Gameday: NC State Wolfpack vs. Presbyterian Blue Hoes

NC State takes on the Blue Hoes of Presbyterian today at 6:00 pm in Carter-Finley Stadium. Due to the level of competition of the Pack’s opponent this week there won’t be any in-depth analysis by me. Frankly Presbyterian’s offense is so bad they appear worse than USF did last week. So instead of a lengthy breakdown of the opponent, I’ll be providing some links to preview the game.

This should be a repeat of last week’s performance against Da’ Bulls but with possibly less scoring by the Blue Hoes. Use today to enjoy the beautiful weather for tailgating or anything else you’d like to be doing outside.

Feel free to use this as discussion before and during the game. Have a great day and Go Pack!!!!

Who: NC State Wolfpack vs. Presbyterian Blue Hoes
Where: Carter-Finley Stadium (Raleigh, NC)
When: 6:00 pm
TV Coverage:
Presbyterian Closes out Non-League Slate for Wolfpack

After taking baby steps in come-from-behind victories over Georgia Southern and Old Dominion, the Wolfpack seemingly took a giant leap forward with last week’s dominating 49-17 victory at South Florida. ‘Thorough’ doesn’t begin to describe the one-sided nature of the Pack’s trouncing of the Bulls. Along with running almost twice as many offensive plays as USF (86-47), NC State scored touchdowns on all six of its trips into the red zone, while also rushing for 315 yards. It had been 20 years since a Wolfpack team last ran for as many yards in one game.

And unlike the first two games of the season, the Pack started fast, scoring touchdowns on six of its seven first half possessions in building a 35-7 halftime lead.

Now the question is, can coach Dave Doeren’s team handle success the right way and be even better this week? With top-ranked Florida State coming to Raleigh next Saturday, the Wolfpack needs another strong performance to validate the belief that it is indeed a much improved football team.

“We’ve talked all offseason, summer and fall camp about closing the gap between the competition that we need to beat and what it takes to be relevant,” Doeren said. “This is one of those weeks when you can do that. It’s not a week where you look forward, but a week where you look inside.”

Among other things, Doeren emphasized becoming a better team in the fourth quarter this season, while also getting more physical and powerful at the line of scrimmage. So far, NC State has accomplished both of those goals. After dropping so many close games in the fourth quarter last season, the Wolfpack saved its best for last against both Georgia Southern and ODU, scoring touchdowns on all four of its fourth quarter possessions in those games.

Meanwhile, a stable offensive line, something few NC State teams have enjoyed in recent years, has paved the way for a stout running game that is producing an average of 243.3 yards through three games. Wolfpack running backs have been tackled behind the line of scrimmage just once in 88 attempts this season. On the flip side, quarterback Jacoby Brissett’s uniform has been relatively clean after three games, with the O-line yielding only three sacks to date.

Brett Friedlander (
This week’s ACC/ECU football preview capsules

The Blitz: The Wolfpack plays its final nonconference game coming off by far its best effort of the young season. QB Jacoby Brissett led the 49-17 win at South Florida by recording 289 yards of total offense. WR Bra’lon Cherry is quickly becoming Brissett’s favorite target. The sophomore caught a TD pass and ran for two other scores, and has five TDs in State’s first three games. Defensively, DT Thomas Teal led a unit that allowed only 159 total yards with a sack and a forced fumble. PC also won last week, beating Furman 10-7 when QB Heys McMath hit WR Kris Hurley for a 9-yard TD with 8:15 remaining, LB DeRon Duffy set up the winning score by forcing and recovering a fumble. DT Khari Rosier leads the Blue Hose with five tackles for losses. This will be PC’s second game this season against an FBS opponent. The first was a 55-3 loss at Northern Illinois, State coach Dave Doeren’s former team.

Forecast: N.C. State 43, Presbyterian 10

Akula Wolf (
Presbyterian vs. NC State: The Blue Hose offense ain’t coming out of its coma this week

Moving the ball has been a challenge for the Hoose (the moose?) since their FCS move, and it will be again on Saturday night. That doesn’t mean State can take this game off–if it were me I’d at least wait a couple quarters–but the Wolfpack would have to try pretty hard to give up enough points to make an upset even remotely conceivable.

