Your “We Done Did It Again” FSU Open Thread

The University of Miami is a good basketball team.

The University of Miami is a good basketball team.

The University of Miami is a good basketball team.

The University of Miami is a good basketball team.

The University of Miami is a good basketball team.

The University of Miami is a good basketba…….



Seriously folks.  That’s twice this year we’ve made daU look like a REALLY good team. The sad part is that we looked pretty good in spurts as well. But when crunch time crunched….

Dennis Smith Jr. Still Getting His

Well would you lookit THAT?  Up to number two this week.  I bet that’ll bode well for our future of landing 5* one and doners into the program.


Yeah, probably right.  Still though, at this point this season is shot.  I’m pulling for DSJ to pour it on and go #1 overall (won’t happen) and make this season look like even a bigger waste than it already did.

Ho hum, another Freshman of the Week award….

In two games last week, NC State’s Smith averaged 22 points, 12 assists, 6.5 rebounds and two steals. He opened the week by registering his second triple-double of the season with 13 points, 15 assists and 11 rebounds in NC State’s overtime loss to Syracuse. Smith became the first player in ACC history to record two triple-doubles in league play in the same year. He is the fourth player in ACC history to record two triple-doubles in a single season, and the first since Clemson’s Sharone Wright in 1992-93. Smith is also the first ACC freshman to record two triple-doubles in the same season since Virginia’s Ralph Sampson 1979-80.

The Gap Widens

The gap that is, between “them” and us…..

But hey, at least we’re not BC…..right?  Nope, we’re not.  We’ve only managed to go 1-5 vs #51-100 (read that again….yikes), while they’ve gone 5-2 (reminder….we’re one of their 5 wins in that slot).

So no….we are not BC.

NC State @ Florida State

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the ‘Noles (20-4, 8-3 ACC) are good.  And I don’t just mean kinda good.

I see them as a legitimate Final Four threat.  They’re big, strong, fast and poised.  Up until two weeks ago they were a top 5 team, then they hit the road to GT and ‘Cuse and dropped both.  ACC road games….AMIRITE?????  So now they’re under the radar again to some degree.  But no less dangerous.

They then bounced back with a road win at Miami, then absolutely destroyed Clemson at home.

Now, the bruised and battered Pack (14-10, 3-8 ACC) is heading for the gauntlet.  Think it was bad at home vs Miami?

Tipoff: Wednesday, February 8th, 7pm

Coverage: ESPN2

FSU’s Hamilton: NC State ‘is a team that we have a tremendous amount of respect for’ (

N.C. State has been far from good this season.

The Wolfpack (14-10, 3-8 ACC) ranks 13th out of 15 teams in the ACC and has lost three straight conference games.

But despite the Pack’s struggles, Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton said he has no plans to look past his opponents. N.C. State will play at No. 14 Florida State (20-4, 8-3 ACC) Wednesday night in Tallahassee, Fla.

“I think that the new players, sometimes it takes a little time to adjust,” Hamilton said. “When you go back and watch their games, they are extremely dangerous. You saw what they did at Cameron (vs. Duke), and they led Miami for about the entire game.”

There is no doubt N.C. State is a dangerous team. The Wolfpack averages 81.4 points per game, which is ranked No. 32 in the country, and five players average double-digit points. N.C. State blew out Virginia Tech 104-78 at home and stunned Duke 84-82 at Cameron Indoor Stadium earlier this season.

“This is a team that we have a tremendous amount of respect for,” Hamilton said. “There’s no doubt we definitely realize that we need to be at our best, because this is a team that can get hot and do a lot of damage.”

