Your “There’s No Place Like Home” GT Open Thread

OK, so that wasn’t the best road trip ever.  To say the least.

For the first time in my handful of years posting, and then later writing, amongst you fine group of folks on this’n here blog….for the first time I am sitting here at a loss as to what to write.  So this one really is going to be short n sweet.

Last week was a train wreck, no doubt.  There are reasons for concern, no doubt.

This didn’t help matters….

Sorry Coach….no, we didn’t.

But frankly, I don’t want to talk about that stuff.  If you guys want to hash it out in the comments, have at it.

For now, I’m gonna continue to be the optimistic idiot.

Hope Springs Eternal…..indeed.

(I reserve the right to change my tune over the next week-ish, however…if such becomes more applicable…just saying)

The Pack (12-5, 1-3 ACC) has a 3 game home stretch starting tonight.  My default setting right now is simple….

Show me.  Show me SOMETHING.  Get a win at home against an inferior team and get back to moving in the right direction.

In the next three HOME games, we need to right the ship.  We need to heal.  And we need to do it fast.

(this is totally NSFW, btw)

Georgia Tech (10-6, 2-2 ACC) is a bit of an up and down team.  While they managed to take down Carolina at home 2 weeks ago, they followed that up with a 53 pt road loss in Durham (See?  Our 51 pt beat down in Chapel Hill wasn’t even the worst in the league this month 😉 ).  Anyway, the point I’m making is that so far at least they have not played well on the road.

A weak OOC schedule has their RPI lacking at #117 (as of the moment of this writing), so a win won’t provide much of a boost there.  Which is OK, as the Pack’s RPI still sits at a respectable #36.

But right now, bottom line….we need wins.

Georgia Tech Basketball Visits NC State (

Tech (10-6, 2-2 ACC), in its first season under head coach Josh Pastner, has played its first four ACC games even following a 75-63 victory over Clemson Thursday night. The Yellow Jackets also have a win over No. 9 North Carolina on its resume. Tech is in a group of seven teams at 2-2 in the conference, tied for fourth place.


• Three keys for Tech – The Jackets have won every game this season (10-0) in which they shot a better percentage from the floor, are 9-0 when scoring 70 points and 9-1 when attempting more free throws than the opponent.

• Josh Okogie’s 224 points through 16 games (averaging 16.3 in ACC games) are the most for a Yellow Jacket freshman since Thaddeus Young piled up 225 through his first 16 games in 2006-07, and he has 12 double-digit efforts.

• Ben Lammers and Josh Okogie combined for 36 points against Clemson, 39 Saturday against Louisville, and an average of 33 through Tech’s first four ACC games. They have accounted for 51.4 percent of Tech’s points in ACC games.


Pack Returns Home to Host Georgia Tech (

Pack Tracks
– NC State fell to Boston College on Wednesday, 74-66, to drop its second straight game. Freshman Dennis Smith, Jr., led the Pack in scoring for the seventh time in eight games, finishing with 15 points. Terry Henderson was the only other NC State player to reach double figures with 14 points. Abdul-Malik Abu was two points short of a double-double with eight points and 11 rebounds.
Home Sweet Home: Sunday marks NC State’s 10th game inside PNC Arena this season. The Pack has shot 50 percent or better in six of its nine home games this season, including a season-best 64.1 percent (41-64) in its ACC home-opening win over Virginia Tech.
– NC State’s defense has also performed better at home. In nine games, six Pack opponents have shot 37.3 percent or worse from the field. Only one team, Loyola (Chicago) has shot better than 50 percent from the field against NC State in PNC Arena. Overall in nine games at PNC Arena, NC State opponents have more turnovers (112) than assists (108).
– NC State was one of three teams in the ACC to start the league season with three of its first four games on the road. ACC road teams are 8-22 in league play entering this weekend and nine teams do not have a win on the road.

Game Time:  Sunday, 1/15 – 6:30pm

Coverage:  ESPNU

Alright that’s all I got.

