WTH Does Clemson Have To Do With…

Unless you spent your honeymoon, there, over the gala surrounding New Years of ’81/’82, it means absolutely nothing.

My new bride ( as if there was an old one ) and I, spent January 1st recouping from Prosperos Ano, at a quasi – gringo joint called “Senor Frogs” for a full day of American Football. We were patriotic.

The Huevos Rancheros were good. The Bloody Mary’s were…ok and the cerveza, better. The crowd from all corners of the globe was cool, and the bar was true to its hype about televising real football, 8ft , satellite dish style.

Clemson football won a National Championship in the Orange Bowl game sometime early evening in Mazatlan. I remember my SoCal Beach Blondie, USC Trojan honk, babe ask “Where did that come from?”

“No idea.” Said I.

I’m telling you, for me, the college football world flipped poles on that very day. Clemson had a real program. How they got there, I’ll leave up to you.

Can State win this thing Saturday, and flip the college football world over themselves? Yes. Absolutely. Ya get the right people out there, at the right time…I can see it.

Someone said in the ND game thread that the hurricane win proved nothing. I’m not quite sure what was meant, but I’m damned sure that it did prove, to the guys in pads, that they are capable of winning under extreme adversity. Don’t take that lightly. They’ve needed to see that. It was a paramount experience to become gamers. The coaching staff needed the same.

Maybe State catches Clemson thinking about a week’s honeymoon, too. Hey…There’s only a week and a half to plan and pack for the Florida Gulf Coast, ya know.


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    Unless you spent your honeymoon, there, over the gala surrounding New Years of ’81/’82, it means absolutely nothing. My new bride ( as if there was an
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    Cowdog – I agree that we can shock the world.

    The Notre Dame game was big because we beat a name opponent, with the talent to beat us and as you rightly pointed out, in challenging conditions, giving us arguably the biggest victory in DD’s tenure.

    Our key will be somehow to hold the Tigers to field goals and keep them under 30. DD’s squads have done a decent job of protecting the ball in non-hurricane conditions, and that will be critical again Saturday.

    We play a great game, they play a bad one and our staff doesn’t commit headscratchers inside the Clemson 45 and we have a shot.

    Clemson often lets less talented teams hang around. Maybe they will do that with us and their luck will run out.


    Clemson is Clempson….
    Anything is possible!
    and then… they are playing in Death Valley….

    Regardless, Mr.Dog you are on the money, our kids and coaches grew up in a big way in the rain and wind last Saturday…

    This Saturday should be another step forward, regardless of the final score.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    If naught for a field goal we’d be 5-0 right now. If we played the pie rats right now my bet is we’d blow ’em off the field. Could we have won the ND game without Matthew, not sure, but then we’ll never know. Karma building from that game though could be huge. What I see is us having a much better chance today than we had 5 weeks ago. Could be they look past us and that could be a good thing for us.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Our defense has to keep their QB in check, less he runs wild, like he did 2 years ago there. And our offense needs long sustained drives to use clock time. If we can manage those 2 things, anything is possible.


    If naught for a field goal we’d be 5-0 right now. If we played the pie rats right now my bet is we’d blow ’em off the field.

    True words-its not just who ya play, its also when ya play ’em…


    The book on Clemson is pretty clear. Execution is the key, and it ain’t easy. Clemson will try to run the TB, Wayne Gallman, and establish the run with him. They run Watson more in tight games, or on key conversion downs, or when coverage breaks down, but his number doesn’t get called a lot on isolated runs otherwise. The OC’s are far more patient than Chad Morris ever was. They’ll take the short stuff. The key is stop Gallman early and get off the field on third down. Try to force Watson to be impatient on throws. We need to press on the outside and hope the corners can hold up. Our LB’s cannot be put in bad coverage situations. Bring pressure. We’ll give up some big plays but the risk is worth the reward–hit Watson, don’t leave LB’s in coverage. Nickle is spying Watson all day, or somebody else with speed if we’re disguising coverage. Ends absolutely have to contain him.

    On offense, we have to run it well and stretch the field vertically. Clemson’s DB’s tackle well, so trying the edges with the run or the short pass as much as we do, imo, is not going to work very well. Hit them up them gut with the run. QB has to be sharp and can’t float passes in the middle of the field.


