2014-15 Post-WBS Roster Thoughts and Bold Predictions

As you all know by now, the annual transfer season has started. I hoped to not lose a PG, but if we lost someone…I expected PG is where it would happen. Our fondest best wishes to the Wee Baby Seamus, and I hope to see him lead a nice Cinderella run in the 2016 or 2017 NCAAT.

Here is how I see our playing rotation play out next year:

PG – Cat
SG – Lacey
SF – Black Scott Wood
PF – Frenchie Le Nard
C – King Hippo

Bench Contributors (from most to least minutes):

Washington (pretty even with Le Nard, in terms of role/PT)
Des (biggest question mark, as to how capably he can play PG – especially for longer stretches if Cat gets in foul trouble or distemper)
Twin A
Twin B

I think that’s workable. You have 3 guards, 3 wings, and 4 low-post players (with some overlap into other position groups as need/matchups may dictate). That’s a pretty good distribution, deep enough to handle fouls/illnesses/injuries without being a sure recipe for discontent. I most certainly DO NOT think we could easily absorb another transfer, however.

Another Alex Johnson would be a welcome addition, though. Devonte Graham, maybe?

Now, time for bold predictions. Mine relates to my personal favourite player, so feel free to dismiss my prediction as biased. It clearly is.

King Hippo is no worse than 2nd team all-ACC, and a strong contender for DPOY.

What’s yours?

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    As you all know by now, the annual transfer season has started. I hoped to not lose a PG, but if we lost someone…I expected PG is where it would hap
    [See the full post at: 2014-15 Post-WBS Roster Thoughts and Bold Predictions]


    Based on observing Dez’s penchant for dribbling himself into trouble in the lane, I’d be a little leery of seeing him at the point. The issue as I see it is finding a guard who can A) spell Cat for stretches and run the offensive effectively, and B) maintain enough of a credible shooting threat from outside that the defense can’t leave them alone.

    I think Tyler’s departure leaves us in a lurch for pure ball handling and distribution (and I’m counting his performance against St. Louis as an aberration). While I think Cat will improve significantly in that regard, I don’t know who the heck is going to pick up the slack when he’s not on the floor.


    My prediction for 2014-15 is lather, rinse, repeat … 22-11 (or thereabouts), team still struggles to find its offensive and defensive rhythm. A few bad losses coupled with one or two good wins. Round of 32 exit after sneaking into an 11-seed.

    And if you’re asking for transfers, Kevin Ware is on the market!! But I won’t hold my breath on that one.


    I don’t see how we could possibly offer Ware the PT he will be looking for.

    You can’t assess our transfer record without giving MG credit for bringing in a solid contributor every season (AJ, BSW, Lacey).


    Checking out StatSheet.com is really eye-opening. Our two guards (Lee and Cat) combined for 123 turnovers for the season (67 in conference play alone)!! TL had just 17 in conference play (38 for the season), including the ACCT. Needing improvement in that area is a huge understatement.


    Although Lacey came here partially because he wanted to play the 2…it’s certainly possible he will be the de facto backup PG.

    Cat will need to play at least 32 mpg, though…


    If Anya can get into any kind of shape, the kid will be a force in the ACC. He was this year, but his PT was just too limited to get much recognition.

    Lacey will likely slide over to the PG position when Cat needs a breather. He will be an adequate PG, but clearly a much better SG. He is also not overly quick or athletic, so Dez will get some minutes if Lacey is getting abused defensively.

    A rotation of Cat, Lacey, Turner, Freeman/Washington, and Anya is pretty good. My personal opinion is Washington will make the biggest freshman to sophomore improvement of them all. Hard to say how Abu and the Martins will do, but at least we know they were all great high school players.

    Overall I see us in the 5/6/7 slot in the ACC, but trending upward with young improving talent.


    I think Gott deserves full credit for bringing players with some talent here. I think he also deserves blame/credit for developing those players, and year two with Le Nard/KH/KW/Cat will be crucial in determining whether he can back up recruiting wins with game wins. I don’t personally believe next year’s squad is capable of winning the ACC regular season, but should it be good enough to finish top-4? top-6? Finishing in 7th (tied) this year was a positive indicator but only a frustration when viewed with coulda/shoulda victories lost for a variety of factors. Next year needs to be more than a third consecutive ‘rebuild.’


    My personal goal for this team will be no less than a 6 seed in the NCAAT. That will put us in position to make a serious run. It’s time for one.


    This is CAT’S team now. He’s the team leader; veteran. If King Hippo doesn’t slim down, it’s on Cat. If Frenchie isn’t in the gym shooting FTs, it’s on Cat. Aint no problem though, they are all in the same recruiting class, and should all be good buds by now. I’m fine with this.

    Bold prediction: we sweep UNX!


    ^^ Possible top four in ACC? Anything is possible….but not that.


    This team will have, IMHO, two leaders. The vocal leader, who keeps everyone loose and positive, will be KH. The quiet leader, who always wants the ball and to take FTs holding a late lead…will be Cat.

    Not sure if it will be the Hipster, Heidi, or some other varietal.