Just win, Baby.

Go Pack!!!!!

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    We set up an awful contract obligation with him. He is going to keep smiling because win loose or draw he’s getting a nice pay day the next 3 years. Good gosh can we EVER land a decent Coach to compete in the top 4 of the ACC? I really don’t think so anymore. We should just hire a high school coach and put the money towards football or badminton.


    DSJ got his points and the balance of the guys looked uninterested, the exception would be Maverick. Is there
    resentment going on with this team with the attention given to DSJ? Obviously I’m not involved in the day to day stuff but the players sure look out of sync. We start the year with such hope with the guys billed as NBA worthy (DSJ, Y7, Abu) and thus far, DSJ may be late first rd, early 2nd round based on potential. Yes, he’s scoring good numbers but I think thats forced due to lack of support.

    Lose by 51 at UNC, lose at BC but improved, lose at home to GT by 10 so was that more improvement? GT coach stated he was told he wouldn’t win a game in the ACC this year, well, he’ll win atleast one more in Atlanta when the Pack visits!

    Gott will not get fired so unless he pulls a Steve Spurrier, we are stuck with him for atleast another BB season!!


    Surely we can find a reason to fire him for cause.

    maybe you were saying that tongue in cheek, but if we were to do that what coach in their right mind would ever come coach here as his replacement?

    Is this a trick question? You know something is off when AT and I agree.

    You guys don’t seem to be having any fun here. Maybe I should post something about football to provide a fresh outlet to take out your frustrations. Heck, I got broad shoulders. I can take it. If not, I’ll just call in The DOG. 🙂


    Remember that time they destroyed VT? Yeah, that was awesome.


    ? Whisling in the graveyard.


    This thread proves that no one even cares at this point. No one is still arguing for Gott but everyone knows How is going to keep him around. We are starting at five years of irrelevance because of Yow. Another two years of Gott and three plus years for the next coach to rebuild the crap talent that will be left cuz Gott ain’t gonna get squat from now on. No top recruit will come play for him after they see what he did to DSJ.


    I don’t think Gott survives this year unless this team turns it around. Translation: I believe Gott is let go at end of season.


    I don’t think Gott survives this year unless this team turns it around. Translation: I believe Gott is let go at end of season.

    I don’t. I think How gives him about year. The suckers contact she gave him makes it hard to fire him.
    However even if she does fire him she hasv proven she cannot make a decent revenue hire.


    DSJ scores 31 and Mav has a nice game, everyone else looked like imposters. Why?

    The strength should have been our O – and forgive me for saying this – but the O stands around while DSJ dribbles around the perimeter showing everyone how well he can dribble between his legs and behind his back, how well he can dribble through double and triple teams (not well) and basically waits for him to force up a bad shot.

    When DSJ lets the offense flow and come to him, he is very very good. When he forces jumpers and continues to dribble into traffic, he is ordinary. Triple double was the worst thing that could happen to him and this team – like hitting a HR your first at-bat and then swinging for the fence the rest of the year.

    Is DSJ a talent? Certainly! But he also has to learn how to play the game using his head and not just his talent. All 3 games since triple/double have been DSJ trying to do it all himself and that is not going to cut it in this league.


    I’ve never seen a 2 page thread on SFN following a conference loss to to a crap team.

    It would appear even the lunatic fringe has become resigned.

    I noted last night when I posted that I was #29. That was a bit after the end of the game. The post count has doubled since then. It does tell you where we are as a fan base and a program.


    We should just hire a high school coach and put the money towards football or badminton.

    Everett Case came to State College from a HS. Maybe you’re on to something eas!


    True! Good point GoldenChain.

    gso packbacker

    I conveniently forgot about our game and enjoyed the Packers and Cowboys game were I had no dog in the fight. Best non-decision I made all weekend. 🙂

    Someone over there on the sideline better figure it out fast as this team is all but dead last in the ACC in Offensive and Defensive efficiency. Combine that with leading the league in turnovers just exacerbates the effect.


