Down the Stretch – Baseball Edition

Sometimes you win.

Sometimes you lose.

Sometimes it rains.

With apologies to Nuke Laloosh, State has seen way too much of the middle and latter, and not nearly enough of the former of late. Obviously, they ain’t been breathing through their eyelids correctly.

With 75% of the 2015 college baseball season in the rearview, Wolfpack Baseball enters the stretch run on rocky footing not only for the NCAA Tournament, but the ACC Tournament as well.

The past two weeks have not been kind to the Pack9, as they dropped consecutive series on the road to both Carolina and Notre Dame. Dating back to the FSU series, the Pack has dropped 3 consecutive series.

And though they haven’t been swept in any of those and they’ve avoided any extended losing streaks since March, they’ve avoided extended winning streaks as well and overall have dropped 6 of their past 8 games.

And two more dates got washed out in the past two weeks as well.

In truth, the Pack has royally sucked everywhere but Raleigh for the most part this season (14-3 home, 4-12 road, 3-2 neutral).

The Good News

With 13 games remaining in the season, and 10 of those in the friendly confines of Doak Field, the Pack has enough opportunity left to reverse course. But it’s now past the point of having any wiggle room.

Any wiggle room went bye bye on the last road trip.

The Semi-Good News

The Pack currently sports an RPI of 65.

Not anywhere near what they will need for an at large bid to the NCAA tournament, but also not so bad that they’re beyond striking distance. With a home schedule which still features 3 game series vs UVa (#32), Longwood (#166) and Louisville (#11), and a single game vs Campbell (#86); and with a road series at Wake (#88), State can still make it happen.

As far as the ACC Tourney is concerned, if the season ended today the Pack would amazingly enough not only be in the 10 team field, but would currently warrant the seventh seed, only a game behind Carolina for the sixth seed (lowest seed that avoids the Tuesday play-in games).

The Bad News (NCAAT)

State pretty much needs to win all three of their remaining ACC series, sweep Longwood and take the Campbell game to have any chance. And even then they’d still be bubblicious.

Losing the road series to Wake and/or a single game to Longwood (and possibly even Campbell) will pretty much be the final nail in any NCAAT hopes unless the Pack sweeps both UVa and Louisville.

The Bad News (ACCT)

Despite holding the 7th seed currently, there are several teams right on the Pack’s tail. BC is actually tied with the Pack (but loses out on the seeding tiebreaker), with Wake, UVa, GT and VT all within one game. In other words, if a few of those teams go on a win streak, and the Pack doesn’t match it, it’s Sayanora State.

Fortunately the Pack faces two of those teams (UVa, Wake) and thus has at least some control of its own destiny. Also fortunately, some of them face one another and none other than VT have particularly easy stretch runs.

But the bottom line for the Pack for both the NCAAT and the ACCT is simple…

None of the rest matters if the Pack can’t win some ball games.

Next Up

State welcomes UVa to the Doak this weekend for (hopefully) 3 games. Saturday and Sunday are already looking sketchy with regard to weather.

UVa (26-15, 9-12 ACC) has their own little dissapointing season going.

CWS Runners-Up a year ago, the ‘Hoos were among the favorites to take the title in Omaha this year, as well as the ACC Crown. But so far they haven’t lived up to the advanced billing, similar to the Pack’s ’14 campaign. Despite a very respectable RPI of #32, they are even closer than the Pack to being on the outside looking in regarding the ACC Tournament. They currently would hold the tenth and final seed.

But it would be a mistake to consider the ‘Hoos as anything but dangerous.

Winners of 5 of their last 6, including a series win vs Coastal Division leader Miami, UVa seems to be getting things rolling as just the right time. Or the wrong time if you’re a State fan.

With their backs against the wall to a degree, and with the Pack being one of the teams they need to pass to improve their ACCT outlook, I look for the ‘Hoos to come in strong.

Games Schedule – TV

  • Friday 4/24, 6:30pm – ESPN3
  • Saturday 4/25, 6:30pm – ESPN3
  • Sunday 4/26, 1pm – ESPN3

NCSU Remaining Schedule

  • 4/24,25,26 UVa x3
  • 5/1,2,3 Longwood x3
  • 5/5 Campbell
  • 5/8,9,11 @Wake x3
  • 5/14,15,16 Louisville x3