    How many kids have transferred under Gott’s time here/Sid’s departure? This is NOT to bash him just rather curious of the total number.

    It seems like it has been several.


    Hopefully, no Heidi or scaredy cat. Now, scarry cat would be awesome.

    Ya’ll are more optimistic than me… Expectations are good though. I just don’t want to be in a three way tie for next to last in the conference.


    More minutes in the paint for Hippo/Abu will be a HUGE upgrade. It would also be immense if Lacey provides the missing element we hoped Des would more consistently provide – a slashing scorer at the 2, one who can also be capable as a secondary ballhandler and three point shooter.

    Not having to play BSW at the 2 would make a world of difference. Again, he’s just like the original Scott Wood that way.


    “And if you’re asking for transfers, Kevin Ware is on the market!! But I won’t hold my breath on that one.”

    Not sure of the timing off d’ville joining ACC, but I believe transfers in conference require a two year hiatus…not that Ware would be considering NCSU I would think.


    I predict this team will get an 8/9 seed and lose to Arizona State in the first round.

    I predict a few Wolfpack fans will drink too much and wake up in jail the morning after.

    I predict divorce attorneys will see an uptick in business next March.


    I think placing somewhere in the 5-7 range in the ACC next year is very reasonable if we can avoid any additional player attrition. The conference is losing a lot of it’s “best” players to early entry and graduation.

    Of the 21 players on this years media first, second, third, and honorable mention ACC teams, 1 left with Maryland, 8 are Seniors, and up to 6 more could go early to the draft (Warren, Parker, Hood, Ennis, Grant, McDaniels). All 6 are projected first round.

    That would leave only 6 of the those 21 players including Paige and McAdoo (UNC), Hanlan and Anderson (BC), Brogdon (UVA), and Thomas (FSU) next year.

    Theoretically the conference should be weak next year and we should have many winnable games.

    Note that from the coaches all conference teams, if all six of those guys leave early for the draft, 15 of 20 players would be gone (Paige, McAdoo, Brogdon, Hanlan, and Connaughton coming back).


    I expect Kyle Washington to keep his starting job and improve a great deal. He may end up having a great four-year career here. I can see Lenard having equal time with Anya when we go smaller.


    I said all year I thought the freshman bigs would be a force going forward. Nothing I saw down the stretch made me change my mind on that point.

    Bold prediction – Frenchie averages in double figures and shoots over 70% from the line. What that young man did after not even turning 18 until December was remarkable. If he plays along side a slimmed down hippo he will cause all kinds of problems.

    Note – Look at our projected rotation after losing half of a starting PG, starting C, and ACC POY. Gott has taken the first steps to building a quality program by developing some depth. I just wish he would recruit some more shooters.


    Unbelievably offensive nicknames for what is supposed to be our team. In particular, BSW is so incredibly racist, it is hard to believe any African American actually comes to NCSU. Nice job of making State fans look like a bunch of idiot rednecks. Totally shameful.


    PG – Cat/? (Graham)
    SG – TL/DL
    SF – RT/CM/CM/KW
    PF – LF/KW/ABU
    C – KW/BJ

    – TJ will go to NBA and will be steal of the draft
    – Davonte to PACK (as told by TLew’s dad)
    – BJ loses some weight but not enough to enter beast mode. Averages 20 min, 6 pts, 5 reb, and 4 fouls a game.
    – KW develops a 3 point shot. Gott uses big lineup with KW at the 3 spot when BJ not in foul trouble.
    – CAT and Nard with nice years 2nd team all ACC.
    – Pack enters last 5 games of ACC season near .500 in ACC, on the bubble, and needing “signature” victory, wins 2 in ACC T before running out of gas and legs give out to blue team. Pack gets 7 seed in MW regional, beats Tulsa in Rd1, loses to OSU in Rd. 2. 1 of 4 big men xfer due to lack of PT…..Way out on a limb here 😉


    I will miss Tyler Lewis and wish him well. I thought he was one of the players who improved most over the course of the season and was looking to see him play more next year. Not sure how to feel about his transfer though. I’m hoping it is just a matter of playing time and not something else. Thanks Tyler for wearing the red and white. Best of luck to you.


    Bottom line both TL and CAT had good and bad moments.

    TL very good running half court offense but becomes much less effective with press or attacking defense. Needed to do little things, like sink FT at end of game, to differentiate from CAT. By end of year, ACC teams were abusing on defense.

    CAT good in open floor and mostly solid (albeit not perfect) on defense. Struggled to find game when ACC teams just sloughed off and denied the drive. Came out of funk near end of season when he finally started to “get it”. High ceiling but lots to do in the offseason

    Could not have made NCAA T without both PG’s but situation had to be resolved for next year.

    Good Luck to TL


    Unbelievably offensive nicknames for what is supposed to be our team. In particular, BSW is so incredibly racist, it is hard to believe any African American actually comes to NCSU. Nice job of making State fans look like a bunch of idiot rednecks. Totally shameful.

    Lol. Tyler calls himself “White Boy” on twitter.

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