    I guess when other people seem to espouse or think like you, you feel better….or vindicated. The number of posts says it all. In fairness, it was a TV game and a Home game. That does, from time to time, impact the number.

    DSJ looks like he suffers from CJLS (C. J. Leslie Syndrome). He either feels the need to take over when things look bad or he only has confidence in HIS talent or he does NOT know how to DISTRIBUTE and LEAD or he thinks there are multiple Pro Scouts at every game. NOT GOOD.

    It is hard to get facials from the Champions Club. Sitting in the bowl or watching a TV game where the camera guys are allowed to shoot the bench is the only way. Can NOT comment on the lack of cohesiveness or chemistry….but it would not surprise me.

    Gottfried says the guys WILL play D or be pulled. Excuse me….are YOU going to teach them Defense. You are, by your own admission, an O person. You fired the D guy and hired two R guys to get you O talent. Unless you hire ANOTHER consultant (and the NCAA has rules on that), we have no DEFENSE. YOU, Coach G, made that call when you re-organized. I’m beginning to think that you figured that firepower can overcome any obstacle and that we have an unlimited amount on the bench. Trouble is….The FIREPOWER gets NO “live fire” testing in practice. They decimate the scout squad….but the scout squad does NOT possess the skillsets of our opponents.

    As to WHAT happens this year? I don’t know. IT may (positively a GUESS as only ONE person….perhaps TWO….know what will happen) play out like this. Coach G is put on probation. We will NEVER (and should NOT) know if he is.

    IF next year (season ending 2018) is ugly, then AD Yow will take HER bows early and the “TRUMP” (or Obama or Bush or Clinton) era will begin. The Coach SERVES AT THE PLEASURE OF THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. SO, if she cuts out early, then he will be packing. I do NOT see her hiring a NEW coach….she is WAY too smart and professional for that. You do NOT leave your successor with a NEWLY HIRED Coach. SO WHO KNOWS….?

    It WILL not be up to us, Board Monkey or Lunatic Fringe; it will come from comments from the BIG DONORS. They supported her and Reynolds will always be her crown jewel. It will, however, be adorned by our Director’s Cup improvements. Like it or NOT, that is how the MSM or the Press or most fans look at things. Your NCAA overall record, not just your Big Time sports are what makes an “Elite” School.

    I WILL throw in a little politics here…..flame as you see fit. 95+% of the Administration of ANY College or university is NOT going to celebrate this Friday. The Term ILLEGITIMATE will be used or thought more times than (fill in the blank). SO, if the NCAA (which penalized NC, but NOT TX) says that the Director’s Cup Criteria is correct, then when you score BIG THERE….it is your legacy. AD Yow’s goals were to be a BIG TIME Director’s Cup institution…..CHECK.

    She ALSO said we would be a TOP 25 School in the BIG (Revenue) Sports (FB, MBB & WBB). The Ladies knocked off Duke yesterday. We will stay in the Rankings. We don’t need to talk about the other two.

    IF the BIGTIME DONORS start to pressure the WPC and also chit-chat with Dr. Woodson, SOMETHING will be done….until such, we can type and opine all day long and consume more bandwidth that the 14 YO that hacked John Podesta’s email account. NOTHING will happen….


    IF next year (season ending 2018) is ugly, then AD Yow will take HER bows early and the “TRUMP” (or Obama or Bush or Clinton) era will begin

    If he is here another year we will have a fit hiring a coach. The cubbard will be completely bare. No top player is going to comet play for Gott now. And there will be another mass exodus ala Moses leaving Egypt.


    I dont see any way he can possibly be our coach next season. I just dont.

    Now how that happens is a a mystery because of the Yow factor. Personally I dont see her simply retiring she is too head strong and likes her power too much. Someone much smarter than me is going to have to come up with a plan and implement it. I just dont see any possible way we can keep gott. By my count we have no transfers coming in and an undersized shooting guard as the only recruit to date. Add that to a group of Frosh/soph that dont see the court then we are in big trouble next year regardless of the coach.

