Your “There’s No Place Like Home” GT Open Thread

OK, so that wasn’t the best road trip ever.  To say the least.

For the first time in my handful of years posting, and then later writing, amongst you fine group of folks on this’n here blog….for the first time I am sitting here at a loss as to what to write.  So this one really is going to be short n sweet.

Last week was a train wreck, no doubt.  There are reasons for concern, no doubt.

This didn’t help matters….

Sorry Coach….no, we didn’t.

But frankly, I don’t want to talk about that stuff.  If you guys want to hash it out in the comments, have at it.

For now, I’m gonna continue to be the optimistic idiot.

Hope Springs Eternal…..indeed.

(I reserve the right to change my tune over the next week-ish, however…if such becomes more applicable…just saying)

The Pack (12-5, 1-3 ACC) has a 3 game home stretch starting tonight.  My default setting right now is simple….

Show me.  Show me SOMETHING.  Get a win at home against an inferior team and get back to moving in the right direction.

In the next three HOME games, we need to right the ship.  We need to heal.  And we need to do it fast.

(this is totally NSFW, btw)

Georgia Tech (10-6, 2-2 ACC) is a bit of an up and down team.  While they managed to take down Carolina at home 2 weeks ago, they followed that up with a 53 pt road loss in Durham (See?  Our 51 pt beat down in Chapel Hill wasn’t even the worst in the league this month 😉 ).  Anyway, the point I’m making is that so far at least they have not played well on the road.

A weak OOC schedule has their RPI lacking at #117 (as of the moment of this writing), so a win won’t provide much of a boost there.  Which is OK, as the Pack’s RPI still sits at a respectable #36.

But right now, bottom line….we need wins.

Georgia Tech Basketball Visits NC State (

Tech (10-6, 2-2 ACC), in its first season under head coach Josh Pastner, has played its first four ACC games even following a 75-63 victory over Clemson Thursday night. The Yellow Jackets also have a win over No. 9 North Carolina on its resume. Tech is in a group of seven teams at 2-2 in the conference, tied for fourth place.


• Three keys for Tech – The Jackets have won every game this season (10-0) in which they shot a better percentage from the floor, are 9-0 when scoring 70 points and 9-1 when attempting more free throws than the opponent.

• Josh Okogie’s 224 points through 16 games (averaging 16.3 in ACC games) are the most for a Yellow Jacket freshman since Thaddeus Young piled up 225 through his first 16 games in 2006-07, and he has 12 double-digit efforts.

• Ben Lammers and Josh Okogie combined for 36 points against Clemson, 39 Saturday against Louisville, and an average of 33 through Tech’s first four ACC games. They have accounted for 51.4 percent of Tech’s points in ACC games.


Pack Returns Home to Host Georgia Tech (

Pack Tracks
– NC State fell to Boston College on Wednesday, 74-66, to drop its second straight game. Freshman Dennis Smith, Jr., led the Pack in scoring for the seventh time in eight games, finishing with 15 points. Terry Henderson was the only other NC State player to reach double figures with 14 points. Abdul-Malik Abu was two points short of a double-double with eight points and 11 rebounds.
Home Sweet Home: Sunday marks NC State’s 10th game inside PNC Arena this season. The Pack has shot 50 percent or better in six of its nine home games this season, including a season-best 64.1 percent (41-64) in its ACC home-opening win over Virginia Tech.
– NC State’s defense has also performed better at home. In nine games, six Pack opponents have shot 37.3 percent or worse from the field. Only one team, Loyola (Chicago) has shot better than 50 percent from the field against NC State in PNC Arena. Overall in nine games at PNC Arena, NC State opponents have more turnovers (112) than assists (108).
– NC State was one of three teams in the ACC to start the league season with three of its first four games on the road. ACC road teams are 8-22 in league play entering this weekend and nine teams do not have a win on the road.

Game Time:  Sunday, 1/15 – 6:30pm

Coverage:  ESPNU

Alright that’s all I got.

Just win, Baby.

Go Pack!!!!!

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    Let’s see…Taiwan rice=GOTT…Chinese rice=Pastner. Am I on the right track?


    So Embarrassing to be a lifetime Wolfpacker…. but atleast this team is “Improving” LMAO.


    Well, that wasn’t good.


    We are a nobody; we can’t fire mid season.

    So many wasted years in bball.

    A couple of fools gold sweet 16s but nothing more.

    What a waste.


    I can’t believe GOTT will be back next season.


    Yow has to go sooner rather than later. I am sick that we are burgeoning on 20 years of obscurity in bb and fb. Sick of it. We have the same team as last year with the swapping of Cat for Smith……and 40 more pound of Anya.


