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    NC State has been so completely driven by institutional inertia that I could almost see it happening.


    Oh wait, I forgot, I’m being optimistic guy this week.

    What I meant to say was…..YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!


    Ncsu is a poorly run organization. There is no denying it. Like the Cleveland Brown’s we go through multiple leadership cycles and still suck.
    Except it.


    And here’s the problem with both of Yow’s revenue hires:
    Neither of them had a track record of any kind of sustained success.

    DD was a solid gamble – but he was being asked to take on a rebuilding operation. While he has not yet reached the record his predecessor had in his final season.

    And yes, the jury is still out

    For Gottfried, you had a coach who had to resign to do an awful combo of bad results and personal issues. Keep in mind, this isn’t a case of Petrino or Pitino or Eustace, guys who were winning and got in trouble for personal stuff – this was a case where the personal stuff just gave them the ammo they needed to avoid the handwringers and defenders in the media and on campus playing their usual game.

    Coaches in this category rarely find success as the head guy at a higher level again. Steve Lavin flamed out quickly at St. John’s. I can’t think of others in a similar situation who have succeeded.

    We were actually in position to leverage our best option – some other p5 school to swoop into Raleigh after year 1,2,3 or 4 to “steal” Gott.

    Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and it looks like a Bama reduex


    On the off-chance that someone could use a chuckle, just read this URL even if you’re not interested in the article behind it.


    ^chuckle, chuckle….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    OK….he is probably doing better than we are. BUT, we do have ONE Ranked Conf win….wonder how VT feels about that.

    Dumpster fire may be a kind term…..ever see a peat moss fire….?

    I STILL think that DY will NOT pull the pin on him. TWO reasons. First, she would THEN have to make a hire and that hire would put any NEW AD at a disadvantage…unless it was the PERFECT hire….and HOW OFTEN….does that happen?

    Second, IF she puts him on notice, then, in reality, she is saying that she WILL be willing to step down in 2019. She would HAVE to step out early. That would allow a NEW AD to take the reins and hire his OWN coach. How likely is THAT to happen? Who know, Spurrier left….and so did Bobby Knight. Nick Saban left the reporters OUTSIDE waiting for his presser….and he was winging his way to Tuscaloosa or the HOME of the TIDE. I remember that we were at a TS at the OBX and watched the reporters outside the Dolphins Stadium being “stood up”. That was on January 3, 2007. Stranger things HAVE happened….but usually NOT (OK, maybe they do) at NCSU.

    As BOTB opined….watch this drama. It AIN’T gonna be about BB….it is about the drama of the team, the coaches, the AD, WPC head Purcell, Dr. Woodson….and of course, last but NOT least….the rambunctious SFN posters.

    I will NOT make a prediction on this season….other than to say if it REALLY gets bad, then She MIGHT fire Coach G. BUT highly unlikely and his “past” issues have not brought about the “clauses”.

    However, AS I type this, I just watched a SC film clip….It seems that the Cubs’ WSC will bring about HOPE and CHANGE for Chicago….since he chose MLK day to honor them. I guess that will solve the crime and murder rate. I had NO IDEA how important the Cubs’ win was….and how much WORSE the murder rate cold have been. Seems to me that it has NOT improved in the last quarter….but it WILL, once the season starts….#44 (not our DT) will protect the citizens….

    Good NIGHT….


    B’rer ‘Roo…

    This is totally off-topic, except in the most metaphorical ways…

    Did you see/hear that was announced yesterday that “Two Flags Over Fuquay” had closed down for good?

    Moment of silence please by all who remember….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’ve stayed off of the threads since the UNC one. From my perspective, all that needed to be said was said there. Some still need more convincing. BC, GT and possibly ensuing losses may convince them. Maybe they won’t. Some needed to wait until the Titanic was obviously going down to try and get on the life boats.

    In my mind, this was a hire with red flags and always needed to have a much tighter leash. This isn’t the first year of underperforming:
    – Year 2: Start #6, waste a lot of talent, bow out of the tournament in the first round. Received mulligan because of “bad players.”
    – Year 5: Losing overall record. Blames injuries and short bench. Fires assistants (blames bad employees).
    – Year 6: Not complete yet, but well on our way to waste the most talent and deepest team we’ve had since V. If that happens, it should be strike 3.


    Prediction: Yow will make a decision about Gott around the same time Jerry Jones decides what to do about Romo.

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