Baseball: On The Road at Wake

Wolfpack Baseball hits the road to Winston-Salem this weekend to take on the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest (26-21, 11-13 ACC).

The Pack9 made the most of their home cooking, as they come off of a 6-1 homestand which saw the Pack (27-18, 11-12 ACC) take series vs ACC foe UVa and OOC against Longwood to up their NCAAT resume. With Tuesday’s OOC win over Campbell, State currently sports a six game winning streak, matching its longest of the ’15 season.

As they head toward the end of the regular season, State hopes to keep the positive momentum going and improve its less than stellar (hee hee) road record of 4 wins against 12 losses this weekend against Wake, before welcoming possible national seed contender Louisville to Raleigh next weekend to wrap things up.

Currently sporting an RPI of #52, good showings on the road at Wake(#73 RPI) this weekend, and then next weekend at home vs Louisville(#13 RPI), will go a long way toward getting the Pack on the correct side of the NCAAT bubble. Not to mention keeping Wake (and GT and VT) at bay, and (hopefully) getting themselves up and over Clemson and/or Notre Dame in the standings, and thus out of the play-in game seeds 7-10 for the ACCT.

Current ACCT Seedings

  1. Louisville 21-3
  2. Miami 19-8
  3. FSU 16-8
  4. Carolina 13-10
  5. Notre Dame 12-12
  6. Clemson 13-13
  7. NC State 11-12
  8. Virginia Tech 12-14
  9. Georgia Tech 11-13
  10. Wake 11-13

    UVa 10-14
    Boston College 9-17

For a reminder on how the ACC Baseball Tournament is seeded, as well as the overall format, go here.

Carolina travels to ND this weekend for 3, then hosts UVa next weekend to finish things up.
Clemson is out of conference this weekend, then finishes up with 3 at FSU next weekend.
Notre Dame hosts Carolina for 3 this weekend, then travels to BC for 3 next weekend.
VT is idle this weekend, then travels to Pitt next weekend.
GT hosts Pitt this weekend, then travels to Miami.
UVa, which is still hanging on to a glimmer of ACCT life, but just barely, needs to do some damage vs Duke and then at Carolina.

ACC Standings

Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Louisville 21-3-0 .875 38-11-0 .776
Florida State 16-8-0 .667 36-14-0 .720
Clemson 13-13-0 .500 25-24-0 .510
Notre Dame 12-12-0 .500 30-18-0 .625
NC State 11-12-0 .478 27-18-0 .600
Wake Forest 11-13-0 .458 26-21-0 .553
Boston College 9-17-0 .346 24-24-0 .500
Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Miami 19-8-0 .704 35-13-0 .729
North Carolina 13-10-0 .565 31-16-0 .660
Virginia Tech 12-14-0 .462 26-24-0 .520
Georgia Tech 11-13-0 .458 30-17-0 .638
Virginia 10-14-0 .417 27-18-0 .600
Duke 7-16-0 .304 27-19-0 .587
Pitt 6-18-0 .250 16-29-0 .356


Games Schedule at Wake Forest

  • Friday 5/8, 6pm
  • Saturday 5/9, 4pm
  • Monday 5/11, 7pm – TV: ESPNU*

* Note that the finale of the Wake series is MONDAY, not Sunday. It will be the featured game on ESPNU Monday evening at 7pm.


Emily Weiman

Special Shoutout to the Ladies

Wolfpack Softball advanced to the ACCT Semis by winning their 9th straight game on Thursday, defeating Louisville by a final score of 3-2. Senior pitcher Emily Weiman struck out six Lady Cardinals, and in so doing set the NCSU Softball single season strikeout record with 290 (and counting).

The Ladies face top seeded FSU in the semis on Friday at 1pm. The game is scheduled to be televised on the RSNs. The winner will face the winner of the other semifinal (Carolina/Pitt – Friday, 3:30pm) on Saturday.

Good Luck Ladies!!!

And in other baseball news, Carlos Rodon takes the hill in ChiTown Saturday for his first MLB start.

Unless you live in Chicago (WGN) or Cincinnati (FSOH), you’ll probably need to find a pirated stream (or subscribe to MLB Extra Innings) if you want to watch it live.

Go Pack!!!

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    Wolfpack Baseball hits the road to Winston-Salem this weekend to take on the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest (26-21, 11-13 ACC). The Pack9 made the most
    [See the full post at: Baseball: On The Road at Wake]


    Keymaster, Wufpacker sorry to do this way. Could not figure out how to send direct message. Football schedule dates are wrong. Sunday! Just FYI. Please delete after received! Thanks.


    Need to win at least 2 of 3 this weekend and then just don’t get swept by Louisville to have a good shot at making the NCAA. But forget that, let’s try to go no worse than 4-2 over the last 6 games. They are playing well lately. In the last few games, they have done better at manufacturing runs. I saw some good sacrifices against Longwood and Campbell. That will be needed throughout the duration of the year. It was good to beat Campbell (heck anyone) in a no doubt no sweat type of game. Haven’t had that in a while.

    Good luck to the ladies as well.

    Wufpacker, not sure if you saw this but I was watching 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime the other night and they had on a clip about the Cape Cod League. In it, one of the main players interviewed was Jake Fincher. Cool stuff.


