Wolfpack Signing Day


It’s Spring Signing Day for the Pack and here is the list of the 2016 football commits.

Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Hometown High School/Last School
Dylan Autenrieth* TE 6-4 225 Dallas, Ga. North Paulding HS
Bryce Banks* CB 6-2 184 Columbia, Mo. Rock Bridge HS
Kendall Brown OT 6-4 265 Jacksonville, Fla. Trinity Christian Academy
Kollin Byers OL 6-4 250 Shelby, N.C. Crest HS
Justin Chase OT 6-6 285 Chesapeake, Va. Great Bridge HS
Bryce Dixon* TE 6-3 210 Angier, N.C. Green Hope HS
Bryce Folsom* OL 6-4 263 Alpharetta, Ga. Chattahoochee HS
Ben ‘Shug’ Frazier DT 6-2 321 Buford, Ga. Buford HS
Harrison Gee OL 6-3 278 Burlington, N.C. Walter M. Williams HS
JJ Givens CB 6-2 174 Mechanicsville, Va. Atlee HS
Kelvin Harmon WR 6-3 196 Palmyra, N.J. Palmyra HS
Connor Haskins* PK 5-8 176 Lumberton, N.C. Lumberton HS/UNC Pembroke
Garrett Hooker* LB 6-2 247 High Point, N.C. Ledford HS
Tim Kidd-Glass S 6-0 206 Danville, Va. George Washington HS
Nick McCloud CB 6-2 175 Rock Hill, S.C. South Pointe HS
Brock Miller LB 6-4 210 Port St. Lucie, Fla. John Carroll Catholic HS
Thaddeus Moss TE 6-4 247 Charlotte, N.C. Millard Creek HS
Dylan Parham* QB 6-4 210 Raleigh, N.C. Southeast Raleigh HS
David Pierson* LB 6-0 223 Wendell, N.C. Corinth Holders/Jireh Prep
C.J. Riley WR 6-5 188 Coconut Creek, Fla. North Broward Prep
Thomas Ruocchio TE 6-4 230 Raleigh, N.C. Cardinal Gibbons HS
Joe Sculthorpe OL 6-2 290 Hampstead, N.C. Topsail HS
Isaiah Stallings S 6-4 205 Fayetteville, N.C. Terry Sanford HS
Daeshawn Stephens WR 6-2 205 Durham, N.C. Hillside HS
Matt Stevens* LB 6-0 212 Charlotte, N.C. Hough HS
James Valdez CB 6-0 189 Orangeburg, S.C. Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS
Justin Witt* OT 6-6 290 New Lenox, Ill. Lincoln-Way West HS


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      It’s Spring Signing Day for the Pack and here is the list of the 2016 football commits. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Hometown High School/Last School Dyla
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    Happy to get a 4 star wide receiver. We really needed one. Thaddeus Moss is going to be really good as well.


    On the surface, signing day looks a little disappointing. Now, I know in football that the star rankings are more guess work than in basketball, but what I do know is that more 4* and 5* recruit increases your chance of having 4* and 5* players.

    I know we picked up Thad Moss and the 4* wideout, but I’m generally disappointed otherwise.


    If and when High Point University gets a football program I imagine this is what their commitment list will look like.


    If and when High Point University gets a football program I imagine this is what their commitment list will look like.

    Would the poster care to say the same, in person, to the new guys in Red & White?

    I can set that up, you know.


    Fergus and PackofMac, DD had been a solid recruiter. His first couple classes when he could promise playing time were very good. Without that much to promise, except maybe at certain positions, he still brought in a class rated in the top 50. Not great but solid. Look at O Brian’s last two classes. In the 60s or 70’s I think. If this can be the low end of DD’s recruiting, we will be a top 35 team year in and year out. Stay that solid, and recruits take notice and then you make a climb into a top 25 year after year, make another climb and the team would be where we all dream they would be. Duke’s class came in about 30 this year and I think it speaks to the reputation that was slowly built there. I believe DD will do the same. Unfortunately that other team, whether from name recognition, or the fact you don’t have to take classes, never needs a great effort to get a good haul. We will always have to out work them.
    This year we are a bit behind Louisville but better than VT, VA, Maryland (yea I know), Syracuse, WF, GT and BC. Oh and ECU was way down the list at 87. If (maybe if should be capitalized) this is our low end then we will do very well. If it’s a beginning of a downward trend, then we are in trouble. But looking at the energy DD puts into recruiting, I think we are good. If the QB play is solid this year we are going to surprise some teams.


