guys we did win after the big win at Louisville. It can be done.



    that’s not my point..
    my point is this ain’t SEC basketball where you can play bad and still win just because you’re better than the other team night after night after night…. especially late in the season…

    May I clarify my earlier statement…

    We cannot yet play both ends of the court fast against “fast teams”…
    As you indicate we have shown we can speed up against teams that play at our normal pace…


    This seems to be the question of the hour..

    How many years did it take the Saint – Coach V to win in the Dean Dome…
    and did he dance with his team afterwards?

    The floor is open….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    bill – I agree with you. But when you say that, I guess you’re saying you can’t hope for 12-4 from Gott. I don’t know if Bama could have played like we did today and beaten Auburn or Georgia when he was there.

    I guess it’s too much to ask. That’s one thing I love about a coach who fails. At least the path is clear. I mean, it was an “easy” decision to fire a Lowe or Robinson from a performance standpoint. I mean, you can’t fall from the floor – and as history has shown us – we can do a heck of a lot worse than Bubbles and .500 records in the ACC!


    We cannot yet play fast against “fast teams”…

    Agree. Still missing a lot of the nuance of game management and decision making. I was hoping this team had turned a ‘mental’ corner after the previous three games. Wrong.

    And today was just bad … all the way around – every phase.

    FWIW, Lunardi still the BubblePack on the 10-line. I agree with this. Just makes the Clemson game absolutely huge.

    We are officially the BubblePack. Every. Damn. Year.


    How many years did it take the Saint – Coach V to win in the Dean Dome…
    and did he dance with his team afterwards?

    The research is in. V never beat the Holes at their place until his last (10th) year. No word on if he danced afterward. But seeing how Gott got it done in four, I’d say he showed great restraint with those moves he displayed:}


    Just relax and enjoy the show!


    You either meet the goal you were hired for or you don’t. Gott wasn’t hired to be a bubble team. He’s failed this is an easy decision for anyone other than a loser which sadly is pervasive among our fanbase.

    Many accept the “fate” of bubble status I wonder if they cuckhold and get on all fours when the wife barks.


    I’ve heard from my UNC friends so many times how beating them is always so special to us because we treat it like our ACC Championship. I’m hearing it big time after losing to a bad BC today (damn social media!). I’ve always argued not true…BUT even I’m starting to believe its true. Seems the only game a NC State team and coaches can emotionally get up for is UNC, to the point that no game emotionally after it matters. Even if you are playing the last place team in ACC with a 9 game losing streak. Even if its a game you should win with huge NCAA bid on the line. Hey we beat UNC !! Lets storm Hillsbourgh St. Thus the historic 1-15 record after the win. Is that win so great because they are that good? Or because we measure our success on beating them?

    We can all take comfort that the pundits have us still in the NCAAT but are we? Lets say we beat Clemson and lose to Syracuse. We will end regular season 18-13 (9-9). Basically just barely above .500 and lower bottom of ACC. I don’t have the confidence most have here, that does NOT get us into the Dance. If we lost to a lowly BC early on…perhaps. But unless we make some noise in the ACCT then we are NIT bound. Say we win 1 game in ACC T which means we are 19-14 come selection Sunday. We won’t go, theres just too many teams chasing us this year (Miami, Dayton, Texas, Pitt etc) that will make a late run. We will be the Miami of last year, clearly on the bubble and clearly playing in the NIT. Todays lost was so bad in more ways than just for our fanbase emotional stability.


    You just can’t overstate how large and unbelievable an upset and coaching blunder this was.

    If you love the program you’ll prey we lose out and miss the tourney. I am officially torched earth policy. It gives us a better chance for Gott being gone. The lesser mines will certainly claim blasphemy which only assuages the stance.


    Puke city. I don’t know another team that’s as Jekyll and Hyde as this one. Oh, and I think teams have caught on to “weave n heave 2.0” where we stand around and wait for Turner to run corner to corner.


    thanks H8r..

    guess we’ll have to stop comparing GOTT and V now…
    (sholda never started doing that)

    chop… is 12-4 possible ? Come on… 16-0 is possible…

    But I don’t think so much in terms of records… I do think in terms of player and team development from the beginning of each season to the end and from one season to the next.

    Is this a 12-4 team next year … I pretty sure you’re referring to the regular season ACC record…

    probably not … that’s the “tweener” thing… Anthony and Lacey will handle the guard positions without issues… and there’s plenty of guys to play on the front line but I don’t see a true center whos 6’11” or 7’…

    If we had one of those with these guys… we would be Top 10 and 12-4 or better would be realistic… even for the lunatic fringe…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Absolute dog crap performance today. Show up on Tuesday at Littlejohn with a similar effort and Clemson will run this bunch out of the gym again. If you aren’t going to give it 100%, don’t make the trip.


    A bit unrelated, but gang – we should all be very thankful here for VaWolf’s weekly ACC/rpi check-ins.

    After scanning the webz and reading various comments from State fans and others, it’s abundantly clear that a very large percentage of bball fans/viewers legitimately have no idea how the NCAA tournament selection process works. I’m simply dumbfounded at some of what I’ve read.

    I mean, sometimes I intentionally say things all stoopid-like for lulz – but unfortunately that’s not what’s occurring. The willful ignorance is so strong that it makes me want to cry for humanity.

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