Fowler Makes His Performance a Public Issue; Sidney Lowe Q&A with Chip Alexander

There is an awful lot of interesting stuff for a Daily Update for it be a random Friday afternoon in late April. SFN will definitely have a lot more on the topics included in this entry in the coming days, but we wanted to get this out there for your comments as soon as possible.

Today there is a report by H. Williams Kellenberger in today’s Rocky Mount Telegram regarding last night’s WPC Caravan stop at Benvenue Country Club where Lee Fowler chose to make his job performance a public issue of debate.

We would like to thank the world’s biggest public-relations nightmare for choosing to open the door to public scrutiny of his job performance. Until now, no media outlet who would ever hope to be included on Fowler’s interview schedule or treated with any dignity from NC State’s Sports Information Director would dare touch the topic of analyzing NC State’s athletics performance under Fowler. Thankfully for all of us, Fowler himself has now chosen to make the issue a topic that is open to public scrutiny. Now that Fowler has oppened the door, we implore the media to GO FOR IT!

At least one member of the media has finally taken notice that there is a growing contingent of NC State fans who have started to question Lee Fowler’s job performance at NC State. Lee responded to some of his critics last night with a blatant admission of how he only cares about NC State’s performance BECAUSE of the importance of his pay check:

“I want to make sure they get this on the Internet tonight,” Fowler said, “that I do love to win. I hate losing and Wolfpackers always say, ‘Well, he doesn’t care as much as I do because he doesn’t understand.’ Well, I do understand.”

“What’s funny about N.C. State is that they pay you a check every month, and if I don’t win, and we don’t win, they’ll quit paying me that check. So I really do care about winning.”

We don’t like helping “Coach Fowler” too much around here; but, now that he has let the cat out of the bag it is too late. We couldn’t agree more with Noah’s comments in our comments section:

Lee Fowler, in case you didn’t realize it, is an idiot. Someone needs to explain to him that you don’t punch down. You punch up.

If you’re a fan, you complain about the guy above you…the coach, the AD, whatever. But if you’re the AD, you complain about the league commissioner or the NCAA. You don’t swing at the people below you on the org. totem pole.

Also, Chip Alexander did a lengthy interview with Sidney Lowe. I would recommend reading the whole interview, but here are a few of Sid’s answers:

On JJ Hickson declaring for the NBA draft:

My gut? It’s hard because he’s talked at times about the team and the guys and how he’s really enjoyed playing with these guys.

When we were in [the gym] doing some things [individually] and I gave him some instructions and said, ‘This is how we need to play the game,’ he said to me, ‘Coach, are we going to play this way next year?’ And I’d say, ‘Yes we are, that’s the plan.’ Then, on the other end, he’ll ask me did I hear anything from the league [NBA].

I think it’s just still up in the air right now. We’ll sit down and find out where he’s going with this, who all is coming out. … There are players who could have gone last year and stayed in [college] and had great years. Now they’re lottery picks. He’s certainly a lottery pick is he comes out the proper year.

On injuries to Degand and Johhny Thomas:

A: I think Farnold is ahead of Johnny. We certainly need Farnold because he has that thing you can’t teach, that speed. And he was playing pretty well for us when he got hurt. So Farnold, knock on wood, should be ready to go and Johnny will take a little longer.

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57 Responses to Fowler Makes His Performance a Public Issue; Sidney Lowe Q&A with Chip Alexander

  1. RabidWolf 04/28/2008 at 5:44 PM #

    Personally, I have become determined to blame Fowler for EVERYTHING.
    If I hit my ball into the lake, it’s Lee’s fault
    If it rains at a football game this year, it’s Lee’s fault.
    If my cable goes out, it’s Lee’s fault.
    Gas prices? You get the idea.

  2. WolftownVA81 04/28/2008 at 8:49 PM #

    “I want to make sure they get this on the Internet tonight,” Fowler said, “that I do love to win. I hate losing and Wolfpackers always say, ‘Well, he doesn’t care as much as I do because he doesn’t understand.’ Well, I do understand.”

    The second sentence is very telling in that Lee doesn’t identify himself with “Wolfpackers”. If he did, he would have said “All of us Wolfpackers want to win.” He is not for us because he is not, and never has been, of us. The best thing the Wolfpack Nation has going for it is that our AD is speaking out and as history has shown, that is a headline waiting to happen. Keep talking Lee – your doing great.

  3. WolftownVA81 04/28/2008 at 9:50 PM #

    Another quote from the article (Bobby Purcell): “He does a tremendous job day-in, day-out,” Purcell said. “I want you to know that. I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves.”

    I only met the man once at a hotel bar in Morgantown, WV (post NIT game loss) last year. However, those comments show me he should not be considered as a candidate to replace LF. How can anyone defend his overall performance. Facilities are not the measure of success. We should have a national search by an outside firm. No more good ole boy selections. The Wolfpack house needs a good cleaning.

  4. ktoh 04/29/2008 at 9:21 AM #

    Fowler has to go ,but he will be safe here beth us unticause the powers that be don’t give a damn.
    Cease please with the Q and A with Sid!Sid has no clue ,plan,vision or idea.I did not hear one hint of hope in anything he said. If JJ goes{I will not care one way or another} or if Costner does as well.
    I and most here knew it was a pretty good bet JJ was one and done here with all the hype Sid gave him. Why then do we not have a replacement for these so called front court players? Instead we get a steady diet of 6’4″ guards? No change with us until changes occur from the top ,down!

  5. blackdom 04/29/2008 at 9:50 AM #

    Our future is the past at least in basketball. TOB will get us on track in football I am sure ,but he came to us basically . Sid on the other hand was and is Lees man. Herb I am sick of hearing about him for sure ,but the whole get behind Sid movement was “He got the job late he had no choice he was stuck with Herbs players .Well I will give that to him ok. Last years class? JJ-I was led to believe he was the answer someone who would carry the team ?
    Javi ,MJ ,Degand put all three together we might have a popint guard….
    this was also our number one priority due to the graduation of Astur!
    Thomas – If he can play ?We may never know because of injuries.
    Tracy Smith- looked ok just wondering why it took so long with the season heading south it took Sid so long to put him in a game ?
    Now on to this years class? We need big people if it is true, and JJ and Brandon are gone? If they do leave we have Ben at 6’10” and Tracey at 6’7″ the rest of the squad 6’5″ or below?
    But when asked if he had any changes in coaching personal Sid answered quickly “No” how can we or anyone be optimistic about our chances or our future?

  6. kyjelly 04/29/2008 at 10:39 AM #

    ^ It is true BD is right on the money there. Where are the recruits????


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