Pack Hits Road to Face #14 Florida State (

Pack Tracks
– NC State fell to Miami, 84-79, Saturday afternoon at PNC Arena. Dennis Smith, Jr., led the Pack with 31 points (10-15 FGs, 5-8 3-pt FGs) and added nine assists. Terry Henderson contributed 21 points after hitting 5-of-6 three-pointers in the game.
– Dennis Smith, Jr., was named ACC Freshman of the Week for the third time this season on Monday. Smith opened the week with his second triple-double of the season, scoring 13 points, passing out 15 assists and grabbing 11 rebounds vs. Syracuse. He is just the fourth player in ACC history to record two triple-doubles in a single-season and is the first player in ACC history to register both triple-doubles against an ACC opponent.
– Dennis Smith, Jr., is averaging 19.2 points per game and 6.96 assists per game. His points per game average would be the highest for an ACC freshman since Maryland’s Joe Smith averaged 19.4 ppg., in the 1993-94 season. His assists per game average would be the highest for an ACC freshman since Georgia Tech’s Kenny Anderson averaged 8.1 apg., in the 1990-91 season.
– In the last five games, junior forward Abdul-Malik Abu is averaging 16.2 points and 6.6 rebounds per contest. He is shooting 61.4 percent from the field (35-of-57) and has shot at least 60 percent from the field in four of the five games.

Go Pack!!!!!

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    Well, they almost made the century mark.


    Les Robinson, Herb Sendek, Sidney Lowe, now Mark Gottfried. when will the pain end?


    Ball game. I guess keeping them in double digits is a moral victory.


    And the score was deceptively close. They lost concentration/put it in cruise control for 4-5 minute stretches of each half. We really got our teeth kicked in.


    Can we get refunds on the remaining home games? UNC/Notre Dame/UVA


    I have tickets to the Clemson game and am dreading having to sit with the IPTAY faithful.
    I guess I’ll fall back on the old and too often used line that it’s easy to be a fan of a winning program but it takes real loyalty to be a Pack fan.


    Dominated in all aspects, and so grateful the coach decided to leave Anya back home.

    3 Anya’s on the roster wouldn’t have fixed this debacle of a game.


    Losing was a given, just felt Anya in the middle would have made the inside dominance, not as dominant, until he fouled out of course.


    Look at the good side of this- we’ve all but locked up a Tuesday game in the ACCT, so this should help offset the cost of going to NYC for any long period of time.

    We’ve also all but played our way out of the ACC-B1G Challenge next season. Since it would have been a home game, maybe the replacement game could be against BC, who certainly won’t be playing in the Challenge either.

    Speaking of BC, did anyone catch their game against Pitt tonight? At least the Eagles were competitive.

    I’m really curious as to what it will take to get AD Yow to crawl out from under her rock and publicly say something, anything, about what’s happening to the Wolfpack men’s basketball program. I see four possible scenarios:

    1- She saw her shadow on February 2 and won’t come out for 6 weeks.
    2- She’ll give the coach a vote of confidence, even at 3-15 in the ACC.
    3- She’ll say that we’re making progress and will stay the course.
    4- Absolutely NOTHING will happen.

    My money’s on #4.


    Tough game, we battled hard, played tough on D, improved the level of effort. We were just too tired in the end, no legs on us, didn’t make our free throws when it counted. Absolutely no sarcasm in the above statement…

    Gott your ship not only sailed but crashed in burning flames. Don’t worry, collect 4k a day, belly up to the bar and enjoy some Raleigh strange. It will all be over soon. Get sized for those ESPN suits again.


    That was pathetic. Felt sorry for Mav.


    That was the most lopsided 24-point game I have probably ever witnessed. Felt like 40 and seemed like an exhibition or glorified practice. This game was never close and was a blowout before the anthem was finished.

    I try to resist hyperbolic language, and I unfortunately remember the Les, Sendek, and Lowe years very well (I actually worked in the athletic department during the Lowe years). I can honestly state that I think things are worse now than at any time since Les Robinson was our coach, talent aside. Our program is a complete shambles.


    When Lutz was summarily fired last year, there were all sort of wonderful comments about how we were going to be SO GOOD because we would have BETTER recruiting. YES, we were short handed on the roster. YES, the new coaches and Gottfried went out and “sold” themselves in ways that Jimmy V would admired.

    BUT, no one bothered to ask the fundamental question. Being a Bobby Lutz fan got me some flaming, but being a tough old codger, I survived.

