#4 NC State Wrestling caps off historic regular season winning at #2 Iowa

The NC State Wrestling team went on the road tonight to Iowa to face the 2nd ranked Hawkeyes in the NWCA (National Wrestling Coaches Association) Dual Series. The team, 22-1 during the season, walked into Carver Hawkeye Arena as an underdog. They walked out of Carver Hawkeye Arena 23-1 after they beat the previously undefeated Hawkeyes 21-17. The closest match the Hawkeyes had this year was a ten point victory over Nebraska, another team the Wolfpack beat.

Here are the scores from tonight:

125 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) over Sean Fausz (North Carolina State) (MD 15-5)
133 Cory Clark (Iowa) over Jamal Morris (North Carolina State) (Dec 9-3)
141 Kevin Jack (North Carolina State) over Brody Grothus (Iowa) (TF 18-3 7:00)
149 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Beau Donahue (North Carolina State) (MD 13-4)
157 Thomas Gantt (North Carolina State) over Edwin Cooper, Jr. (Iowa) (MD 13-5)
165 Max Rohskopf (North Carolina State) over Patrick Rhoads (Iowa) (Dec 6-3)
174 Alex Meyer (Iowa) over Nicky Hall (North Carolina State) (Dec 4-2)
184 Pete Renda (North Carolina State) over Sammy Brooks (Iowa) (Dec 7-3)
197 Nathan Burak (Iowa) over Michael Boykin (North Carolina State) (Dec 9-4)
285 Nick Gwiazdowski (North Carolina State) over Sam Stoll (Iowa) (Inj. 3:13)

Here are some highlights from Twitter:

Also, there is an Iowa wrestling blog that posted up previews and predictions, and then had the results in the comments. Needless to say, there were some not too happy campers up in Iowa.

Congrats to the wrestling team! Good luck to the team in the ACC Championships in early March!

One more note. This picture truly does tell the whole story.

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    The NC State Wrestling team went on the road tonight to Iowa to face the 2nd ranked Hawkeyes in the NWCA (National Wrestling Coaches Association) Dual
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    That’s pretty awesome! Great win on the road.

    Great hire by Yow as well. This one looked great from the beginning.


    That’s awesome.
    Sure wish they could get a do-over vs VT.


    Another update:

    Wolfpack beats Hawkeyes


    I truly don’t understand what’s going on when I watch the highlights. But I’m so happy to updated and know about Pack wins. So is this the end of the season? Or is there a tourney or something?

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    Winning at Iowa in wrestling is like winning at UCLA in basketball between ’65-’75. College wrestling was a lot of fun to watch when I was at State. We were ACC contenders, but never national powers. This team clearly has a shot at a NATTY this year.


    Wow, I thought we were hard on our teams. I read the comments in the Iowa open thread.

    So, they were #2 in the country and undefeated, and lost a close match to the #4 team in the country (it was closer than the final score indicated because of the default in GWiz’s match), and they are calling for their coaches head.

    Different world, I guess.


    According to tweet sent out from wrestling team’s twitter feed last night, Pack is the first to ever defeat both Iowa and Okie State on the road in the same season. Makes sense as most don’t come away from either place with a W, let alone both.

    Nicely done.


    Wow! Can these guys play basketball?

    gso packbacker

    Thoroughly enjoyed “watching” the match last night via twitter updates since I wasn’t able to get the audio feed. A sweet ending regardless, but even more after the VT match. ACC and NCAA Tourneys coming up and hopefully this gives us a little extra confidence boost.


    Wow, I thought we were hard on our teams

    Coach Brands kept mentioning the “small” crowd, which was a little over 6,000 🙂 That crowd started leaving early.

    All the pre-match articles and posts I read gave me the impression that Iowa thought they should be wrestling for the championship, and really didn’t give State much credit.

    (it was closer than the final score indicated because of the default in GWiz’s match)

    Gwiz was on a mission again, and he was up 10-1 at the time of the default. I think he would have scored at least a tech fall, and possibly pinned the guy.


    ^ Oh, I think it was a forgone conclusion that we were going to win as soon as GWiz got on the mat, but chances are the margin would have been smaller.


    State is now ranked #2. Outstanding! VT is #3, and Iowa drops to #4.


    Wow!! I don’t believe in upsets in wrestling and track and field/ cross country. Great job by the team great hire by Yow. I don’t have a problem with paying a guy like this something equivalent to his quality.


    A big win to start the week, now on to the BB game, may we dismantle the holes, in the PNC.


    This is worth a share. 15,000 watching an online wrestling match is pretty impressive. I wish video of the Iowa match had been available via GoPack.


    Sacco V is a selfless man that got this section rollin’ from the very start.

    Thank you. Don’t let up.

    gso packbacker

    Excellent point. Really appreciate the work Sacco put into the match previews. Really helped me out and was a great way of stay more “involved” in an incredible year for the team.

    GoPack access has a nice video of Pop talking to the team at Iowa that I highly recommend. Gives you a good idea of his style and the kind of relationship he has with his team.


    Methinks I might drive up from Georgia to watch a match.

    Nice to see some winners in a school of losers.


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    The duals are all done. The ACC tourney is in Charlottesville, VA next Sunday, March 5. Then the NCAA tourney is Mar. 17-19.

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