More than two-thirds of Presbyterian’s total yards this season came in their second contest, a blowout win over an NAIA school that just restarted its football program a few years back. In their other two games–against Northern Illinois and Furman–the struggle has been terrible. The numbers from those games are in the table.

The Hose are light on experience offensively; only three players have made double-digit starts. Quarterback Heys McMath started a half dozen games in 2013 and has been under center for all of PC’s games this season, but he hasn’t done much to inspire confidence in his arm.

As a result, Presbyterian probably would prefer to lean as little as possible on McMath, despite the offense’s spread tendencies. The Hose already have called more than 120 running plays, while calling just 51 passes. The team fell short of 100 passing yards against the Huskies and the Paladins. They weren’t getting much from the ground either, but they nonetheless called 63 running plays in those losses against 43 pass attempts (seven of which ended in sacks).

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    NC State takes on the Blue Hoes of Presbyterian today at 6:00 pm in Carter-Finley Stadium. Due to the level of competition of the Pack’s opponent this
    [See the full post at: Gameday: NC State Wolfpack vs. Presbyterian Blue Hoes]


    No line on this game? Vegas won’t bet on a game that includes a denomination? Alright then, IMHO, the Pack slay the Blue Leggins ( they don’t make pantyhose anymore, right?) by a margin of 42 over/under 52


    I certainly hope no analysis is needed. However, I also hope that Coach D and the boys are treating this like a real GAME and not a scrimmage…Time will tell and we might get to see some OTHER numbers on the field…

    I have NOT Googled “Blue Hoes” to see if the headline is correct….I will leave it at that…..otherwise I would think of cute(?) little Smurfettes that are more attuned to plying their trade dressed in cheerleader outfits than helmets and pads….

    Since I have diverged from the subject…it is early….and having stayed up watching the UCon v. USF game (Trivia….who was the HC of BOTH teams and has NCSU connections…though distant?)….I fell asleep and woke up to the wags on ESPN. Some of their more notable revelations…

    Goddell….”I got it wrong….but I WILL fix it” means that Condi’s resume is being circulated amongst the NFL owners.

    Winston….Hope our lads are concentrating on PC and not speculating as to whether public backlash will escalate the one game suspension to TWO. Since WHEN does the FSU Prez OUTRANK Jimbo?

    Winston…Part II – Battle of the “Bo’s” today….wonder is Bo (as in Jangels) is running a special promote….every one gets the “JW” Discount on a Biscuit of their choice and a glass of bottomless iced tea.

    Purple Haze v. OTHER Light Blue Smurf’s…..Supposed ESPN Wag who specializes in “getting them right” has the Light Blue as a “SURPRISE and UPSET” in a 34 – 31 (memory?) affair. Lest we forget…you gotta admit that the Purple Partiers from the East HAVE come a LONG way with they are now the “MAN” in FB in NC.

    Meanwhile….back to the subject…

    GO PACK….will be there in full regalia with RED Jockey’s and Socks….


    The nickname “Blue Hose” began in the early 1900’s, when sportswriters referred to the Presbyterian College athletic teams as the “Blue Stockings” because of the blue socks they wore. Writers used the terms “stockings” and “hose” interchangeably over the years.

    “Blue Hose” has survived all these years, taking on even more meaning. Today the name signifies fierce Scottish warriors, further adding to Hammet’s take on the term. This interpretation also reflects the college’s Scottish heritage.


    Yes, there is a line.
    37 and 55.5.


    Win, stay healthy, and then ready for the rest of the season.


    As the great poet Snoop Lion once noted (whence he was still Snoop Dogg) – “Gs up, Hose down.”

    Let us be Gs today, wolven brothers and sisters.


    Guess you heard by now that the PC Police have made sure that Winston doesn’t play tonight. Season-ticket holders, get ready for some SUN next weekend. Hell, maybe we could WIN next week if they can invent a few more reasons for Winston to be held out of the NCSU game.

    This social media assault on football is almost as troubling to me as the “state” of NCSU football these days.


