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    Part of Mark Gottfried's 2 minute, 30 second opening statement:— Bret Strelow (@bretstrelow) December 30, 2014 Th
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    A few spurts of decent offense and defense. A lot of bad offense and defense and as has become usual bad free throw shooting.


    Football school FTW!


    I like the ownership and way gott framed it in the interview.

    Still not sure why though that poor defense comes as a surprise to him. The real surprise for me would be if we defended well for a season. (And I consider defensive rebounding a critical component of defense.)

    If you don’t force to’s you better rebound well. We have been consistently bad on the defensive boards and forcing to’s.

    Another thing to think of. Teams that take pride in their defense rarely play uninspired.


    “and as has become usual bad free throw shooting” – Free throw shooting wasn’t the problem. Only one guy missed more than one, and that was (of course) BeeJay. Drop his two attempts and the team shot 76%. We did miss at least one front end of a one/one, so that hurt.

    I think we gave up in this one. After those four early turnovers at the beginning of the game, we just didn’t do much of anything well at all. There was just no urgency at all.

    Can’t explain it, but that was not the team we saw earlier in the season that I thought had some real potential. Maybe they got the holiday blahs or something, but that was horrible.

    Unless something dramatic (read: highly unlikely) happens, Gott’s NCAAT run is a thing of the past.


    Glad the coach don’t cut anyone any slack, including himself. The play on the court was just awful. And not enjoyable to be watching from the stands. Lacey and Turner were our death. Veteran players who have lead this team, just didn’t show up. I don’t think the practices prior to the Pitt game are going to be pleasant. And rightfully so. As the coach said we may have new line up. Glad he called out players for just playing a game of catch on the court. And we certainly do deserve our money back after that waste. Hope that is the last time we, as fans, ever have to endure such a pathetic game. If not, Duke will destroy us on 1/11/15, and we will not be playing in the post season, unless we sneak into the NIT.


    OK, Coach, nice speech … now do it. If they don’t have the drive, the will … the respect, sit their ass down. This game looked like the basketball version of the Clemson/OK Russell Bowl where the OK players looked like they didn’t give a damn. Coach Gott, put your money where your mouth is … start the 5 “workers”, the 5 guys that are STATE players at every practice and game. I don’t care if it is the 5 skinny white boys usually sitting at the end of the bench … if they show the best work effort consistently… start them. GO PACK!

    Alpha Wolf

    They aren’t a good team right now. They need to grow up quickly or the Spring Game will be the highlight of the springtime for Wolfpack fans.


    Its time we become the defensive team that gives us hell every year. We have 10 guys that can play. That’s 45 fouls and still leaves 5 guys on the court. Recruit, teach, coach defense and rebounding. Offense will take care of itself with rebounds, steals, fastbreaks, etc. AND, find someone that can handle the ball. If the officials are not going to call it close, then don’t play like they are….

    1.21 Jigawatts

    This is a game where the numbers don’t do it justice in explaining just how big of a flaming pile of crap this team is producing. First let’s look at the numbers…

    125%!!!! That’s just sickening for anyone who takes the smallest modicum of pride in defense especially against a team as offensively inefficient as Cincinnati. (For those that don’t know 100 is the average, or a team scores 1 point per possession, so in this case Cincy scored 1.25 points per possession) The best performances by Cincinnati this year were 130 (Middle Tennessee) and 124 (Stony Brook). Heck 5 times this year they’ve been held under 100 to the likes of St. Francis, PA (84), Eastern Illinois (83), and VCU (78).

    So many things in this game have been seen and repeated in other games:

    Poor rebounding (lack of positioning/boxing out)
    Turnovers against any pressure
    No forcing of TO’s (a staple of the Gottfried system)
    Constantly being out of position on defense (usually because a teammate has done something stupid and is leaving the rest of the team to leave their man to cover).
    Now add lack of intensity from the tip off, digging yourself into a hole that is difficult to overcome except against the likes of La. Tech.

    This team has no identity. What can you point to and say is a staple of this team (besides the bad stuff) that is does really, really well and everyone knows them by? You don’t have to be great at everything to be successful but you do need to be great at 3 things and THAT is your IDENTITY.

    I look at this team and see a mixture of players who fit different systems and at the same time I have no idea what system Gottfried is trying to run. It’s like he’s trying to get the highest rated players he can and then force them all to work together. Frankly I find this a failure from top to bottom and everyone is responsible.


    The najority would mock the defensive ways.

    Gimne a break.

    john of sparta

    quote: “This team has no identity.”
    we’re not a basketball team (Duke)
    we’re not a football team (FSU)
    we’re a ESPNU team.


    Why is anyone surprised? Good grief!

    Gott has been getting his own recruits now for a few years. He is in total control. We will most likely lay big goobers for his coaching tenure.

    Get used to it. Call me in a few years when he has moved on to greener, but more flacid pastures.


    This team does not do anything well consistently. If they didn’t get the message from the Wofford loss (and they clearly did not), then the chances are it isn’t going to happen. We are in trouble this year.


