NC State

Should Dennis Smith Jr shut it down?

This is a completely serious question. During the recent college football season, a few star college football players decided to skip playing in bowl games to protect their draft status. Certainly a devastating injury in your final college game could severely hurt those players that have solidifed their draft status. While other players still needing […]

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Your “I’m Too Apathetic to Think Up a Cute Title” Syracuse Open Thread

OK, so the trip to Louisville wasn’t quite as fun as the trip to Durham.  Meh…..It happens.  Why did it happen this time? You saw it, what do you think? Effort, energy missing in NC State’s latest ‘lifeless’ ACC loss ( LOUISVILLE, Ky. There’s never a good time to question your team’s effort. It’s not […]

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Your “It’s Not Danny Manning’s Fault But I Still Don’t Like Him” WF Open Thread

Hey, we won one.  And even looked mostly good down the stretch at crunch time while salting it away after coming from behind.  Still some defensive breakdowns, too many for my liking if I’m being honest.  But that’s to be expected by now. Bottom line….good guys win one, 79-74. Now, let’s make it two in […]

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