The Irish-Catholics Prepare…But wait…

24:37-42 37 For just as the days of Noah were, so will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38 For as they were in those days before the flood, eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day in which Noah entered into the ark, 39 And they did not know that judgement was coming until the flood came and took all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

A bit dramatic, sayeth ye? No my children, not at all.

As of the 11am update from the NHC, Matthew shall visit the port city of Wilmington at around 8am; Saturday morning. The spaghetti strands are compacting for a run up the I 40 and East.

We should expect an announcement by 5:00 this evening, or no later than 9:am Wednesday. I suspect that there will be no football for C-F on Saturday.

Stay tuned….


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    24:37-42 37 For just as the days of Noah were, so will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38 For as they were in those days before the flood, eating and
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    Interesting to see what comes. Hoping for the best and wth hurricanes you just don’t know…but right now a Saturday noon kickoff does not look good.

    Just recall, last year they were forecasting an Armageddon rain event in Clemson for the game…while there was a great deal of rain, the worst case scenario was avoided and the game went off without a hitch.

    But hurricanes are a different beast. Ideally, they would move the game to Friday evening. If you’re on the coast, you can get a head start… however, I am not sure of the logistics work out for that.

    You could have game in South Bend or you could set up a tentative date for the first Saturday in December. State will likely be eligible for that in 3 weeks.

    This does present a better scenario for “planners”, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they went in that direction.

    Me, I am hoping for a Friday game as that is the preferred option for me. Work remote Friday and head to Raleigh, crash there.


    I see that both Dook and the Cheats are home on Saturday as well-point has been made that our LEOs can be much better involved in weather-related responses other than traffic control at football games for this one. Could the game(s) be moved to Sunday?


    CD, I was 8 months old when hurricane Hazel hit 20 miles from my home (it came ashore at Calabash, NC). For over 20 years people talked about that storm and it’s destruction. The only thing left standing in Myrtle Beach was the Ocean Forest Hotel which was demolished only a few years ago. By the time I was a young boy of about 6 or older you could still go places and see the remnants of that storm.

    It’s also odd that 20 years ago Fran hit and people around here still talk about that storm. I had family that were without power for up to two weeks. Hurricanes (in this case a his-i-cane … old joke from when hurricanes only had female names) are NOT to be taken lightly, and quite frankly this one scares me and I’ve rode many of them out. Preparation is the key.

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    Are you familiar with the punch line “Whats a Cubit”…if not read on….I’ll get to it….

    I was in the Fourth Grade when Hazel hit. I was in Catawba County and I still remember the rain. We had never seen that much rain (OK, to a little kid…it was a downpour). My wife lived in Vance County and she still has vivid memories of it. No power for 2 weeks. Her dad having to milk the cows (by HAND) and dump all the milk. Cow’s, to keep their milk flowing, have to be “drained”. He had no electricity (who ever heard of an emergency generator back then) for his refrigerated tanks (He was a Pine State provider). They took their chest freezer with all their winter food and carried it to the next county or wherever the “Tungsten Mine” was located. There were miners trapped inside and CP&L sent all their crews there to get them out. That also fed a service for a dairy farmer friend of his and they got to hook up the freezer to his house. My wife’s grandmother and great aunt were trapped in a car for several hours as the winds would not let them open the doors…

    FRAN….I could, as many could, tell tales….that is why I have a generator and a chain saw and lots of fuel, chains and oil. I cut out my neighbor’s driveway….the one we called the “Plantation” house and we became good friends….folks actually got to TALK to their neighbors….

    NOAH….Brings back memories. I worked at WKNC in 1963 and played Bill Cosyb’s NOAH cuts often. To paraphrase….God DID tell me to DOWNLOAD plans for an Arc this weekend. BUT, I still have issues gathering the materials needed…..the most basic one…the same one that Cosby asked….

    Build it 300 Cubits by 800 Cubits….
    Lord, Whats a Cubit?
    I need to find that on Youtube (assuming it is not banned) and play it….

    If you want some mindless entertainment, read the text here

    Or listen to it….it is hilarious….or at least it was in 1963 and it filled air time so you could take a potty break…

    Noah's Ark


    According to his…Brian Kelly has given us a 24 hour window (12pm Saturday to 12 pm Sunday) to start the game.

    He also said that Friday has not been discussed but is on the table. A conference call is set up with key parties later this afternoon. Hopefully, they book Friday. I went to Georgia tech game Saturday after fran hit and Raleigh was a warzone. I wouldn’t count on things being functional until Monday or Tuesday if Raleigh gets slapped.


    Roo, I remember that. Spent some days on the radio myself. McArthur Park and Layla were my go to potty break songs. Cosby’s best bit ever for me was 200 MPH. Hysterical. BTW I knew what a cubit was/is.

    As for the cows all too familiar with the faucets having to be turned on everyday. They tend to get most uncomfortable and inhospitable if you neglect them. Dumping it was a shame but without refrig it’s the only choice.

    The wife and I rode out hurricane David in 1979 in the house I grew up in. I wasn’t old enough to remember Hazel but my aunt told me it was close to the same, she was 18 when Hazel hit. I thought thunder claps were going to tear the roof off more than once and the wind was horrendous, it was scary. 14 inches of rain. Caved in the roof of the place my wife worked. Two idiots drowned trying to surf as it was coming in.

