Your “Looks Like We Made It” Finale at Clemson Open Thread

Ah yes, there’s the finish line ahead…



Well, the end of the regular season has arroved as the Pack (15-15, 4-13 ACC) hits the road tonight to face the Tiggers of Clemson (14-14, 4-12 ACC).

And while the game may not have the importance of some other games going on as we approach the finish line, it does have the potential to have an effect on our seeding for the ACC Tourney;  and thus our opponent and game time for the Les Robinson round next Tuesday (yes Les has moved up in the world…he now has a whole round dedicated to him instead of just one game).

Like the Pack, Clemson has had a tough go of it of late. Coming into tonight’s game they’ve dropped three straight (FSU, @VT, @Miami) and six of their past seven.

In Case Anyone Wants To Do The Math on Seeding Possibilities (I’m not gonna, btw)

Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT
North Carolina 13-4 .765 25-6 .806
Louisville 11-5 .688 23-6 .793
Notre Dame 11-5 .688 22-7 .759
Duke 11-6 .647 23-7 .767
Florida State 11-6 .647 23-7 .767
Virginia Tech 10-7 .588 21-8 .724
Miami 10-7 .588 20-9 .690
Virginia 10-7 .588 20-9 .690
Syracuse 9-8 .529 17-13 .567
Georgia Tech 8-9 .471 17-13 .567
Wake Forest 7-9 .438 16-12 .571
Clemson 4-12 .250 14-14 .500
NC State 4-13 .235 15-15 .500
Pittsburgh 4-13 .235 15-15 .500
Boston College 2-14 .125 9-20 .310

NC State at Clemson

Tipoff: Wednesday, March 1, 8pm

TV: ACCNetwork (locally on WRAL5)

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Pack Closes Regular Season at Clemson (

Pack Tracks
– NC State dropped its final home game of the regular season Saturday, falling to #18/19 Virginia, 70-55. Freshman Dennis Smith, Jr., led four Pack players in double figures with 13 points. It marks the 11th time in 17 league games that Smith led NC State in scoring.
– Smith leads ACC freshmen in five statistical categories: points (18.7), assists (6.3), assist-to-turnover ratio (1.85), steals (2.0) and minutes played/game (34.6).
– Junior Abdul-Malik Abu became the 51st player in NC State history to record 1,000 career points, surpassing the milestone in Saturday’s game against Virginia. Abu also moved ahead of Julius Hodge for 6th place on NC State’s career offensive rebounding list during the UVA game. Abu has 257 offensive rebounds for his career. In three career games against Clemson, Abu has 22 offensive rebounds. For his career against the Tigers, Abu is averaging 12.0 points per game and 12.7 rebounds per game, including 7.3 offensive rebounds per game.
– Freshman Markell Johnson is averaging 9.3 points, 4.0 assists, 1.3 steals and 35.3 minutes per game in the Pack’s last three outings. He is shooting 50 percent (11-of-22) from the field during this stretch. In the five games prior to this three-game stretch, Johnson only scored three points, passed out four assists, had one steal and played 50 minutes.


Tigers Take on NC State (

CU Series W-L record: NC State leads 101-50
Streak: NC State has won the last two meetings

Jaron Blossomgame needs three field goals to rank in the top 10 in Clemson history in points, rebounds, field goals, free throws, starts, minutes, 10-point games and 20-point games.
• Blossomgame has scored 20 points or better in eight ACC games this season, tied for fourth among all players in the conference.
Sidy Djitte needs just six offensive rebounds to reach 100; he will be the first Tiger to achieve the century mark on the offensive glass over the course of a season since Trevor Booker recorded 107 in 2008-09.
• Djitte is coming off his best ACC game of the year, posting 12 points and nine rebounds in 31 minutes off the bench against No. 19 Florida State.
Shelton Mitchell has scored double figures in eight of the last nine games, and is averaging 12.7 points per game over that stretch.
Elijah Thomas is shooting a team-best 60 percent on field goals this season. It is the highest accuracy by a first-year Clemson player since Trevor Booker shot 60.2 percent as a freshman in 2006-07.

The Last Wolf Song of the Season


LMFAO (can’t help myself)

Go Pack!!!!!

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    If you didn’t want DSJ doing that, you had to pull him out of the game and let Dorn run point. I mean, MG DID call timeout.

