Weekend Baseball: Saying BuhBye to the Terps…AGAIN

I made the mistake of not preparing this week’s baseball preview early, thus I am putting this together after what might have been the most gut wrenching loss in NCSU Basketball history…and that’s saying something.  If I inexplicably go off on tangents of swearing and/or crying, you’ll know why.

That gut punch is gonna sting for a while.

Let’s get this over with…..

Week in Review

Speaking of gut punches, Wolfpack Baseball got a trio of them in Tallahassee last weekend.  You might remember that before that series began I told you here that FSU could hit and score, and that State’s pitching might be in for a rough go.  Sometimes I hate being right.

Not that the Pack9’s offense gets off the hook easily either,especially Friday and Saturday.

Ultimately, in spite of staking themselves to 1-0 leads in each of the three games played, the Pack ended up 0-fer Tallahassee, including Sunday’s 13 inning game in which the Pack9 took a lead in the top half of the 13th only to yield a two run walk off 13th to the ‘Noles in the bottom half.

The end result was a sweep for the ‘Noles and the first (and hopefully only) 3 game losing streak of the year for the Pack, including Carlos Rodon’s 3rd loss of the season.  The only bright spot is that it’s still early and the ‘Noles are in the rear view mirror.

State’s mid-week game vs Elon got rained out.  Too bad that couldn’t have been an option in Orlando last night.

I’m in a bad mood, so I’m not really in the mood to talk the Pack up a whole lot this week, but it does rate mentioning that Andrew Knizner (.448) and Brett Austin (.391) are 1st and 2nd respectively in the ACC in BA; and that in spite of his early season rough patch, Carlos Rodon leads the league with 42 Ks and 36.2 IP.

Currently, the Pack sits at 14-5 on the year (3-3 ACC), tied for 3rd in the Atlantic with Wake, 2 games back of both FSU and Clemson.

State travels to beautiful and scenic College Park this weekend.  Yippee-friggin’-doo.  Try not to get shot.

MFlag    Maryland Terrapins

13-6 (2-4 ACC), Last 10: 6-4, Streak: Won 2
2013: 28-27 (11-19 ACC)

Twice already in this academic year (football and basketball) we’ve been told that Maryland was leaving and we wouldn’t be seeing them again.  But like the herpesvirus they are, they just won’t seem to go away and stay gone.  Now we get to say goodbye to them once again, this time in baseball.


The Terps average just under 5 runs per game.  They aren’t the best hitting club, but they do have a few guys that can get it done.

Kyle Convissar (#22,SR,OF/DH) – .303 avg, 1 HR, 5 RBI, 7 runs scored, 8K/4BB
Brandon Lowe (#16,FR,2B) – .302 avg, 1 HR, 10 RBI, 13 runs scored, 3 doubles, 6K/9BB, 4/6 SB
Anthony Papio (#13,SO,RF) – .298 avg, 1 HR, 7 RBI, 7 runs scored, 19K/6BB, 6/8 SB
Blake Schmit (#1,SR,SS) – .297 avg, 9 RBI, 12 runs scored, 7 doubles, 1 triple, 9K/2BB, 8/11 SB
Mike Rescigno (#40,FR,3B/1B/DH) – .289 avg, 5 runs scored, 4 doubles, 9K/7BB
Charlie White (#4,JR,CF) – .247 avg, 13 RBI, 11 runs scored, 4 doubles, 4K/5BB, 9/9 SB

UMd will try to swipe an extra base given the chance (37/49), especially White, Papio and Schmit.


With a staff ERA of 3.23, and giving up under 4 runs per game overall, the Terps have some decent pitching, especially their Friday and Saturday starters who are more than just decent:

Jake Stinnett (#7,SR,RHP) – 2-3, 2.91 ERA, against avg .133, 37K/7BB
Mike Shawaryn (#18,FR,RHP) – 4-0, 1.26 ERA, against avg .217, 23K/7BB

The Terps’ Sunday starter slot appears to be somewhat up for grabs at this point.  Up until last weekend, Jared Price had been getting the ball on Sundays but Kevin Mooney got the nod last weekend vs Carolina, and BOTH Price AND Mooney tossed an inning in relief vs UMBC two days ago.