    I did not bother to post during the second half as I wanted to really watch the carnage. All I saw from our bench was “What do we do now?” looks. There was yelling….but nothing of a plan.

    It has been said before, but worth repeating. Bobby Lutz knew more about the offenses of some of our sister teams than the HC did. He would call the Defense quickly….almost when they inbounded. Gottfried does NOT call an Offense, like Sidney did. Gottfried is a “maverick” of sorts. Give him the ball and he will score….that is his personality and style. He recruits THOSE players. BUT, you need a team to support them. The team needs to be coached. The Scout Squad needs to really provide some “REAL” preparation….but if you don’t understand that….then it is just going through the motions.

    Letting someone or a couple “wing it” is a good plan…if they are well coached. IF you have someone that can develop a point guard and an offense that works with a high degree of confidence. We are NOT well coached on Offense.

    As to Defense, Tony Haynes made a comment in the pre game. He said that for State to be successful tonight, we needed to play really TOUGH Defense and that would allow us to run OUR offense as we could transition better and also keep FSU offguard.

    I sometimes wonder if we shouldn’t pull Tony off the broadcast team and put him on the coaching staff. His X & O skills seem to me to be much better than many of the coaches. We have, effectively, 4 FULL Time Assistants. We have an 83+ YO Consultant that travels to ever game and makes notes. We have a plethora of other SUITS….Young and Old….and I do NOT know what they do.

    As to conditioning. Gottfried does get an “A” there. He brought in a great coach. He is now, actually, an Assistant AD, or something along those lines. he has really improved our conditioning as we were always getting minor injuries. This year, we seem to be plagued with Head injuries and you can’t blame that on him. We are really, relatively speaking, HEALTHY this year.

    Where is this going? What will happen AFTER the ACC Tourney? WHO KNOWS? It will take a LOT more press than all of us and the BM’s on PackPride getting up in arms to bring about a change. I have mentally written my emails to Woodson and Yow. I am waiting until the last week to fire them off. The ONLY way that something will happen is for enough of the “fans” to complain and for the Big Donors to get disgusted. We are NOT going to “run off” Gottfried. He really has it made, so why would he leave. He will probably go back to ESPN and charm his way over the country. Wonder if he will also work the bars like he did when he left Alabama. If I were his new GF, I would wonder about where he is whilst on the road….His on court style and accomplishments match his off court behavior. It is a GAME. BUT, he does not seem to have the capacity to be a MANAGER and work with a team….

    Sorry for the rant….I will repeat my tag….courtesy of Jim Croce

    I got them steadily depressin’ mind messin’ watching State play basketball BLUES….


    Roo: Like you, I was a big Lutz fan. My opinion wasn’t based on any insider knowledge. It was more based on what Lutz had done at Charlotte (pretty nice job with a lot less resources) vs what Gott had done at Alabama (which I had kept up with decently well). I thought when we hired Lutz would have been the better head man and Gott the better assistant (ace recruiter, players friend type coach) and was vocal about that. Took some heat (some here mostly elsewhere). I said last year and then around the firing that the wrong man left. I think it is obvious now that is the case and that the emporer has no clothes.

    I will say I have been incredibly disappointed by the defense here. Schroyer had won on defense at Tenn-Martin and I personally never thought of Lutz as a great defensive coach (Iowas State had him coaching shooting). We actually looked like we might try to play some during the two exhibitions. I have no clue what happened, but we gave that up in game one and really haven’t tried since, or maybe it was too little too late when we did. All I can figure is that it is hard as an assistant to get a team to play D if the head man isn’t committed and doesn’t control PT that way. Good D isn’t incentivized. It mere becomes something the assistant nags about.

    Oh well. Hopefully the “important people” have seen enough. I had at this time last year, but Gott was given one more chance. Last year he had hope (incoming players) and a scapegoat (assistants). With a good manager, he’d have nothing this year.