    P.S. I was looking at Scout. Luke DeCock was looking at 247 composite which had Duke above UNC and NCSU 9th in ACC. None the less, I think the class was solid. Need a good season and a good haul of recruits next year to keep it going.


    Let me start by saying that I’d prefer my comment not be associated with “High Point University” comment. My comment was not nearly so extreme.

    I don’t believe this recruiting class is make or break for the football program, but I would have hoped that we would have gotten a little more 4* talent (maybe even a 5*) to continue the momentum established by recruiting over the last couple of years.

    I know that with our current backfield that there wasn’t going to be a big runningback haul, but I would have thought the potential playing time at WR and in the defensive secondard would have been a nice draw.


    Would the poster care to say the same, in person, to the new guys in Red & White?

    I can set that up, you know.

    Funny, I bet the young men who have signed with us would be much more respectful and gracious toward ‘fans’ than those same ‘fans’ might be toward them.


    You can never tell what a high school recruit is gonna do in college, because sometimes they are better, and sometimes not as good. Regardless of the star level. So I will be fair, and see how our class of recruits pan out, before I speak negatively toward their capabilities. Go Pack!


    Happy with class. No defections.

    A couple really nice late pick ups and held onto Brock.

    Solid class.

    And thanks dog – no need to insult the guys who did sign. Its a nice balanced class that is addressing some areas of need.


    Uh…I usually wait so I might speak positively of their play.

    Guess it’s me.

    gso packbacker

    Sheesh, I’d love to see a top 10 class and truckload of top-rated recruits too, but it ain’t happening and I’m not all bent out of shape about it either. Maybe it’s because I’m approaching fifty.

    Either way, I’m a big fan and I have the same biases you all do about how top coaches and players should flock to “my school” because of how great it is/can be.

    Before anyone accuses me of accepting mediocrity, that’s not the case. However, if you look at how we’ve performed over the past 20 years, our program is generally a top 50 school. Historical Rankings. So, take a moment and look at the list of schools in the top 30 and think about what school holds a greater draw in football. I can readily debate these rankings, but think about if your kid was a top talent and you had no allegiances. Would you undoubtedly rate NC State above those top 30 schools?

    Given our performance this past year and where we are, I think our recruiting class ranking is about what I would expect.

    Bottom line, I imagine our Recruiters have to work pretty darn hard selling against those schools.


    I’ll take a 3 Star player who works his ass off over a 4 or 5 Star slacker any day. I believe those are the guys DD is bringing in 🙂


    Thanks for putting this group of signees in perspective. We all want Top 25 instantly, but building up State’s cache takes time. Despite what a great place us fans and alumni think about NC State and the experience of going to college in Raleigh, high school kids today, especially the young men playing football have other ideas.

    IMHO, Mike O’Cain was a good guy and coach but facilities had fallen way behind others in the conference and not sure what kind of budget he had to work with. Chuck Amato got the money raised for all the improvements and could recruit (too bad many of them couldn’t find a classroom or stay out of trouble). Unfortunately, we found out his in-game coaching ability left much to be desired (Maybe B Bowden was doing more than we thought.). Tom O’Brien was the only coach I know of who wasn’t using State as a spring-board for another job. He did a good job for the most part, won some games. Biggest issue was he quit recruiting. Dave Doren has a good shot at making it – good facilities; reasonable budget; University in general cresting on a big wave of positive publicity. Lets hope this years recruits can contribute like previous classes have.

    NCSU class of '76
    Jacksonville, FL


    NCSU class of ’76

    ^76 was a damn fine class of men and women….
    right… Mr. Dog ??


    As for football recruiting…. I know more about the local guys that didn’t get a shot at our level… some are better football players now… but there’s a reason they’re headed to Wofford or ECU or the Navy (not the Academy)…

    The kids that are coming… will all be humbled at their teammates’ talents and attitude, some will step up, some won’t… number of stars don’t matter a whole lot over four or five years…

    that’s the way it works,
    as long as the “trend” is up…
    we’ll be good…..

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    How the team does on the field next year will go a long way in determining how 2017 recruiting turns out. And I think on field results are going to depend a lot on the play of our new QB. I will be interested to see in the spring game how Jalan and Jakobi play, although Jalan should have a significant edge in experience alone. I know we have lots of weapons on offense, but we need a QB who can run the show nonetheless.