So basically, your guess as to who takes the hill for UMd on Sunday is as good as mine, but here’s both of their stat lines anyway (and it’ll probably turn out to be someone completely different in all likelihood).

Jared Price (#9,SO,RHP) – 1-2, ERA 6.11, against avg .234, 18K/12BB
Kevin Mooney (#33,SO,RHP) – 0-1, ERA 2.45, 2 Saves, against Avg .226, 11K/6BB

With a team fld pct of .977, Maryland is very good defensively and rarely cause themselves much in the way of extra headaches.

ACC Standings

Atlantic Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Florida State 5-1-0 .833 17-3-0 .850
2.  Clemson 5-1-0 .833 13-7-0 .650
3.  NC State 3-3-0 .500 14-5-0 .737
4.  Wake Forest 3-3-0 .500 13-9-0 .591
5.  Maryland 2-4-0 .333 13-6-0 .684
6.  Notre Dame 0-6-0 .000 7-12-0 .368
7.  Boston College 0-6-0 .000 6-12-0 .333
Coastal Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Virginia 5-1-0 .833 16-3-0 .842
2.  North Carolina 4-2-0 .667 14-6-0 .700
3.  Duke 4-2-0 .667 14-8-0 .636
4.  Miami 4-2-0 .667 12-10-0 .545
5.  Georgia Tech 3-3-0 .500 13-8-0 .619
6.  Virginia Tech 3-3-0 .500 10-8-1 .553
7.  Pitt 1-5-0 .167 9-10-0 .474

Elsewhere in the ACC this Weekend:

  • Wake @ BC
  • Duke @ Pitt
  • GT @ Carolina
  • VT @ ND
  • FSU @ Clemson
  • UVa @ Miami

Games Schedule – Probable Starters

  • Friday, 3/21 6pm – Carlos Rodon vs Jake Stinnett
  • Saturday, 3/22 2pm – Logan Jernigan vs Mike Shawaryn
  • Sunday, 3/23 1pm – Brad Stone vs Whothehellknows?

No TV for this weekend’s games

I’m feeling a lot like Harry Doyle currently….

 Go Pack!!!!

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    I made the mistake of not preparing this week’s baseball preview early, thus I am putting this together after what might have been the most gut wrench[See the full post at: Weekend Baseball: Saying BuhBye to the Terps…AGAIN]


    I know it had to be difficult to make yourself pull this together after last night’s giveaway, but I and so many others appreciate your work. Baseball will always be my first love and I love getting to read your takes on our team.


    the most gut wrenching loss in NCSU Basketball history

    Two words…Dudley Bradley

    I’m in a bad mood, so I’m not really in the mood to talk the Pack up a whole lot this week,

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. For Jo Dee Messina fans, last weekend State proved that they were below the upper. Not it’s time to see if they’re above the below.


    oops, wrong thread again


    the most gut wrenching loss in NCSU Basketball history

    Two words…Dudley Bradley

    LOL….In my defense, I did say “maybe” the most gut wrenching.
    Would that there weren’t so many from which to choose.



    Maryland 10
    NC State 0

    Rodon (L, 2-4): 4.2 IP, 8Ks, 4BBs, 2HBP, 2WP, 8 runs, O earned runs


    Four Wolfpack errors in the first five innings allowed eight unearned runs.

    Maybe Carlos is just trying to avoid playing for the Houston Astros. That’s the only explanation I can come up with regarding his stat lines thus far. I know that he struggled with control early last year (several batters being HBP on 0-2 counts come to mind) and had a few games where his walks forced him into high pitch counts and early hooks, but his start to this season has been the slowest in terms of unleashing dominance in the past 3 years.

    Has anyone that has been watching the games noticed anything different in his mechanics? Is it just quirky defense and low run support that is dogging him like last year?


