’09 Football

Let’s See How It Turns Out In 3-4 Years, Jamie Newberg

Google’s news snoop sent me a link a little while ago where a roundtable of Rivals.com national analysts talked about the college football signing classes that they ranked as the ‘most disappointing’ for the year. Jamie Newberg’s answer: I think what North Carolina State did was a little disappointing, especially with the way they finished […]

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NC State Won’t Be The Only Team Playing Two 1-AA Teams Next Year (updated w/ teams needing games)

Something to remember when our rival’s fans try to lord their superior schedule over us next year: North Carolina will play Georgia Southern in football next season on Oct. 10, a team official confirmed, filling it’s 12-game schedule with a second Division I-AA team. The opening in the Tar Heels’ schedule occurred when coach Butch […]

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Some Quick Football News: Beck, Clemmons and Geron James Not Returning

A quick-hitter from the Signing Day presser: [NC State Head Coach Tom] O’Brien said receiver Geron James will transfer and that quarterback Harrison Beck and defensive end Jamaine Clemmons have decided to graduate and not return. He said receiver Donald Bowens had knee surgery Wednesday, and receiver Darrell Davis had shoulder surgery Tuesday. The big […]

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