    I have no beef with running down the clock and taking the 3, just with the predictable isolation DSJ prayer. A kick to Mav or Henderson is a great idea, and shooting around 5 seconds gives plenty of time for a rebound and put back.


    McCallum 5-11 way too optimistic


    THAT was the best shot we could get? But the dribbling sure looked pretty.

    Yes I would take LoBrown ahead of DSJ – back to conversation earlier this year. And the guy DSJ was guarding (I use that term loosely) gets player of the game and doubles his average.


    I too have no problem with running the clock down, just to clarify, but we tend to run off too much time, and hurry a shot, that again could have been kicked out to an open shooter, as everyone is out to stop DSJ.


    Meh it’s finally done. Just one more extra


    On a brighter note, congrats to Wes Moore for being named coach of the year in ACC women’s basketball.


    Arch defeats Wade. Let the trolls come and feast….


    Watching this ESPN thing on the UConn woman’s program. That’s some coach, he really gets a after his players/ master of motivation


    WIDE RIGHT and MISERY. The story of 2016-17 Wolfpack revenue sports.

    Shot selection, ballhandling, offensive rebounding, perimeter defense, TEAM defense, floor leadership, coaching: they’re all absent. This State team makes the Les Robinson teams look good when you consider the personnel. Hell, Bob Wade probably could have won 4 ACC games with this team, and just might have looked better doing it.

    I hope the AD still feels good about her decision to allow Mark Gottfried to continue taking this team even deeper into the abyss. Apparently there’s no limit to just what the league’s worst b-ball HC can do if given enough time and support by the league’s worst AD, who is determined to prove that a square peg CAN be driven into a round hole if the pounding goes on long enough.

    Honestly, the Wolfpack program, right now anyway, doesn’t need another Dennis Smith anytime soon. What IS needed is a group of players who have fundamental skill sets and the smarts to execute them, and a desire to help the program more than their own NBA resume sheet.

    This to me has been a team made up of spare parts, and nary a one of ’em seems to fit together.

    I have never wanted a Wolfpack basketball season to be over as much as this one. At least the ACCT will be played far from Tobacco Road.

    As said before and again, no Power Five program in D-1 major revenue sports currently spends as much money to get such sorry results as the NC State Wolfpack.


    “WIDE RIGHT and MISERY. The story of 2016-17 Wolfpack revenue sports.”
    I’d be pissed too if I had watched this POS game. Fortunately my heart doctor told me to avoid stress so I cut-out watching Wolfpack basketball.

    You guys who are comparing the ending of the BB season to the ending of the FB season need to get a grip.


    Took a direct lightening hit at 8:36. Game over, man. Game over. What a c— week. Any word on Kell.


    ^ Why? I’ll take a postseason win. Dial up 11 in a row. Would make State sense.


    Mav took two ill advised threes down the stretch. That did not help. Abu had no answer for Blossomgame.


    Typical NC State in 2016-2017. That game was very winnable, and the opponent not that good, but we lost and didn’t look doing it. It looks like one to two more games and this is done because we won’t finish with enough wins for any postseason play.

    The contrast between our game and Dayton/VCU was staggering. Our game looked like it was played in quick sand. Dayton and VCU really got after it and at a much higher pace of play (and with more sense of urgency).


    Perhaps the best one can say is… “Last night wasn’t the ‘worse’ we’ve played this season by a long shot”….

    I’m thinking Markel is getting a MRI later this morning…
    Results of that to follow…

    And the only way we have a winning season is to play in the ACC Tournament Finals…
    chances of that happening are 1% or less…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Well, we all knew the second season this year is the coach hiring.


    Late in the game, Mav took an awful, long, contested 3 early in the shot clock. Gott was all pissed, throwing his arms out…

    And left Mav in the game anyway.

    Gott man playing favorites with Mav is one of the many problems with this team.


    ^I’m betting that at this point, Coach ain’t truly happy with anybody on this Team, including himself….

    If you take Mav out, who do you put in that’s more dependable?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    ^I’m betting that at this point, Coach ain’t truly happy with anybody on this Team, including himself….

    If you take Mav out, who do you put in that’s more dependable?

    botb, that’s way too easy.

    *booming voice*

    “..Introducing into the game 5-11 Senior from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, playing point guard, Archie Miller..”

    *crowd roars*


    The game does not “feel” any better this morning. When we were getting a lead and playing “maybe half @$$ decent”, we seemed to be relaxed.

