Pack9 Walks Off…Twice

After a Friday loss (8-3 final) and a Saturday rain out, Wolfpack Baseball found themselves in need of a doubleheader sweep on Sunday to take this weekend’s all important series vs UVa.

But at Doak Field on Sunday, there was little if any sunshine to be had. It was damp and it was cold. And there was even a smattering of leftover rain now and again. But for the sparse crowd(s) on hand, most will be unlikely to remember the weather details and will instead recall the day they were treated to not one, but two walk off HR wins by their beloved Pack9.

In game one, the Pack jumped on the board early as they strung together 4 hits in the first frame, including 3 doubles. They would end up touching UVa starter Brandon Waddell for 3 first inning runs en route to an early 3-0 lead.

But Waddell settled in after that and began retiring Wolfpack batters like he was social security. Not only would the Pack not score again until the 9th inning, but they wouldn’t muster another hit.

Meanwhile, UVa batters were patient. In the middle innings they began to chip away at the lead, tying the game at 3 in the 7th.

To begin the Pack’s half of the 9th, Joe Dunand went down swinging and Jake Armstrong grounded out to short, and it looked as if extra innings were in the cards. But Bubby Riley, pinch hitting for Evan Mendoza, had other thoughts.

After he worked ‘Hoos reliever Tommy Doyle into a favorable 2-0 count, this happened…


It was Riley’s first homer, and only his 3rd extra base hit of the season. But who’s counting? (aside from me, that is).

Will Gilbert (1-1) got the win in relief for the Pack, going 3.0 scoreless innings, giving up just 1 hit, K’ing 4 and walking just 1.

So, what would the Pack9 do for an encore? Pretty much the same thing.

In the nightcap, the Pack grabbed the early lead in the 3rd on a Preston Palmeiro 2 run shot, his 6th of the season and 3rd of the week.

But UVa would bounce back in their half of the 5th as shaky Pack pitching and defense (and what appeared to be a badly blown call at the plate) would give them a 3-2 lead.

Jake ‘The Take’ Armstrong’s pinch hit bases loaded walk would knot the score at 3 in the 8th, but the Pack would fail to plate anymore runs, leaving the bases loaded.

Tommy DeJuneas

Tommy DeJuneas

Fortunately, Tommy DeJuneas seems to have re-found his rhythm, and he managed to keep UVa’s batters off balance, and off the scoreboard, the rest of the way.

In the Pack’s half of the 10th inning, Ryne Willard opened things up by singling thru the left side. Shane Shepard followed him with a really effective at bat (IMHO), eventually going down on strikes but making UVa reliever Alec Bettinger burn 9 pitches on him as Joe Dunand timed him from the on deck circle.

When Dunand stood in he got ahead in the count early, and then…


Dunand with the walk off.

Dunand with the walk off.

For the freshman Dunand it was his 5th HR of the year. His 32nd and 33rd RBI’s are good for 2nd on the team trailing only Preston Palmeiro (41).

Tommy DeJuneas would notch the win, going 4.0 scoreless innings in relief, scattering 3 hits and 3 walks.  His 7 K’s were a career high for the freshman.

Déjà Doak! Two #Pack9 Walk-Offs Clinch Series (

With today’s doubleheader sweep, State takes the series from Virgina and runs their record to 23-18, 11-12 ACC. With 10 games to go, 6 in conference, the Wolfpack needs to keep the momentum going.

It’s exam week this coming week, so the Pack9 has no mid-week OOC game this week. They go OOC this weekend though when they next return to action on Friday at 7:30pm as they welcome the Lancers of Longwood University to town for a 3 game series at the Doak.

Go Pack!!!

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    After a Friday loss (8-3 final) and a Saturday rain out, Wolfpack Baseball found themselves in need of a doubleheader sweep on Sunday to take this wee
    [See the full post at: Pack9 Walks Off…Twice]


    Nice writeup. Being out of town stunk for missing the twinbill yesterday. But…

    Think about what the baseball team did today in the of not one but two must win games.

    1. State had not had a walk off win since Game 1 of the Super Regional against Rice. Let that settle in. No walk off victories in 2014 (big reason they didn’t make the NCAA).

    No walk off wins this year either…until today.

    2. State was 0-6 in one run games this year.

    3. State had lost 8 of their last 12.

    Congrats Pack9!