    I don’t think we can hang with Clemson or ‘Ville. Speed kills, at least US. You can’t knock us around physically, though. We will go toe to toe with ANYONE, even FSU.

    But I don’t like facing Clemson’s QB or Lamar!, and back to back weeks is awful mean.


    I wanna take a moment to say something about my ND post from last Tuesday. After hearing from friends, South and East, still today…I wish I’d never clevered that passage from the book of Matthew into something so trivial as a football game.

    Matthew’s Gospel words won’t be retired for ages upon ages…Matthew the hurricane will not be on the rotation, ever again.

    Kids at Clemson and State have big time travesties going on in their hometowns as we write. I’m keeping that in mind.


    I hate to be THAT guy but I think the only question is how much do we lose by, especially with it being in Death Valley. Right now Vegas thinks only 17 and a half though.


    Mr. Dog …. you might be … being a little hard on yourself with respect to the Matthew thing …
    We all know God has a sense of humor.

    Troll… if Vegas says -17.5, there’s a bunch of THOSE guys out there…
    you ain’t one of them.

    It’s Clempson…. it’s Death Valley, but it’s also at high noon, not 7 or 8pm…

    The Textile Bowl. HA!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Fireworks and sh#t don’t have the same juice at noon, coming off the hill.


    Cowdog – ain’t that the truth. The crowd ain’t nearly as well-oiled either

    But guess what – they do allow half-time pass-outs.


    I’m up at 3:43 am because of a crappy umpire last night at a baseball game. He missed 3-4 easy calls which costed my team 3 runs. It is a meaningless game but I have not slept and I am pissed.

    NOW, if any of you think State has a rat’s ass chance in hell of beating ClemPson then you are more insane than I am. Their defensive line will eat up State’s front, their wide outs will gain space and allow Deyshawn to do most whatever he wants to do. Dapper Dave fired the OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR after all and the 33 that ECU put up will look gentle.

    So I haven’t slept, the wife only has damn decaf in the house, Trump likes hot women, I’m going to the ClemPson game Saturday and some of you are still drinking the Flavor-aid (Jim Jones gave them Flavor-aid not Kool-aid).

    Get off of it already. Worry about something more meaningful like a home town umpire with a stange birthmark on his face and awful eyesight.

    Peace out



    Stranger things have happened in this textile bowl. I remember a few years back the tiggers came into it looking like they would give us a whoppin before half time. They got embarrassed. Most of those kids are gone. From the beginning of this season the tiggers haven’t been as good as the prognosticators thought they would be. Are they good, Oh Yes. The best in the league and they have the record to prove it. But sometimes it takes more than the talent and the record to win a game, that’s why they play ’em. Here’s the point Mac, on paper we don’t have a chance, but we just beat a team that no one gave us a chance to beat. If lightning strikes two weeks in a row we could own the best record in the league. Maybe, just maybe, the kids are listening to those who tell them they have a chance to be great, and not to those that tell them they might as well pack it in this week. That is the difference between a coach and a fan. Until Roo’s massive diva belts out the ditty I’m sticking to “we have a chance”.

    Smarter than the average bear


    I will find and eat a pair of 1982 New Balance 576s if State wins.



    What the Over/Under ?

    Realistically…. I’m seeing two “possibilities”…

    1. 65 or more… with Clempsom getting 2/3 of those…
    2. 50 or less… last team to score wins… Pack beats the spread of 17 easily…

    #1 is a 3 to 1 favorite….

    Subset of #2 — Pack Wins! odds on that – 10-15 to 1, maybe…

    At this point, as long as our Team walks off with heads up, there’s no season ending injuries, and Coach gets to give his “I’m Damn Proud of You” post game speech… I think we’ll be better than OK at the end of the season…

    That said…. Nothing would be finer than a Pack victory! I’ll always have “hope” until it’s taken away.

    Sunrise Sunday morning — 6:50am, no odds on that, just a fact.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Sunrise at 6:50, I’m not taking a line on whether or not I see it. At 62 I figure everyday past 60 is gravy. YMMV. And Mac, NB 576s would be VERY hard to find. If we win I’ll shoot you an old pair of NBs (number unknown) for you to munch on. They are one of my pairs for work shoes but I could spare ’em for that.