ACC Standings

Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Louisville 19-2-0 .905 31-10-0 .756
Florida State 14-7-0 .667 31-12-0 .721
Clemson 11-9-0 .550 22-19-0 .537
Notre Dame 11-10-0 .524 27-13-0 .675
NC State 9-11-0 .450 21-17-0 .553
Boston College 9-11-0 .450 22-18-0 .550
Wake Forest 9-12-0 .429 23-19-0 .548
Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Miami 15-6-0 .714 30-11-0 .732
North Carolina 10-10-0 .500 26-15-0 .634
Virginia 9-12-0 .429 26-15-0 .634
Georgia Tech 9-12-0 .429 24-16-0 .600
Virginia Tech 8-12-0 .400 19-22-0 .463
Pitt 6-15-0 .286 14-24-0 .368
Duke 5-15-0 .250 22-18-0 .550

ACCT Seeding as of Today

  1. Louisville 19-2
  2. Miami 15-6
  3. FSU 14-7
  4. Clemson 11-9
  5. Notre Dame 11-10
  6. Carolina 10-10
  7. NC State 9-11
  8. Boston College 9-11
  9. Georgia Tech 9-12
  10. UVa 9-12

    Wake 9-12
    Virginia Tech 8-12

We’ll be talking more about ACCT seeding in the coming weeks of course, as well as a refresher course on the pool/round robin tournament format overall for anyone that needs it.

Go Pack!!!

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    Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains. With apologies to Nuke Laloosh, State has seen way too much of the middle and latter, and n
    [See the full post at: Down the Stretch – Baseball Edition]


    There ya go, Mr. Barber.

    The azeleas are late this year. From bonefide experience, The Pack blooms at the same time.

    Check the calendar…


    I got azaleas busting out since last weekend. Pack better follow suit. 🙂


    Nice to have you back (unless I’ve missed other posts, but I don’t think I have). A winning streak would be nice. Let’s at least hope for a playing streak. At least they’ll be on ESPN3 and I can watch it, assuming they play. I’ve seen plenty of movies where a struggling team goes on a late winning streak. These days, life imitates art.
    Azaleas? Don’t know the meaning of the word. We had a blizzard the other day (literally). It’s all melted now, though.

    Prowling Woofie

    Wow, and I thought the division imbalance was bad in football…

    john of sparta

    well, we would get a game in if we upped the Saturday start.
    for example: UNX is playing BC @ 10:30 AM.


    Dunno when UVa got into town, but two today woulda been fine by me.

    Participant said ESPN3. I open up ESPN3 this morning and nothing. Looks like I didn’t miss much.


    Pitching seems to have been the biggest issue with the team this season. I have seen them just fall apart late in the game, after the game was close. Like the UNC game, where the pitcher hit the batter, for the winning run, with bases loaded, then last night vs UVA, we had a tight game going, then errors, and wild pitching doomed us, and we got whipped. Hope we can manage to win the series. But pitching will again decide our fate, and we just don’t have the reliable pitchers we have had, in previous seasons.


    Not surprisingly, Pack vs ‘Hoos washed out Sat night. DH today beginning at 11:30am…2nd game ~3:15pm.

    FWIW the Pack goes into Sunday clinging to the 10th and final seed for the ACCT having been jumped by UVa, GT AND Wake since Friday.


    Pack ain’t dead yet.

    State takes 1st game of today’s DH, courtesy of a pinch hit Bubby Riley walk-off jack with 2 down in the bottom of the 9th.

    Pack will try for the DH sweep, and more importantly, the series win, in ~20 mins.


    Heavy air, no wind…Not easy to go yard at the Doak on a day like today.


    Straight away to center too. And probably had another 10-15 ft to play with at least. Hit the backdrop about half way up.



    And as a Karmic reward for wuf’s attendance, the Os are up like 12-nil on Bahstahn



    Ortiz break anything yet?


    Palmeiro 2 run shot gives Pack first blood in the 3rd.

    And BJD’s doppelganger is a few rows in front of me w/ a hottie.


    Extra frames needed to decide it. 3-3 headed to 10th.


    Palmeiro 2 run shot gives Pack first blood in the 3rd.

    And BJD’s doppelganger is a few rows in front of me w/ a hottie.

    BASTARD!!! It’s like that Costanza episode, isn’t it?


    Pack walks off again. Dunand with the 2 run shot this time. 5-3 final in 10.

    Good day.


    Good (and much needed) series win-let’s go get some more!


    Ah, ah, ah stayin’ alive…


    Think about what the baseball team did today in the of not one but two must win games.

    1. State had not had a walk off win since Game 1 of the Super Regional against Rice. Let that settle in. No walk off victories in 2014 (big reason they didn’t make the NCAA).

    No walk off wins this year either…until today.

    2. State was 0-6 in one run games this year.

    3. State had lost 8 of their last 12.

    A link to the two Walk off bombs.

    Back to Back Walk offs

    Congrats Pack9!

    Let’s have this start a streak.


    ^ Yup. Hopefully a lot of bad juju got brokeded all up today. 🙂

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