    I wouldn’t mind burning Jalens redshirt in the 3rd quarter for this. Prep him to backup for 2 and play 2 years after Jacoby.

    Our walk on backup this year is Daniel Evans junior. What if Jacoby goes down a couple weeks and we lose to Wake and others and miss a bowl?

    Could be the butterfly effect no need to chance it. Keep the program building momentum this ‘game’ is about recruiting and reloading and selling. This isn’t BC where it’s about values and redshirting is virtuous.


    Hmmm… Concern about the state of NCSU football these days?? OMG are Doeren, Canada and Veldtkamp considering leaving so soon? Look Chicken Little, the sky is falling.


    You go Grey! Let’s enjoy the ride. Go Pack!


    This week’s badass pre-game music that most of you’ns will hate:



    Since I somewhat started this “digression”, I SORT of agree with you.

    However, I think that it is MORE telling that the “social media” can BOMB anything….and the outcome and reaction is totally unpredictable.

    Obviously ALL of us are against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. Having said that, then HOW did this “thingy” get blown up and WHY the Backlash now?

    My simplest take is that the “Gangsta Rap” influence FINALLY erupted. Over the years there have been studies (Elon did one) that show that the Rap lyrics (as well as other venues) have a decided influence on COLLEGE students….and that Females have been “lowered” a bit. This is true in the Female as well as the Male respondents.

    So, you have the Gangsta Rap Lyrics (If that Hoe don’t put out, for friends or profit, Knock the Bitch’s Teeth Out)….or you have Jay Z telling Beyoncé “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” (google that one). Remember, these Elitist Rappers ALSO frequent the guest and entertainment list of the White House.

    So, the NBA/NFL superstars listen to the RAP. They want GOLD. They want GUNS. They want SEX. They are Participants in the Random Sperm Donor program and have many offsprings by many “Good Looking Mama’s”. Race or Ethnicity of the Mama’s shows NO Discrimination….but BLONDE’s are the mainstay of the Rapper’s stables…as well as the SuperStars.

    SO, you get a Rice or Dwyer or Hardy or whoever…and he gets caught up in the lyrics. He also gets into the “Violent Video Gamer’s” Syndrome (Sandy Fork, Aurora, Columbine, etc.). He begins to “live out” the lyrics.

    THEN someone tweets or uploads a video clip. It is surpressed…but eventually goes viral.

    The result is a conundrum of OVERKILL. WHERE was all the NOW and Various Lapel Wearing folks when the Rappers first started advocating Domestic Violence in the 80? They were SILENT. SOME of the folks (women and men) of the Hollywood crowd were making BIG donations and also using their STAR POWER for political sabotage of opponents…

    SO, do NOT bite the hand that feeds you…..

    I am SORRY for this rant….Roger Goddell SHOULD have come down HARD…but if he did, then what about the LAST 57 cases of Domestic Violence in the NFL (maybe including the NBA?). He had LOOKED the other way. The OWNERS (now aghast at such) did NOT want to be without their talent on the field/court/diamond. Also want to take odds on the ETHNICITY of the 57 lads? you guessed it.

    Domestic Violence…is NOT a Race Thing. I am NOT a racist. BUT, when 90% or so (Eminem NOT withstanding) of the Rappers are of the SAME ethnicity as the 57 Lads….there IS a pattern. Eric Holder or President Obama probably do NOT see it, though.

    This thing just BLEW UP. The ONE saving grace is that NOW, it WILL be difficult for the NBA/NFL/MLB to “book” some of the “stars”, that the fans want…because of their past songs.

    As opined…..Roger Goddell could be publicly beheaded during the next SuperBowl halftime show…but it would be the SECOND act after a Rapper sang the lyrics that I paraphrased earlier. Roger is TOAST….now WILL the Rappers suffer? That is the question. Will Condi be the NEW Commish? Will NOW condemn RAP? (NAH….that will NEVER happen)

    You MAY not recall or have read, but during the hearings of Bill and Monica…when all the explicit details of the romps in the little room off the oval office were publicized….a NYC Feminist Writer in a prominent LIBERAL mag wrote an opinion piece. This thing was BLOWN out of proportion….said she. If all Bill needed was occasional Oral Relief, then she and her Friends could EASILY accommodate him….as LONG as he CONTINUED to VOTE (use Executive Orders) for Women’s Rights Legislation. THIS IS A FACT….GOOGLE IT. I am certain that the parent’s of the writer included the article in their Annual Christmas Newsletter and that the Institute of Higher Learning where she got her Journalism Degree published it on the FRONT page of the Alumni Magazine…

    Does THAT explain how this happened….to me it does….