    Go hat in hand to Gregg Marshall, then archie and if it gets to that point Keats. Not sure if the first 2 would come but damn I have to think it would be a lock for Keats.


    Good read Roo…

    Gott and Defense, who’s he kidding?!! Look at the last three games, our opponents established their season high point
    totals…. (maybe not BC, can’t confirm right away). Either way, Stevie Wonder could get into double digits on this team!!

    I think as a team, we are in a more difficult situation to have a “one and done” player. Obviously DSJ has enormous talent that dominated in high school but that talent hasn’t continued to progress at the college level just yet. The other “one and done” player(Hickson) during Sid’s tenure, that sucked as well.


    2006 is still killing us.

    After he struck out with Cal, Fowl-up could have hired Larranaga or Miller or Marshall or any one of many talented coaches who would have taken the job at that time.

    Instead he ****ed up the Belein hire (as SFN chronicled at the time), had the bizarre dalliance with Lavin that ended in failure, and then hired Sid, who in turn destroyed the program.

    Debbie found herself with no good options in 2011 (due, it must be said, in some part to her own reputation). From that perspective Gott’s tenure has exceeded all expectations. And yet, it’s not much of a surprise that it is ending in tears (as his Bama tenure did).

    Barring a miracle turnaround, we are left to hope, distastefully, for a complete collapse so the powers-that-be are left with no choice but to pull the plug. Sad and unbelievable given the talent on this roster, but that’s where we are.


    You could be thinking of JJ Hickson. I try not to recall those dark days of Wolfpack basketball. Which could describe many of the last 30 years…
    On another post someone commented that Lutz left and took the defense with him. I initially thought that if that’s true, he must be awfully lonely. But now after watching the last few games, I think he might have. Or we’re both right…


    Inertia, thy name is NC State. Only here would it be considered by some to be PROACTIVE for MG to be put “on notice” after a SECOND CONSECUTIVE dumpster fire season, THEN ALLOWED to coach again, AND ONLY IF #3 IS ALSO A DUMSTER FIRE would the world tour retirement parade-enjoying AD who refuses to fire him agree to retire A COUPLE MONTHS EARLY so a new AD can be hired to evaluate his coaching the scorched earth remains in 2018-19.


    More so than any of the political happenings of the past two years, even the “Obama bed wee wee” rumours (which my brain is so screwed up by actual reality now I have almost no ability to detail fact from fiction, nor for cray-cray salacious stuff, does it even really matter any more??).

    The craziest thing?? NC State has been so completely driven by institutional inertia that I could almost see it happening. It would be more embarrassing than the last days of Monteith/Turner/Les, and that is truly horrifying. So glad I don’t have money in this dumpster any longer.


    Well.. I can say this…

    For EVERYBODY who ever wondered, questioned or doubted — IF, HOW || WHEN, GOTT coached Defense OR IF the kids could learn Defense …

    NOW… We will get ALL ANSWERS over the remainder of this season.

    Get your popcorn…
    Sit back and watch the SHOW!

    Of course, this ain’t netflix…
    and the “genre of this show” has not yet been specified…

    Greek Tragedy

    at this point, your guess is as good as mine…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Frankly…we didn’t defend much better last season.

    A dumpster fire is a dumpster fire. Deck chairs on the Titanic, etc.


    Of course, this ain’t netflix…
    and the “genre of this show” has not yet been specified…

    Greek Traged

    Certainly “comedy” for UNC fans.
    Horror right now for State fans.
    Greek Tragedy is the best we can hope for (assuming it’s Gott that takes center stage).


    Gott is making DD look good. Tuesday night is looking like prostate surgery, not good.


    Gott is making DD look good. Tuesday night is looking like prostate surgery, not good.

    Funny you should say that. Earlier, in my mind’s eye, I had a vision of DD watching games (or checking scores) with increasing relief.

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