    Smarter than the average bear


    I want us to compete and I fully believe we can do that. If we compete, win or lose, I’ll be happy with the kids and the staff. If we come out with the deer in headlights look, I’ll be very dissapointed. I think we can hang, especially if we do something unorthodox on offense (gadgets, formations they’re not prepared for) and if we blitz and get pressure in their backfield. If we can hang for 3 quarters, anything can happen in the 4th. Cheers to Rivers and the Chargers for finishing one out last night.



    As others have said….don’t sweat it. Sometimes what seems so trivial or perhaps “Genius” (in our own minds) does not turn out that way. I took no offense to your scripture reference and thought it was a good way to get a little more “Hook”.

    NOW, having said that, I also can relate to your concerns or perhaps “invisible backlash”. I was working a hectic schedule where we were totally retooling an assembly line for a new model launch….and doing that for Ford….was worse than any government project. I was working 12 – 15 hours per day. It was my turn to teach Sunday School to a very eclectic group. OK, I got tied up and could not find a replacement early on. Saturday rolled around….18 Hours at work and I was the “Engineering Manager” responsible for both the design and the installation…..so I had NOT where to hide.

    I was exhausted when I got home….and then I got a call that there was going to be a “staff” meeting at 6:00 AM on Sunday to “review” our progress. SO much for SS lesson prep. I just crashed….On the way to the plant the next morning, I got a Brain Cramp…It was EASTER…..Why didn’t I think of this earlier….

    So, I crafted my lesson plan. God was like a football or sports coach. Things had NOT been going well and he needed to get his team fired up. Little did I know that Bobby Knight had had the SAME moment and did his infamous….”You guys are worse than my handful of feces” halftime routine.

    SO, my lesson would be that God, as our coach, so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son…..to MOTIVATE US to do better and live the life that he (God) wanted up to do. I left the staff meeting early….pulled together the standard Easter Scripture and then planned to “wing it” and get a general discussion going.

    THAT lesson plan, “Easter is a Half Time Locker Room Speech” probably lives in the HOF of the “WORST IDEA FOR A SS LESSON”. Even my wife almost got up and left. There was some discussion….mainly about connecting sports and religion and obviously all my symbolism got lost in the translation….BUT, Where I had had issues with getting folks to teach or help out…..NOW, I had unsolicited help….it actually gave me a rest….

    SO, CD, I totally understand your concern and I, as well as a lot of others, I THINK, did NOT take offense…

    On to Clemson….

    gso packbacker

    Yikes McCallum! Not sure about the meaning of this, but Robert Young hit me up via my Ouija board and suggested something about switching to Sanka. 🙂

    Time to Switch to Sanka

    On to Clemson and Death Valley, a place to where I will not return after 2008 and the most bizarre episode of my entire life. Let’s just say that it involved a well-known Alum, the Esso Club, a handgun, and whatever someone put in my drink. That aside, I do believe we have a better shot at winning this game now than I thought before the season started. Of course, all things are relative. For what it’s worth, if I was betting against the spread, I would gladly take the Pack and the 17 points.


    After the election is over, I’d like to discuss the movie rights to your “episode”…Clint Eastwood might be interested in directing.


    No. Offense at using the passage is not a concern.
    The actual scripture chosen is.
    Whod’a thunk that Matthew would indeed bring floods of Biblical proportion?

    Mac…Finley throws a beautiful, catchable ball. Those seam throws ain’t floaters. Nolan Ryanesque fastballs are not what ya really want there. It will be muy importante to own the middle Saturday.


    After the election is over

    fwiw… this “election” was over the week after the primaries ended…
    The “Market” has discounted all outcomes.
    90% or more of America won’t be “affected” by the outcome two years from now.

    The rest is just Political Entertainment, which in a backwards way is good for economy and the country…
    The Candidates and their affiliates are spending Millions and more different people are talking to more different people in ways that don’t happen every day. It’s mostly All Good.

    Which brings us back to the Clempsom game tomorrow…
    After the game, most of us will most likely say “It’s mostly All Good”.

    But know this…. There is much more uncertainty in the outcome of the football game tomorrow than in the Presidential Election.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I would like to say “Amen” to that. All I want tomorrow is for a competitive game , no blowout

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