    The staff did a good job to get two very good offensive players in late (and keep everyone in a solid class), and we made some staff moves that should also help overall. But yeah, we have to show a quality, attractive on-field product to get the mojo working long-term.


    NC State sports: Solid


    Ok, just so I don’t make anyone mad, let me state, the following is NOT a reflection on any of the individual players that were recruited in the 2016 class. I’m sure a number of them are going to turn out to be fine football players, and I agree that in a lot of cases character and drive mean more to college football success than raw talent does…however…

    I’d like to illustrate why I’m a little disappointed by this recruiting class…(btw, my numbers are the EPSN ranking numbers, please forgive me if you prefer someone else’s rankings, but I think my point carries regardless)

    – In the 2015 class, we signed 4 4* players (Frasier, Hines, Roseboro, and McGirt), and 16 3* players
    – In the 2014 class, we signed 5 4* players (Street, Richardson, Vincent, McClendon, and Jones), and 25 3* players

    But, in the 2016 class, we signed 1 4* player (Moss), and 21 3* players

    I believe that great football players want to play with great football players, and that if we want to get 5* recruits, we have to recruit more 4* guys.

    And again, I agree that * rating for football have a significant voodoo factor to them, but, I’m willing to bet a higher % of 5* recruits become great football players than 4*, and even fewer (% wise) 3* player become great players…

    And, no, I don’t need to be told that Russel Wilson was a 3* recruit and Mike Glennon was a 4*. I understand.


    Always an uphill battle for the Pack. This freshman class is not the biggest concern for the future of DD and the Pack. It’s going to be what the next QB does. If he’s a flop, look for a transition from solid 2016 class to mediocre 2017 class and continuing spiral downward.


    Fergus, I get your point because in general, the team with the best players wins. Looking at several rankings, we had several borderline 3/4 guys and Moss was not our best. That D lineman and the new receiver both look to be better. My counter point was, with less playing time to offer, it looks like DD did a solid job. And, I see the consensus above is, the product on the field needs to start looking better, to keep and build on the momentum. I don’t think this class really lost ground as compared to the other two.
    I expect next year’s defense to be very strong. We lose Rose – great but we have equal guys filling his spot, and two D backs. Those guys were solid but as much as the backfield was complained about, the experience of another year for the rest of the squad, and more height coming in, hopefully the backfield will improve. Everyone else returns.
    Unless we have a disaster in the QB situation – Coach13 – more than one guy flops – The offense also will be solid. I’m worried as much about the O-line as the QB. We lost 3 starters there. And a TE.
    Go Pack


    ^ Well, I certainly agree that a 9 or 10 win season would cure a lot of ills, and probably help recruiting too.


    Recruiting always goes up in year 1 of a coaching change. It tails off afterwards, particularly if it’s not perceived that the coach is breaking through. This “spoil” or lack thereof is as much to do with year 1 + year 3 as it is with just the fact that we’re in year 3 and are regressing back to the natural norm.

    I feel like there were tiers in the conference:
    – Top 15, a cut above: FSU, Clemson, ND
    – Second tier: Miami (quality not quantity, watch them join the first bucket next year), UNC
    – Muddled middle: Duke/Pitt as surprises, VT, State, UVA, Louisville
    – Other: WF, Syracuse, BC, GT
    In our tier, it feels like they’re all about the same. It’s up to the staffs to integrate the players, retain them, develop them, etc.. That’s what will cause any real differentiation.

    I think we recruited to need. I’d have liked to have seen a couple of more highly ranked LBs and DBs, but otherwise the class lines up with needs. That’s important.

    Recruiting clearly matters in college sports. I do think that football is less exact and predictive than basketball.

    I’m fine with the class. It hits needs. It’s about what I’d expect given the year and our on field performance. If it doesn’t improve, DD is probably not going to make it long term, but I’m sure he knows it too. If 1/3rd the conference (and three of which you have to play every year) clearly recruits better, it’s going to be hard to ever get beyond about 5-3 in the league.

    Counter point: Going 8-4 (5-3) trends towards our high water mark for our program. If you look at resources, investments, etc., then that may be fine.


    You want to see something that is really telling? Go to TOS and look at the posting “This has To Stop”. It list the top 50 North Carolina players and how they bolted to schools out of state. There are a lot of 5 and 4 star players in the state this year that I was not aware of. That tells the story.

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