    Unless there is a miraculous turn around, and there won’t be, Yow is going give Gott the ax, and he certainly has earned it. Seems other things are more important to him, than coaching his team to be successful on the court. Sad days for Pack fans. At least the women are winners, and have beaten the top 4 teams in the conference.


    count me plus3 on Lutz’s contribution… but moot on him as HC —

    HC job is all about building the relationships between diverse people…

    right now, coaches are in a negativefunk, kids are in a negativefunk, fans are in a negativefunk…
    triplefunkalert… means something’s GOTT to give to restore the funkequilibrium…

    it’s time for other people, outside the close family, to start calling for change or asking RW & DY to explain their position and resistance to change… we done all we can do from where we sit….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’m starting to believe that its it time for Gott to go, but there is no point in that if we replace him with another great hire like Less, Herb or Sidney. One positive of the basketball situation is that I no longer loose sleep over our games.


    Good heavens you guys are masochists. Why anyone would watch this dumpster fire of a team, I have no idea.


    I’m starting to believe that its it time for Gott to go, but there is no point in that if we replace him with another great hire like Less, Herb or Sidney. One positive of the basketball situation is that I no longer loose sleep over our games.



    I watched to see FSU. They are a very good basketball team.


    Excellent post Roo. Only thing I can add or ask is “Why wait till the last week to fire off those emails”? Time is NOW! I fired mine off this morning and it felt good. Time for a Redvolution, time for our #MarchMadness. #RedLivesMatter


    thanks for the comments on Lutz. Lutz was initially billed or introduced as a solid “compliment” to Gottfried. Gottfried was a detailed (to the minute scheduler and motivator) student of Wooden. Lutz was a more versatile or all around coach and would fill in the voids so that our program was well rounded. Early on, Lutz was running the defense and it he was typically the first one to jump up when we went on D. Later on he was assigned the Scout Squad and also promoted. I only have some feedback from an assistant coach as to what transpired in the 2015-16 season that got him fired. I did understand that he and some of the other coaches were not too pleased with Coach’s personal trangressions. Others have detailed that more.

    My point was NOT to bring back Lutz. It was that the “cut nose off to spite face” logic and decision was not the correct one. It also seems to me that instead of the brilliant multi-faceted coach that will compete one on one with Mikey and Roy and the rest of the ACC, our program is lead by someone that now has major limitation and the top 25 status will never materialize.

    This year, with the talent and also two major personal issues resolved (AFib fixed and Divorce/New GF), Coach Gottfried should have been able to focus totally on his job. YES, weaving in two new coaches would be a challenge, but they have failed to focus or prepare the team. Our lack of defense puts undue pressure on the offense. The other coaches also have come up with simple defenses.

    Against FSU, we had NO offense when DSJ was double teamed. One WOULD have thought, by now, that we had Plan B. I think that Coach Gottfried has finally “seen the writing” and has NO CLUE. His “Offense will WIN” philosophy has proven to be less than stellar. He really does NOT KNOW what to do. He will always remain confident….that we are one jump shot away or one rebound or one less turnover or one less phase of the moon away from being a sweet 16 team.

    THAT is what is depressing. NOW, are the hands of time turning quicker or is AD Yow just letting this pot boil over on the back burner while creating her masterpiece, a ranked Women’s Team, on the front burner. I guess we will see…


    Good teams are able to throttle DSJ with the semi-double team. He simply doesn’t know how to get the ball out of his hands and make a good cut. He needs to work on that part of his game. There is no way I would take him ahead of Raycharles-Mays from FSU.


    Oh! There was a game last night?! I’m waiting to hear about our winning performance. So far, it’s a losing effort this season and no matter how much anyone tries to sugarcoat anything, this program is a horrific dumpster fire. I didn’t watch and am not surprised to hear we lost. I’m a bit surprised to find out Anya did not even travel. I suppose, he’s in a supersized dog house for now. Who else gets their own dog house next? Maybe it would be better to put the scrubs out on the court first and try to wear the other team out a little before putting in the second stringers. I look forward to football season.


    Lutz was initially billed or introduced as a solid “compliment” to Gottfried.

    Is this some kind of joke I don’t get or did you mean “complement”?

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