    Wasn’t able to see today’s game, but in his outings I have seen I haven’t noticed anything in his mechanics per se. He has been pressing at times though, overthrowing some, and hasn’t gotten his normal control in gear (especially with the slider).

    Lack of run support has been a big issue though IMHO, leading to much of the above as he tries to nibble around the zone and is missing, where he wouldn’t miss in years past, at least not when he got to mid-season form.


    Having the Maryland pitcher strike out 14 batters doesn’t help either. Looks like that kid pitched the game of his life.

    Plenty of time for Carlos and the rest of the Pack to get into form. And still plenty of time for a weekend series win if they can pull it together tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be in the mid 60’s and sunny up here in Maryland tomorrow, maybe the boys will be able to take off the hats for bats (keep bats warm, gracias) and put up a few crooked numbers on the scoreboard.

    But let’s hope they start the turnaround by remembering how to play defense. 4 errors ain’t gonna win many games.


    Yeah, Stinnett is no slouch to be sure, but 14Ks is just ridiculous.

    And definitely too early to panic just yet, but dammit how I hate losing to UMd in anything, LOLOLOL.

    Maybe I’ll head out to the liquor store to get some rum to offer Jobu. 😀


    Do you hotstove gurus give any accommodation to games when the temperature was under 60 degrees ??

    I’ve been to three HS girls lacrosse games this week — all of which started at 5:30pm —
    two of which were played after rain most of the day…
    and froze my old A$$ off just sitting in the stands…
    It was colder down here than the shady side of Carter Stadium in late November.

    I’m thinking that once the game time temps stay above 70 …
    … the juices may start flowing and the numbers for pitchers and hitters move up to expectations….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    While hard to quantify, I do believe the ‘chilly factor’ has merit bill. Especially for a pitcher like Rodon.

    Harder to stay loose between innings, location suffers.


    … did I hear that in the Bigs…. starting pitchers are limited in starts and innings for the whole month of April and hitters aren’t really expected to start swinging good until May in the Northern cities ??

    … iirc … Cary is a “Northern City” isn’t it ??

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    … iirc … Cary is a “Northern City” isn’t it ??


    These days it’s more often the pitch count that’s watched, and that might vary depending on the individual (pitching style, age, etc). But yeah, generally speaking, early in the season that count is likely to be shorter.


    Re: temps above 60

    So that’s what’s been wrong with the Minnesota Twins since they moved their ballpark outdoors ! Trying to play baseball in the peak of ice fishing season.

    I do believe that weather impacts the game. From loosening up, to gripping the ball to the sting of hitting one off the handle. Fouling one off your ankle hurts like a monkey in any weather.

    Let’s put the +60 degree temptature theory to test today and see if we can prove our hunch. Hunches are like scientific research papers in baseball.


    I was at the game. We left after six innings because my wife got cold. Sounds like we didn’t miss much. Our neighbor plays for UMd. He scored a couple of times. For me, that was about the most exciting thing all night.

    Rodon was throwing hard but lacked control. I said to my wife at the game, I think he likes the hot weather.

    The overall impression I got was that Maryland wanted that game and State would have been happy to not be there. The Pack just seemed to not have their hearts in it. I REALLY hope I’m wrong but that’s what it felt like to me.


    Can’t comment, though of course I’d like to, but I’ve been busy freezing my ass off watching softball

    However, I cannot remember playing an opening month in consistantly colder weather… Anywhere, including HS in WNY.

    The Dogwoods are blossoming so like Spring springing, Rodon’s slider should slide where he wants it to.


    … Mr. Dog… back in the day!…

    Mr. Dog’s new team….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    More ColdBall pics…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    … damn SFN / WordPress loves baseball pics… sorry

    [Wufpacker] – No problem bill…nothing the press of a button can’t fix. 🙂

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Terps drop the Pack again today, 7-4.




    Pack drops the finale 5-2 to get swept by the Twerps. Woof.


    Brutal. Any idea when the last time we got swept back-to-back in the conference?


    Yikes. That is awful.

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