    Most of the prognosticators now say Matthew is due Saturday evening into Sunday. Much rather it be daytime if it’s going to hit. Prepare and stay safe everyone. Games can always be played another day.

    Smarter than the average bear


    So, are you suggesting that the Irish are too afraid to come to Raleigh and take on the Pack, so they’re appealing to a higher power to bail them out?


    NOAH….Brings back memories

    I knew some of you guys around here were old, but man, that takes the cake 😉


    Yes, those were the days. I pulled the weekend sign on shift for a country station in the Warsaw building across from the Bell Tower.

    I signed on the station and noticed a new “pot” or level control and cranked it up one Sunday AM about 5:00.

    A few minutes later the phone rang. Some cranky guy told me that our air signal was blasting his house. I told him to turn down his radio and thanked him for being a loyal listener.

    He mumbled something about Campus and said he was some sort of Doctor. I started to ask him about some recent stomach pains, but figured out his last name was Caldwell. I started looking around and figured out that Engineering had added trumpet speakers outside and a PA amp….and the new pot was the volume control, which I killed.

    True Story….my wife just reminded me…RIGHT !


    5pm NHC has walked back the timing to 2pm. Wilmington still puts out the welcome mat, and Raleigh is still well within the cone.

    Only we could throw an anniversary party like this.


    Well, the committee met and big shock, they have not yet communicated a decision (if they have one.)


    When I was a freshman in 1976, it seems like I heard that up until that time, it had never rained in Carter Stadium on a game day.


    Cosby’s Noah story was good…

    but there were better ones…

    Buck-Buck comes to mind….

    Then Richard Pryor took all that to a whole other level of conversation.

    Off stage antics notwithstanding, Both were classic in their own way in their own time.


    Matthew is going to muck up the start of oyster season (Oct 15) bigtime regardless of how close or where…. Bummer BigTime….

    And it’s 50/50 who gets the worse…
    East Side gets rain and floods
    West Side get rain and tornados…
    Both get the Wind.

    Ya’ll might want to come on down here to the beach… idk….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Damn, Bill. I wasn’t thinking straight at all. There’s already been enough rain to influence the salties This will be horrible!

    Here I am talkin’ football…


    Well, oyster’s being damaged is bad!

    As for the game, looking at the models I have some hope that the game will take place. Of course, that can and will change.

    I have seen the unpredictable behavior of these enough in my years to realize that they even up to 12 hours beforehand, it’s still a bit of a crapshoot. Heck, I was in school and stayed up much of that night waiting for Hugo to hammer Raleigh, it went farther west and hammered Charlotte instead. A similar situation happened with Fran.


    But vice versa…I was in Winston and Raleigh got hammered.


    Do I really need to order a battery powered radio off Amazon and shit? FUCK me. What if if I can’t watch my football this weekend?? Boooooo


    So, are you suggesting that the Irish are too afraid to come to Raleigh

    god helps those who can’t help themselves…
    A.Lincoln — sorta

    The luck of the Irish?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Thing is, it’s one helluva decision to make. I say go old school, and go for it.

    ND won’t be leaving ’til about noon(Central) Friday, anyway.

    Screw ’em. We can get a couple ten thousand to make it to C-F.
    Might even have 1500 or more come back after halftime.


    I may be wrong on the ancedote….but Greg Fishel’s wife (Greg has been at WRAL since 1981) called him when Fran was hammering or coming in to Raleigh….and said…”Greg, have you stepped outside the studio and looked around…..”. THAT pretty much summed up Fran. We decided to weather Fran in the bonus room rather than the master bedroom as there were more trees on the bedroom side of the house. Had two glasses or more of wine and never were bothered by the sounds. Had enough pines down in the front yard to build Elvis’ Birthplace as a MIL suite….and enough yard trash to compost all the natural areas at the PNC and CF.

    Gonna stock up on ehtanol free fuel for the genny and HOPE that all my emergency preparedness gear is for naught.

    Also spraying down the shoes and rain pants with Scotch Guard and getting out the LL Bean ducks for Saturday’s game. Don’t think that I have ever sat through a game where a Hurricane was coming through….so will add that to my Unplanned Bucket List items.

    REAL FB fans would say….NOON it is …..NOON it will be. I understand BK’s issues. They have to roll out the OTR ND Football rig(s) and the drop dead on them is probably noon, Thursday to ensure they get here and set up at CF. Otherwise, it is a chartered 737 Cargo and all the politicians have them now outfitted with more electronic gizmo’s than Star Trek had…


    I remember going to the Georgia Tech game the day after Fran blew through in September, 1996. It was a numbskull thing to play that game, but that’s the risk you take when you buy football tickets nowadays. Call off a Saturday noon game being shown on ABC? Are you kidding me?

    I also remember Hazel in October, 1954. If this storm is anything like Hazel, and hits here Saturday morning, this game won’t be played because no one will be able to stand up on the field, if they even make it there.

    Talk about another way the Pack can get blown off the field…………..


    Prayer works….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Actually the forecast is looking better now. However, there is definitely a back and forth with these things. It seems to change significantly each update.


    Get this…. Friday isnt an option because a canes game.

    Of course, demarest left out that it’s a preseason game that a) doesn’t count and B) will probably have 5k show up.

    That, my friends is ncsu athletics. B-slapped by a lousy pre-season hockey game.

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