    Social Media and it’s “Targets” and the reaction is an uncontrolled force….like Nuclear Fission….Think this…JW in a fast food chain or the seafood department of a local supermarket or on a date or in the Student Union….THERE WILL BE AN EVENT. It WILL happen again…timing cannot be predicted….nor how it will manifest itself and be executed.

    THAT is the quandary….if I knew that, I could also predict winning powerball numbers. Meanwhile, many of us wonder about more mundane matters….will the GJ bring charges against Tony? Will there be riots about the new NC voting laws now that you have to actually be alive and registered to vote (only ONCE)? When will ISIS hit the US soils and what will the body count be? THEN let’s see if Social Media attacks the administration….


    I miss the days when the Pack actually played on TV. Thankfully the Holes will bring us back to TV land next week.

    Hope we keep dem “hoes” in check today. Go pack



    My vote is YES….the PC police will probably object to the word “Fight”….but they did not pick up anything else that advocated DM…

    There are no viral blogs connecting Kongos with this week’s past events…..

    I will vote (text) for it if it is on the Video Board Play List….which I am SURE will be exciting….BUT, if Big & Rich’s “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” is there….I will be forced to vote for it…

    I DO sometimes WONDER about the demographics of the crowd….or at least the technologically enlightened ones….the music choices are “interesting”

    GO PACK….


    Hey now, BJD’s video choice if a great one if only because of the presence of the squeeze box.

    And the accordion ain’t bad either.


    Accordion AND slide guitar, muthacluckas!

    I personally prefer manic jumprope girl to maic makeup girl from the video. YMMV


    Roo, I love the heart of your posts. It would help if you didn’t capitalize so much and were more concise. Feel free to constructively critique mine as well.


    Having said that, then HOW did this “thingy” get blown up and WHY the Backlash now?

    Because it seems clear to many of us that the league was complicit with the cover up. That’s a problem. A major problem.

    I miss the days when the Pack actually played on TV.

    No kidding.


    Nice…Delta Blues inside a protest song.

    Instant Spotify addition.

    Ya know…I was thinking maybe I should buy that new car. Just in case I wreck my Jeep in the next few days, or so.


    Guess you heard by now that the PC Police have made sure that Winston doesn’t play tonight.

    Jimbo ain’t no PC policeman. What he did was stupid. He continues to do stupid things. He’s been warned many times. His football career won’t end well.


    Yeah, this is CLEARLY a “cumulative impact” situation with Jameis. Had they appropriately punished him for prior knuckleheadedness, we probably don’t get to this point.

    And the league and the Ravens front office have been slimy (and PREMEDITATED, which is the real evil part) enough to make the guy who cold cocked his wife look “good” by comparison. ONLY by comparison, for RayRay certainly deserves heavy consequences for his actions.

    As I’ve said consistently, I hope this makes all of society, as well as individuals within it, take a long, hard look at themselves and address the root causes of all this bullshit. Scapegoating a few individuals and trying to get everyone to “move on” is not helpful, even if Goodell is added to the list of scalps.

    Society and humanity have real problems with domestic violence, and it’s not something easily solved and certainly not with trite soundbites from the right or left.


    Roo.Roo,buddy…Does your DW have the 20 on you TODAY?

    I get the musical influence credited to domestic violence.

    Many a father slapped his daughter around over the gyrations of Elvis. Heck,60s Flower Power tunes drove my Old Man to chucking petunia pots at mom. Disco lead me to put more than a couple babes through the wall.

    Choplin started WWI,even!


    GREAT stuff, Adventuroo!

    I’m in your corner!


    Geometrically speaking, it seems more like a circle to me.

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