    I really enjoyed the NFL game! Didn’t even bother flipping at commercials in the second half until the 2nd Crosby kick miraculously hooked back through.




    I only caught the last 2:21, thank God. I guess GT is a good team with a great coach. All things considered, looks like our boys got better tonight. I’m proud of em.


    I think we all know it at this point. To argue for Gott is ridiculous. He had to go. The question is how long we suffer.


    Please don’t tell me we have to wait until 2018 to fire Gott.


    Apologies for not being here during the disaster. Football and Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch on PBS) left no time to share in the misery. Just in case anyone has missed the obvious, State is in a four-way tie for last place at 1-4.


    The Ghosts on the South Smoking Porch at Reynolds told me to tell ya’ll…

    “Sell rice short in Taiwan… Buy Long in Hong Kong”

    We are recruiting a guard in Taiwan and a center in HK!

    .everyone else looks like they quit.

    MacCallum done started speaking Chinese watching this stuff


    Because I’ve GOTT that NCSTate edumencation… I’m always over thinking sh#t… you know what I mean…
    so I was thinking…

    1. A lot of them Ghosts spent some time in the Pacific…
    2. In the context of their world…
    3. Discipline, Hard work would lead to success and prosperity…
    3. “Rice” would mean …. “Feed the masses, live with the classes”…
    4. Sell short in Taiwan would mean “cut your small market losses”…
    5. Buy long in Hong Kong would mean “Go big or go home”…

    All of which has something to do with Wolfpack Athletics…

    Now I could be wrong… except for the last part…

    The wife — that girl I met at St. Mary’s my Junior Year… thinks differently… duh…
    For one she thinks word games, crossword puzzle, suduki, the daily jumble are the anitdotes to senility…

    SHE said what the Ghosts told me was an Anagram!!!

    DAMN if SHE might be right…

    I’m gonna give ya’ll at hint at it…
    and come back later…

    N C State bigs kill win ….
    e l r h o r a n u y o n i n H o n g o g

    Tonight’s game obviously wasn’t wasn’t worth the effort for a lot of folks on and off the court…
    see above…

    Can’t blame this one of the SFN jinx either… we didn’t play….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Heelh8r don’t speak that stuff but MacCallum might


    Was at the game. To say it was an abomination (as in a Bombardination) would be an understatement. Did not listen to Gott’s comments….figured he would be channeling Coach Doeren about it will now be for the team and pride and they are the only ones that believe in themselves.

    When an ACC team sets a NEW high scoring (this season) record….you are in trouble. We did show signs of life every once and a while….but barely…..only when the EMT pushed the DEFIB button….and it was NOT long lasting.


    To set the record start, Coach Gottfried’s contract runs THROUGH the 2019/20 season. SO, he is ours for the next 3 years.

    Right, Wrong or Indifferent, he is OURS….


    At this point he needs to press and use our depth. The starters are getting hammered. I believe we have more talent than most teams 8-11. lets use it.


    he would probably say, “we haven’t practiced the press”. well why the heck not you dumb sonofagun?


    Surely we can find a reason to fire him for cause.


    Sad State of affairs!


    B’rer ‘Roo…

    Post Game went something like this…

    Coach is pissed off…

    “Been nice, been patient NOW I’m gonna be a a@@hole…
    They are gonna PLAY DEFENSE or they all can F off..

    If it comes down to MY JOB or theirs… I’m KEEPING MINE!!! ”

    To which I’ll add… and this extends some of your earlier observations…

    One kid got his points… Nobody else cares about that…


    I said last week… IF we lose these three in a row… the season would be lost…
    to which now I might add for all you WTNY guys …

    Next year will be a “rebuilding” year…
    Short of a Moses grade miracle… We’ll be lucky to win 4-5 more games this season…

    Everybody overboard…
    Captain goes down with the Ship.

    We’ve been bullsh#tted … again…


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    we prolly waived the “cause” thing long ago. And NOBODY coaches out their contract to the end. That would be insane, we’d be starting waterboys by that point, he wouldn’t be able to recruit without an extension (which not even Yow could possibly give at this point, I THINK).


    They are gonna PLAY DEFENSE or they all can F off..

    LMAO that should be the attitude from day one. Chopping wood.


    Apologies for not being here during the disaster. Football and Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch on PBS) left no time to share in the misery. Just in case anyone has missed the obvious, State is in a four-way tie for last place at 1-4.

    So we aren’t on track to finish top 4 in the league? Golly.


    I’ve never seen a 2 page thread on SFN following a conference loss to to a crap team.

    It would appear even the lunatic fringe has become resigned.


    Surely we can find a reason to fire him for cause.

    maybe you were saying that tongue in cheek, but if we were to do that what coach in their right mind would ever come coach here as his replacement?

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