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    Of course, Troll. There is no comparison. But the benchmark for success should not be the worst coach in ACC history. I can assure you Yow does not view it that way.


    Two words that should make every state vomit in their mouths: Gregg Marshall

    But deb yow didn’t like him, so….


    Calmed down enough to write. From the second level, it was NOT pretty. Crowd was fairly large. Only two sections on each end of the third level were empty.

    STILL some vacant seats in the 100 PRIME section….so much for all those VICIOUS emails and all those THREATENING Robo Calls.

    This was the perfect storm….you could analyze for days…It was absolutely the WORST and MOST DISHEARTENING GAME that I have witnessed….Maybe the Duke game or whatever….I can not recall and am NOT going to dig out stats. I watched about half of Les and Herb….All of LOWE and GOTT. This game goes BACK to Les….Lowe did not field a team this bad.

    SO, what were the elements of the storm?

    Vandy was NOT even in the arena today. His body was there…but NOT his brain. Of course, he did have a FEW other compadres….that also seemed to suffer from that affliction. It is almost like the Polar Vortex (remember this was a 1970’s term that the “ICE AGE IS COMING AGAIN” Enviro Agitators USED…) freeze dried their brains…..and they have not yet thawed out.

    Entire team was totally out of it….they played for 2 minutes and then got zapped by some alien power….and the rest is history.

    Gott GOTT OUT Coached….IMHO. He had them WELL prepared for VA’s usual snail’s pace and deliberate game. Only thing, Bennett pulled a Jimmy V and took RIGHT TO THEM. We got shell shocked and NEVER got on track or recovered. What is REALLY irritating (I am PAST using frustrating) is that they did NOT know WHAT to do.

    NOW…some defense (which was missing on the floor, BTW)….we did put up a LOT of nice looking shots. BUT, the ones in the paint were too tentative. A LOT of balls bounced out…that should have went in. Our shooting percentage was UGLY…PURET UGLY. If you look at the box score, there is NO joy there…except the Zeb’s called it LOOSE.

    NOW, the ZEB’s….they did seem to be a little less than whistle happy when we had the ball. I would say that probably 50% of the calls that the made on us could be challenged…but you can NOT blame the Zebs.

    So factor in a HOT and Rabid UVA Team (as compared to slow and methodical). With NO prep for that, we folded. Gott did call a TO early to stem it…but that was like talking to the crew of the Titanic….they had already read the book…and KNEW their fate.

    This is an interesting day for sports trivia buffs. HOW many times has the BIG FOUR ALL lost a game on the same day? Don’t know…someone does.

    Gott’s body language said it all. He did NOT know what to do. He kept experimenting with lineups….I thought that Patrick and Stots might be brought in. He pulled one of Dean’s trick and pulled the line-up save TJ…might as well pulled him.

    I honestly thought that Gott should have pulled an Abe Lemmons and had them scrimmage Shirts vs. Skins during the half (NIT, Jan 1977, Madison Square Garden)….

    I di NOT bother or want to listen to the Post Morteum on the radio…I could NOT take it…

    BUT, I will still put on my red socks and undies and all other “good luck stuff” for the next game and will be there for MD….

    Tonight, I felt like GOTT and the Team was at Hotel UVA and they NEVER left the place and the Masters stabbed them with their steely knives….until we gave up a 30 POINT V…as compared to a 2 point underdog.


    The high post is relatively complex. We play 4 freshman. This season should be devoted to player development. Play Lewis and Anya much more and hope Lewis doesn’t transfer which looks very possible at this point. I can’t blame him.

    I do day dream what a coach like Gary Williams could do with this team.


    Not so much about the game but I just don’t see how Lewis doesn’t transfer.

    As for the game (and many other games) we have long periods of being lost. Really lost tonight. I’m not throwing anybody under the bus or going negative on Gott. However , it does seem as if we are winning or staying in games with talent alone. Maybe it is just me but the offense seems as if it’s just fly by the pants style. It just seems as if there is no guidance. The body language of the players and most importantly the coaches don’t reflect anything good at the moment.


    Sigh. I watched very little of that game. Who wants to see that crap.
    Long year ahead


    Ken Medlin provide the answer to my trivia question…

    18 year ago….UNC & Duke & NCSU all lost a BB game on the SAME day.

    However, throw in WF (the old BIG FOUR) and it may NEVER have happened. He stopped looking when he got to the WWII years….

    A fan in our Lenovo CC area predicted the Headlines in the N&O this morning….

    Duke not tough enough….”upset”
    UNC can’t solve Cuse Zone & “pressure mounts”

    However, of the TOP 6 trending stories, THREE were about UNC’s “situation”….but NC State’s Annihilation was also in there.


    In reference to the team comparison chart, and based on the Pack’s performance against Virginia, do you have a picture of a polar bear with a pitch fork shoved up his ass?


    Taped the game because I’d rather watch the Seahawks live. I watched the first 2-3 mins in real time and then fast forwarded at 4X speed the rest of the game with my eye on the score. Thought my DVR was broken cause only one score was changing. God awful dog vomit of a game. No passion.

    El Lobo Loco!

    at least the Wolfpack Women keep rolling!
    Reynolds it will be


    I’ve been an NC State basketball fan since 1985 (sorry that I missed 1983, but, sh*t happens). I’ve held season tickets during the Les Robinson, Herb Sendek, and Sidney Lowe era.

    Saturday was the first time in all of those years that I’ve ever turned a game off early.

    We appeared unprepared, under coached, and severely lacking in talent. I’m not saying that we should have won the game, but we weren’t competitive and didn’t really appear interested in being competitive.

    That was, IMHO, Gott’s worst coaching performance, and for the first time, I’m starting wonder if Gott’s got what it takes to lead us out of this cess pool of mediocrity. I’m willing to give him a break for having a young team and everything, but this was just a disaster. Like the games against Missouri and Pitt, just punch us in the gut and we surrender.

    Once is an anomaly, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern. If you throw UNCG into the mix, four times is a habit.


    Joe Giglio: “N.C. State gave up 48 points in the second half of a Jan. 4 home loss to Pittsburgh and 48 in the first half of Saturday’s home loss to Virginia. Plain and simple, you can’t give up that many points in a half of college basketball, let alone to teams like Pitt and Virginia, who are not exactly the most advanced offensively.”

    Yep, plain and simple, if Gott does not find a way to improve the Pack’s defense, we’re not going anywhere. Not this year and not in future years.

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