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    40 with a 60 mile chum line. Well done.

    Virginia Wolf

    Anyone going to Charlotte for the game Saturday? If so, Would you please save me your ticket stubs? I can’t go to the game and need the tickets for my collection. I am trying to get ticket stubs from every game N.C. State has ever played in. I’ve got over 600 tickets but need this one. Thanks for your help in Advance! Email me at [email protected] for mailing address. Go WolfPack!!!!!





    gso packbacker

    4o, well done. However, no need to apologize to those young girls anywhere but in your mind. To them, you might as well be Dr. Jack Griffin in The Invisible Man.

    As for you Curmudgeons, I’m a first-year empty nester and perhaps I will get there too. However, I long ago gave up on letting what happens beyond your “Gate Nazis” affect my level of enjoyment (even though they actually searched our group after halftime of the Notre Dame game. Seriously, I thought they should have handed confiscated liquor bottles to us just for being there).

    Focus on the fun in the parking lot gents, for it is there where NC State has truly upped their game to be one of the ACC’s best.

    Now, about that Lagavulin …


    Cool! I did the ground version from Sweden down to Prague/Budapest and lots of other places in December. You picked the right time because the sun doesn’t go down at 3 in the afternoon. We picked up a new Volvo in Gothenberg and drove around for over 2 weeks. The cruise is nice. One of my buds is starting from Budapest in October…I’m “pooping” him on how to order beer and find the bathrooms in Hungary!

    A river cruise isn’t a party trip — unless you make it one. It’s not a great way to really get involved with the places you go. It’s a hit and run type trip. You mostly travel at night and visit a stop during the day. All the stops had tour guides and there were optional tours such as dinner and the opera in Vienna. No, I didn’t go on that one.

    The food on a Viking Cruise is truly outstanding — taste, presentation, variety, quality. All 3 meals are a dining experience if you are into that. The wait staff will get you just about anything you want — just ask. The entire staff is most friendly and seems genuinely interested in you — from the Captain on down. The entire trip was terrific and I enjoyed to some degree most of it.

    About 8 days out I picked up a cough, then chest cold and lost most of my energy and all my appetite. There’s no ‘getting off the ship and going to the doctor’ for a chest cold. On the return flight the chest cold evolved into acute bronchitus. I misread the dosage for the antibiotic for the bronchitus and only took half the dosage I was prescribed for 4 days.

    Missed my first game in C-F in 15 years Saturday but will be back for Furman.

Viewing 6 posts - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)
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