    Very cool indeed, ruffles. I always thought that when I eventually do my weeks/month(s) long road trip taking in as many MLB and MiLB parks as possible, complete with the Winnebago and such of course, catching a few Cape Cod games would be a fun sidetrip as well, mostly because of the atmosphere I’d been told about at those games.

    Looks very fun.


    Incidentally, the Ladies took an early 3-0 lead today vs FSU in the semis, but ultimately they couldn’t make it stand up as the top seeded ‘Noles exploded in the late innings to make the difference in an 11-4 final.

    They’ll now await their NCAAT draw.


    Pack currently waxing the Deacs 13-1 with a 10-spot (so far) in the 7th…


    Pack sends 17 to the plate in the 7th, 13 of them score…including four on this Preston Palmeiro grand slam…

    Pack up 16-1 at the stretch in W-S.


    19-1 final in W-S, Pack takes game one with authoritah, extends winning streak to 7.


    When there was:

    The Alaskan Panhandle League

    The Cape Cod League

    …And the REAL Shenandoah Valley League…

    That was where you saw the best night in and night out. Three leagues, 30 some towns.

    Curses to the watered down versions all over the map.


    A somewhat different animal, but I’m going to miss the AZ Fall League again this year. Always enjoyed it more than spring training.


    I forgot to mention that overshadowed by the Pack’s offensive outburst tonight, freshman starter Brian Brown had a stellar-ish outing tonight going 6 innings, giving up 1 run on 4 hits, K’ing 6 and walking only 1…upping his record to 5-3 and dropping his ERA to 2.03. Kid’s gonna be a gamer. Orwig finished things out with 3 scoreless innings.

    Palmeiro had 2 additional RBI’s aside from the grand slam btw, upping his total on the yr to 47. He also scored 3 times. The grand slam was his 7th HR of the year. Riley and Shepard the elder both had 4 RBI’s on 3 hit nights.

    The only starters to not hit safely tonight were Ratledge and Dunand, but both reached twice on BB’s, and Rat reached a 3rd time when he got plunked.

    Would have been a fun away game to go to, and I almost did. Still considering going tomorrow, but am a tad worried the baseball gods will decide to level the karma tomorrow.

    As an aside, Fincher had an RBI on a bases loaded squeeze turned bunt single. Cool as shit. 🙂


    If you win Game 1 by 18, the losing team should have to forfeit the remainder of the series. A slaughter rule of sorts.


    PIR, are you proposing just totaling up the runs from the series and let that be who wins the series. I like that thought process!

    Smarter than the average bear


    But only when we’re the ones on the right side of the 18 run handicap 😉


    The Wolpfack thing to do would be to lose at least one of the last two games 2-1 or 3-2 now. Perhaps even both.


    ^^ Naturally. It wouldn’t be an unthoughtout, biased comment if it went both ways.


    Clutch (although they tried to make it interesting with two plunked batters in a row). Based on stats, looks like Britt had a solid game, to: 7IP 5H 2R 1ER 6SO 1BB. Good stuff. And in a show of consistency, all three pitchers hit a batter.


    BJD called the 1 run game, fortunately the good guys were on the right side of it. 8Th straight win, ACC record back above .500 (13-12).

    Pack goes for the road sweep Monday in primetime if Ana says it’s OK.


    Bring your brooms to the ballpark boys and girls.


    Rpi is up to 43. Another win and even winning only 1 if 3 would put the rpi in the 30s


    When there was:

    The Alaskan Panhandle League

    The Cape Cod League

    …And the REAL Shenandoah Valley League…

    That was where you saw the best night in and night out.

    Back in the day… The Carolina League saw as many future major leaguers as these, I suspect…

    As a kid growing up in the Sock Capital of the World, we rode our bikes to old Fairchild Park where the “Indians” played the “Yankees” and the others…

    And North Carolina “baseball historians” will attest that in the 1940s there were as many as 50-60 semipro teams located around the Old North State …

    Back before Basketball became King …

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Pack baseball coming on strong. I am eyeing a 5 seed in the ACCT. Hoping the wins keep coming.


    ^ Pack has the #5 seed currently. A win tomorrow and we keep sole possession of it (1/2 game back of ND for #4), a loss and we drop into a 3 way tie with Clemson and Carolina for 5th. 4th and 5th are essentially interchangeable and we’re not likely catching the top 3 (mathematically, we could theoretically overtake FSU for #3 if we win tomorrow and sweep ‘Ville, and FSU gets swept at home by Clemson and BC sweeps ND…so yeah, unlikely).

    With the pool format of the tourney, you take your chances either way facing ‘Ville, or both FSU and Miami. The biggest thing continuing to win does is up the RPI and give us the best shot at not falling past #6 and avoiding the play-ins.

    So with ‘Ville coming into town next weekend, winning tomorrow is important.


    A win tonight is very important-looks like we would have a head-to-head tie-breaker for final ACCT seeding over Wake, UVA, and Clemson and lose out to ND (who broomed the Cheats, LOL) and the Cheats. Don’t know about GT and VT-Go Pack!


    Nice sweep of WF. 9-6 in a rain delayed game.

    State set a team record tonight. 6 HBP. Our staff plunked more hitters than Wake had hits (6-5).

    9 game winning streak. At just the right time.

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