    The WFU lad (obviously his OWN thoughts….certainly never a Danny Manning pre-game statement) that said….Get them down early and they fold….had a point.

    When we make the smallest of errors, it is cosmic and it totally disrupts our normal flow. NOW, with two teams the caliber of Clemson and NCSU playing, that may be a bit of a push. But we did seem to have a little mojo, but when Clemson started their run, we folded and turned into “The Gang that COULDN’T SHOOT Straight”. THAT is clearly on the shoulders of the coach (and staff).

    Maverick is a “mixed blessing (or curse)” situation. He seems to get rebounds. His Defense doesn’t look that bad. He IS a Gottfried favorite. He is the “Whittenberg” player. Never let a miss make you think the next one will not be a swoosh. He plays, I think, like Gottfried played. Always a banger…(take than any way you like). You may miss on a few, but it you keep putting them up (or asking), you will eventually score and then that inspires your confidence and you keep attempting the shots.

    SO, pulling him out? Probably should have been. He DOES seem to lack from confidence. I HOPE he comes back next year. I think that if he were more disciplined on Defense and did not feel a bit uncomfortable there, he would also be more effective on offense.

    Maverick’s performance really mirrors the team. When he was hot earlier in the season, we were OK…because we had multiple weapons. DSJ was VERY shaky in some games and we were OK as long as Henderson and Maverick and Abu took up the slack. YES, we do miss the Skill Set of the Martins (now gonna play out where they filmed all the westerns of my youth….and THEY, because THEY had to be on the court at the SAME TIME…were a real headcase….).

    One more game and Gottfried can start packing. Thanks for the wins and the first few years. Sorry you lost your focus and let certain parts of your anatomy get in the way of winning for NCSU.

    I also think that all your “Bring back the school spirit” included some viable targets attached to our yesteryear stars….”.

    You NEVER seemed to understand what we wanted. Otherwise, you would have culled your blankety blank LIGHT BLUE SHIRT wardrobe and worn WHITE and RED.

    Maybe someone told you that you were “appealing” and that Light Blue was your “COLOR”.

    Cue up the Von Trapp Family Singers….and give Mr. and Mrs. Wolf a VOICE…

    I ALSO noted that Brad Brownell and the TEAM stayed on the court, arm and arm, and sung the Clemson Alma Mater. That is what Wes Moore does at EVERY GAME and I totally admire him for doing that. I have sung it a LOT of times, after losses in the PNC, and really wished that the team and coaches were out there instead of just the cheerleaders.


    Who do you put in for Mav, that is more dependable imo is the wrong question. You put the next best guy in for Mav if you are trying to send a message. Maybe someone who is hungry for playing time. You know the person coming in is probably not as dependable as Mav but what you are doing is building for the future. I need Mav my good player to do right more of the time. Be consistent in the year doing that and you might get through to the player. Hey Mav or whoever if you do not do X you will sit. It does not have to be sitting forever but make the point.

    You tell the player coming in don’t take stupid shots, block out and rebound, work your butt off on D and you will see more playing time.

    Just my opinion.


    If you take Mav out, who do you put in that’s more dependable?

    Dorn would have been the obvious choice. Dorn is imperfect but he’s unlikely to jack up an awful 3 at a critical juncture, and plays better D to boot.

    And, as freshmanin83 notes, making the “come on” hand motion does not send a message. Putting Mav on the bench does.


    You guys want the coach, who has already been fired, to use an ill-advised shot in the last 4 minutes of a close and winnable road game that also happens to be the last game of the regular season as a teaching moment? It’s a reasonable argument to make in November, not in March. My $0.02 worth.


    Coaches word was that he wanted to keep “coaching” for the guys. Of course it should have been done earlier that is part of the point. I hope it is never to late to start doing right. Not that I expected him too.


    The shot by dsj is the price you pay for a talent and mental makeup of a guy like him…And I mean that as a compliment. He wants to take and make big shots.

    The other bad shots are to be expected. If you have the green light with Gott – you are rarely punished. It’s been obvious to me since his second year that he plays favorites. I think he loves some of these kids, but I think he doesn’t operate with an even hand.

    I can actually tolerate the occasional bad shot from some guys in some situations, but the mental lapses and overall lack of effort on D have always bothered me.

    Isn’t it telling that the more Gott put his “stamp” on the team, the worse it Gott? Very similar to one of our football coaches.

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