    5.5 of the last 6 halves of NCSU basketball have been as bad as Herb’s 5th team that went nowhere. Lazy, uninspired, lacking fundamentals. 14 games in we cannot effectvely bring the ball up against a press aginst a mediocre team coached by an assisant. This is red-alert 4-alarm bad.


    And this is stating the obvious, but the time to experiment with lineups is not the start of conference play. I get why he has to now do that, but the timing really isn’t good. We could be pretty well out of this thing 5 games in. Just take a look at the upcoming schedule. Play like we have the past three and we are burned toast by mid January.


    … but the time to experiment with lineups is not the start of conference play.

    Gottfried said this pretty much word-for-word in the postgame. Discernible frustration and anger.

    For a coach that is typically disappointed/frustrated yet upbeat (or thinking positively) after losses, his postgame demeanor tonight said a lot about the state of this team.


    I had to take care of the kids today, so I watched the game on replay. I’m glad I did because it was over by the 10 minute mark. I could zip through the rest and only waste about 20 minutes of my day. Thank goodness I didn’t try to watch this real time (or if I were local, if I’d have wasted money on this game).

    If we wanted to go dancing this year, this was pretty much a must win game. Barring something unforeseen in a very top heavy, but RPI weak, ACC, we’re NIT bound this year. There’s more talent here than that.

    I was critical of the Gott hire, but was hopeful I’d be proven wrong. We’re in year four, and have a roster full of Gott’s players. I never thought I’d say this, but we have less desire to play defense than Lowe’s teams, are getting similar production out of the PG position, and look about as lost against the press.

    I’m afraid I know how this story ends. Wake me up in 4-5 years when Yow’s gone.


    Let’s see what happens Saturday.

    Dr. Wolf

    How bout we start Lacey, Martin, Lee, KW, Abu. Full press. Rotate Cat, Anya, Turner, Freeman every official TO?


    well.. looks like I ought to be glad I missed most of this one…

    Coach was pissed, BIGTIME! I would have hated sitting in that locker room with my hands folded and my head down. Practice ain’t going to be fun until they win a game, which could be a while.

    Looking at the boxscore, it’s not hard to figure out who he was referring in the post game presser… somewhat of a surprise I might add…

    There’s nothing good to say about it.
    And this officially counts as a WTF game.

    As posted above, this Team has been searching for an identity and for leadership and needs major improvement in some areas.

    They did get the ball to the BIGS inside consistently off of set plays with decent results, when they didn’t turn the ball over first for the first 15 minutes of the game… but otherwise…

    Yesterday, I don’t know WTF some of them were doing on the court…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Its time we become the defensive team that gives us hell every year. We have 10 guys that can play. That’s 45 fouls and still leaves 5 guys on the court. Recruit, teach, coach defense and rebounding. Offense will take care of itself with rebounds, steals, fastbreaks, etc. AND, find someone that can handle the ball. If the officials are not going to call it close, then don’t play like they are….

    Gott has never had a team that plays defense hard. At the beginning of the season, when posters were expecting this to be a good defensive team I was very skeptical (rightfully so it seems). The blame for our bad defense was placed on Vandy and WBS. I see nothing that makes me think Gott will change his philosophy. Check that, for some reason he has stopped running the offense that was supposed to be his signature.
    My hope was, with the UCLA offense and even a hint of a better defense Gott could push this team into the upper tier in the ACC. It seems the opposte has happened. The defense is just as bad and the offense now stinks too.
    These are the players Gott recruited. They do not seem to fit the mold of the offense he wants to run. It just seems he is floundering, throwing offers to everyone and just taking the highest ranked players he can get instead of targeting players that fit what he wants to do.
    I do not see the makings of a good solid basketball system. I see a one trick pony who for some reason has quit using that trick.


    And if I were Gott I would spend every minute of every practice working on how to break the press. We are going to see nothing but hard pressure the rest of the year. At least until we prove we can not only break it, but attack it and get easy baskets.
    With Cat and Lacey we have two players that should be able to handle this but for some reason cannot.
    Sigh, what a year so far.


    The abilities of Mark Gottfried as a head basketball coach should have been questioned from the first out of time out play that ended in disaster some four years ago because thats a constant. Free throw shooting, consistently bad, random line-ups, horrible defense…all signs of a coach trying to figure his players out.

    Why is anyone surprised is the best phrase on here. I now believe with every inch of my body our football program is finally on an actual tangible upswing, that came with the right coach. Our tradition, facilities, fans and financial support have always been there. Basketball should be no different. Anyway, lets all just enjoy the rest of the bowl games, catch some of the pack 9 when they get going in the spring, basketball will be an atrocious bust


    The really big issue that has developed with this team is the inability to handle pressure. Folks are right, we’re going to see it over and over and over in conference play. The tape is there, and it is ugly. We can’t get into an offensive set and it is darn hard to defend against fast breaks and secondary breaks all the time. It is certainly not all on one guy but our point guard just doesn’t seem to get it right now. Great talent, but…

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