Weekend Baseball: BC Comes to Town

Wolfpack Baseball (20-15, 6-12 ACC, 5th Atlantic) kicks off its longest homestand of the season (4/18 thru 5/12, 15 games) this weekend as they welcome Boston College to the Doak for a 3 game series.

Normally, this is where I would good-naturedly give BC a really hard time, waxing philosophic, and perhaps even poetic, about how bad they are at baseball.

And make no mistake, they ARE bad.

So then, why am I not going to give them a hard time about it?  Because all things considered, right now we are in the very same boat they are.

People in glass houses, and so on and so forth.

State may not be as bad statistically as BC, or even as bad as far as wins and losses are concerned.  At least not quite.

But where it counts, State is currently in the exact same boat as BC (as well as ND and VT).  That is to say, those four teams (BC, ND, VT and NCSU) are the four worst teams in the conference in the only category that counts….wins and losses.

Which is also to say, those four teams are currently on the outside looking in with regard to the ACC Tournament which is only a month away.

If the Pack wishes to change that, and at this point I’m not even certain they care one way or another, they had better start this weekend.

bc-logo          Boston College Eagles

12-24 (3-12 ACC, t6th Atlantic); Last 10: 4-6; Streak: Won 1
2013: 12-40 (4-25 ACC)

(There will be no individual player stats this week because frankly, my heart’s not in it.)


Offensively, BC is last in the conference (or, rarely, second to last) in all meaningful statistical categories including:

  • Batting avg (.228, last)
  • HR (3, last)
  • RBI (107, last)
  • Slgpct (.283, last)
  • OBP (.314, last)
  • Runs scored (114, last)
  • Total hits (274, last)
  • Walks (134, t11th)
  • Stolen bases (27, 13th)

The one offensive area where BC isn’t totally putrid is Ks.  BC batters have struck out 224 times this season, good enough for 5th best in the conference.


They’re not AS bad at pitching/defense as they are offensively, but they’re still pretty bad:

  • ERA (4.27, 13th)
  • Against avg (.261, 12th)
  • Ks (221, 13th)
  • BBs (147, 11th)
  • Hits allowed (310, 10th)
  • Runs allowed (184, 12th)

The one pitching area where they have been effective is HRs allowed (6, t1st)

Fldpct – BC is below average in the field defensively at .963, but just barely.

ACC Standings

Atlantic Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Florida State 14-4-0 .778 28-8-0 .778
2.  Wake Forest 11-7-0 .611 24-15-0 .615
3.  Clemson 10-7-0 .588 22-14-0 .611
4.  Maryland 7-10-0 .412 22-13-0 .629
5.  NC State 6-12-0 .333 20-15-0 .571
6.  Notre Dame 3-15-0 .167 15-21-0 .417
7.  Boston College 3-15-0 .167 12-24-0 .333
Coastal Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Virginia 14-4-0 .778 30-6-0 .833
2.  Miami 14-4-0 .778 26-12-0 .684
3.  Georgia Tech 10-8-0 .556 24-14-0 .632
4.  North Carolina 9-9-0 .500 22-15-0 .595
5.  Duke 9-9-0 .500 21-17-0 .553
6.  Pitt 8-10-0 .444 16-20-0 .444
7.  Virginia Tech 7-11-0 .389 18-17-1 .514

Elsewhere in the ACC this Weekend

  • Duke @ VT
  • Carolina @ UVa
  • Clemson @ Pitt
  • FSU @ Wake
  • GT @ UMd
  • ND @ Miami

Games Schedule – Pitching Probables – TV

  • Friday 4/18 6:30 pm – Carlos Rodon vs John Gorman – No TV
  • Saturday 4/19 6:30pm – Patrick Peterson vs Andrew Chin – ESPN3
  • Sunday 4/20 1pm – Logan Jernigan vs Jeff Burke – ESPN3


Go Pack!!!


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    Wolfpack Baseball (20-15, 6-12 ACC, 5th Atlantic) kicks off its longest homestand of the season (4/18 thru 5/12, 15 games) this weekend as they welcom
    [See the full post at: Weekend Baseball: BC Comes to Town]


    Carlos, my man, try to erase this season from your mind. Imagine this is the opener and you have a clean slate. Imagine that scouts have never seen you pitch before. Just go out there and have fun, throw hard, relax, kick ass. Don’t look forward and don’t look back.

    john of sparta

    please name the BC player who will have a career game.
    it’s to be expected, is it not? (says my hot French prof)


    Olczak works a scoreless (even if somewhat shaky) 9th to preserve Carlos Rodon’s 3rd win of the season, 5-1 final over BC in game one.


    In terms of making the ACC tourney, we really lucked out to have series against the three worst teams in the league (VT, BC, and ND).


    ^ I’m (almost) ashamed to admit that my first thought after reading that was “Too bad we can’t play ourselves”.

    Pack falls Saturday night to BC by a 7-5 final.

    Interestingly (or not), Pack hitters launched 3 round trippers tonight (including two off the bat of Trea Turner). BC pitching had previously yielded only six HRs total on the year.


    Pack falls to BC 9-7 in 11 innings Sunday. BC wins its first ACC series of the year.
    Yep, that’s right….even Notre Dame, with only 3 conference wins TOTAL, was able to to take 2/3 from these guys.

    Pack is now 7 games below .500 in league play (7-14) with 9 to play.


    Season over, people.


    Carlos likely has slipped from #1. Shame for State fans – it was the only thing we could have hoped to hang our hat on this season.

    Last year was the anomaly season. Not this one.

    17 years:
    1 CWS
    0 ACC titles
    0 regular season titles
    Thousands of content NC State fans.


    You gotta be a big time goober to hang your hat on a #1 overall, dude.

    Even if it’s the last one in the closet.


    Titles. Titles. Easy for me to say.

    Yeah. Count me as one that is pleased by this core group of guys that got jobbed in a Super, and followed up with a trip to Omaha. Yep. Damn straight.

    It ain’t ovah til it’s ovah.


    There’s certainly a lot to like with this core group. But…., a perfect microcosm of this season (and the team playing it out) occurred in the 8th inning when we get a lead off triple and strand the guy (I believe Shepherd), all while down by three runs. Against a BC (hell, they gave up 3 to us in the bottom of the 9th – they were just hanging there for the taking) in an absolutely critical game is freakin’ inexcusable. Almost like giving up 7 in the last 1 1/3 last week (one at home and the other might as well have been) Those last two Sunday games have seemingly put the season on ice. And we really have no excuse in either.

    Unfortunate for this core group, whether they’ve been specifically involved in the meltdowns or not. They don’t deserve to go out this way. Coach Avent on the other hand, he just needs to go out.


    Honestly started attending State baseball games last year, and had a great time. Had really looked forward to a promising year and team this year, but this team had been quite a disappointment. The nucleus of last year’s team still playing, but team sucks, and will be lucky to make the ACC tourney field. Just down right inexcusable. Started out ranked in top 10, and continued to slide lower and lower. Wish I could explain it. But I am at a loss for words to explain their demise.

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