    Let’s have this start a streak.


    If season ended today type stuff…

    With the DH sweep and series win, Pack reclaimed the 7th seed and would still face UVa in one of the play in games. Wake/GT are now tied for the 8th seed, but I didn’t bother to figure their tiebreaker because they’d still play one another in the other play in game.

    Carolina’s sweep of BC makes them the big winner of the weekend as they move up to the 4th seed, jumping Clemson and ND. BC dropped from the 8th seed to out of the field.

    Miami and FSU are now tied for 2nd best ACC record overall, but again no tiebreaker necessary as the ‘Canes would automatically take 2nd seed as Coastal winner.

    Current ACCT seedings…

    1. Louisville 19-2
    2. Miami 16-8
    3. FSU 16-8
    4. Carolina 13-10
    5. Clemson 12-11
    6. Notre Dame 12-12
    7. NC State 11-12
    8. Wake 11-13
    9. Georgia Tech 11-13
    10. UVa 10-14

    Virginia Tech 9-13
    Boston College 9-14


    Great to see some good Pack news once in a while. Thanks.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Can someone smarter than me explain why Piedmonte was pulled so early with a low pitch count? Is he hurt or something?
    The blown call at the plate you referenced: I was watching on ESPN3 – he nearly had him, but with the blind sweep of the hand, he caught him in the torso after the runner’s feet had already hit the plate. A little further over and he would have had him. What a terrible inning.
    I was watching Saturday’s O’s/Sox game at the same time I was watching the 2nd Pack/Hoo game. Eerily similar – State/O’s held slim lead until a freak inning gave up the lead. Then, both won with a walk-off homer in the 10th. Always nice when the good guy wins.


    Not sure about Piedmonte. Didn’t look hurt that I saw, but it didn’t appear the mound visit was intended to pull him until after a brief discussion. I was surprised as well.

    Speaking of the good guys winning, I greatly enjoyed watching the replay of Sunday’s Os/Bosox game.

    As an aside, apparently the Saturday Os/Bosox game inside the stadium had a backdrop of some fairly intense civil unrest outside (protests re: a death in police custody). At one point, fans were told they couldn’t/shouldn’t exit the stadium until further notice. At least mildly surprising given where the stadium is now.


    Yeah, they mentioned that during the broadcast. Also mentioned that it was a sold-out crowd, but it was pretty sparsely attended early on due to people not being able to get in. Buck was late, but was at a funeral; was unclear if he planned to be late or if it was because of the protests. Watching the Sunday game now. What an utter beatdown. Would be nice to be able to bag extra runs and disperse them throughout the season.


    It was a long, cold, and sometimes wet day. But I made the trip from Fayetteville, and enjoyed 2 victories, over a team that had previously beaten Miami 2 out of 3. Just trust the pitching will continue to improve, as well as finding the right batting order, so that runners aren’t stranded in scoring position, and eliminating error. All possible! Go Pack!


    Ingram picks Duke.


    Courtesy of all the devils going pro!


    Ingram picks Duke.

    Too bad. I had heard that he could hit for power and avg.


    Just watched the attendance-record-setting O’s/White Sox game. Rodon tore through the 8th inning in about 5 pitches.


    Pitching in the bottom of the 8th down 6 runs is a good low pressure place to get your feet wet. 🙂


    Just watched the attendance-record-setting O’s/White Sox game. Rodon tore through the 8th inning in about 5 pitches.

    Pleased that he did well.

    More pleased that the Birds roughed up Smartydijon early so that I didn’t have to root against Rodon (not as much at least).


    Cardboard cut-outs should be stocked in every municipality with a MLB club.

    …Well,maybe not Denver…
    Everyone is too stoned to rip the city up.


    Cardboard? It’s 2015 man!


    ^ That’s even creepier than the empty stadium was.


    Same sentiments about Rodon. It’s easy to feel good for him when the team was on the losing end. They certainly did rough up the starting pitcher whose name I’m too lazy to look up the spelling of and not clever enough to come up with a smart aleck spelling such as Smartydijon.

    Inflatable crowd? Do they still count in the headcount for attendance? I can see the wheels turning down the road (from NC State; not from me).

    I’m pretty sure I saw this guy in the stands during yesterday’s game.

    Inflatable Pilot/Fan

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