Odds to win 2007 College FBall Title

College Football’s preseason Top 25 is shaping up and being discussed here. Relatedly, the odds for the 2007 National Champion are also out.

USC 5/2

Michigan 13/2

Florida 7/1

Texas 10/1

West Virginia 14/1

LSU 15/1

Oklahoma 17/1

Arkansas 19/1

Ohio State 28/1

Nebraska 38/1

Auburn 46/1

Notre Dame 47/1

Rutgers 52/1

Louisville 52/1

California 67/1

BYU 67/1

Georgia 73/1

Tennessee 99/1

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28 Responses to Odds to win 2007 College FBall Title

  1. boxorice 01/22/2007 at 10:43 AM #

    Both links lead to the same article.

    SFN: Oops! Thanks!

  2. Dan 01/22/2007 at 10:55 AM #

    I wonder what the over/under is on Tim Teebow articles written in 2007.

    One other thing, apparently, Michigan is going to magically become an elite team this year. Vegas is usually the only worthwhile prognosticator available seeing as how thier only bias is more making money. How they are above UF and West Va. is beyond me.

    One last thing…. not an ACC team in the bunch. Three Big East teams. Six SEC teams. BYU is there. Not one single ACC team. Ouch.

  3. oldflyingfarmer 01/22/2007 at 11:35 AM #

    Maybe NCSU will stun them all.

  4. Dan 01/22/2007 at 12:54 PM #

    The funniest item of the day.

    Arkansas idiot-posters are tracking planes. They think they’ve secretly fired Nutt and are about to pay the 2 Million to buyout Butch Davis.

    They have a link to an Arkansas private plane that supposedly picked up Butch in RDU and took him to Cleveland. Butch is an Arkansas alumn.

    First off, this is nonsense. Second, this is too good to be true. Third, this has zero chance…see #2.

  5. BoKnowsNCS71 01/22/2007 at 1:05 PM #

    I saw where Mustain re-enrolled at Arkansas (had expressed intent to transfer) so that might be fueling the fan’s fire.

    We might have to track Wendell’s plane. Maybe he is abetting the removal of Butch from our backyard (lol).

    Next thing you know they will be claiming Bill Cowher is on the plane.

  6. kool k 01/22/2007 at 1:33 PM #

    Any chance Butch might leave for the Dallas job? Isn’t that his dream job, JJ has the cash to buy him out if he wants him.

  7. roandaddy 01/22/2007 at 1:36 PM #

    Never underestimate the SEC fans (see exhibit A: Alabama, Coach Satan’s salary, and the airport scene) Its fashionable to over pay coaches now not to mention Butch hasn’t really pulled in any new recruits yet.
    Also.. if you bet $5 on everyone BUT USC.. you might end up doing pretty well.
    My bet.. Tebow ends up being the most OVERHYPED QB of all time! (see exhibit B: read any of Chris Leak’s recruiting articles.. sure he was good, but not THAT good) We know he can run straight ahead when he has 10 blockers.. but can he really pass?

  8. noah 01/22/2007 at 1:56 PM #

    “I saw where Mustain re-enrolled at Arkansas (had expressed intent to transfer) so that might be fueling the fan’s fire.”

    He still may be transferring. It would make more sense to enroll somewhere else this summer. He may have missed his enrollment date at Tulsa or Texas Tech (two possibilities).

    I’d just like to point out that Mustain shows, once again, that one recruit is never worth losing your mind about. It’s never worth it to sell your soul or promise the world for them. Houston Nutt has become a cautionary tale. He ended up hiring Mustain’s high school coach and landed several of these highly ranked players.

    Now he has to deal with Mustain’s mother wanting a sit-down for certain assurances….all for a guy that wasn’t good enough to beat out a single-wing QB.

    All of those kids are going to end up transferring…the coach he hired has quit and is at Tulsa now. And Mustain was another strong-armed QB in the Marcus Stone mode who couldn’t hit water from a boat.

    Go read about this kid Chris Rainey that has committed to Florida. Think back to Willie Williams.

    There is no such thing as a sure-thing prospect.

    Ronald Curry was supposed to be the best QB Bobby Bowden ever saw. Ron Powlus was going to win three Heisman Trophies (I will give Powlus this much…he graduated and never got into trouble and certainly wasn’t a BAD quarterback).

  9. BoKnowsNCS71 01/22/2007 at 2:18 PM #

    Noah — agree. The fantasy of Mustain as QB superhero got inflated with a book about his Sentior year (Year of the Dog) and his family (mother) getting into this (memories of Damian wilkins now rising).

    “Mustain has re-enrolled at Arkansas and plans to transfer to another University at the end of the Spring 2007 semester. He is currently undecided on which University he well transfer to. Tulsa is the likely frontrunner (Arkansas OC Gus Malzahn is there now) but other Universities in consideration are Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and UTEP.”

    Definitely a prima donna who wants to run a high aggressive passing offense that would more fully utilize his skills. Perfect case of the tail wagging the dog. He was benched after 8 wins because of an interception in the So Carolina game. One might construe that there were some negative comments in the book or some insubordination and that he really ticked off Nutt. So he’s taking his ball and going elsewhere.

    The defection of these unhappy QBs egos is increasing. UNC got one, we
    got one. What ever happened to team play and humility?

  10. Dan 01/22/2007 at 2:32 PM #

    Nutt is being rumored for the Dallas job. Friends of Jerry Jones. Maybe thats the first domino to fall.

  11. BoKnowsNCS71 01/22/2007 at 2:41 PM #

    First domino was probably Bill Parcell’s retiring. Second would be Nutt to Dallas — (what about Butch to Dallas?) then escape clause for Butch to go to the Razorbacks.

    Just can’t see a coach leaving a school after playing zero games but stranger things can happen.

  12. Dan 01/22/2007 at 2:47 PM #

    Butch aint going to Dallas. He sucked at Cleveland.

    Butch aint going to Arkansas either. This is just something that is fun to imagine and something to torment the baby blues over.

    I dont think the 2 million buyout is an obstacle. The SEC is in the middle of an arms race.

  13. Dan 01/22/2007 at 2:54 PM #

    Again, this is only to get the baby blues talking:


    Interesting account of the rumors swirling around the Arkansas program.

  14. BoKnowsNCS71 01/22/2007 at 3:00 PM #

    I just want to see them (baby Blues) sweat. Just a little.

    With a high profile coach and bigger venues to play in — this is going to be year in year out for them.

  15. noah 01/22/2007 at 3:14 PM #

    If Davis is successful at UNC, I have no doubts that the SEC will come calling.

    However, Davis ain’t leaving before coaching a game.

  16. Dan 01/22/2007 at 3:25 PM #

    ^ Noah, you are right, but would you take a 50% pay raise to go home to your alma mata? Its like free money. You are right, he aint going. But if Nutt does vacate that job somehow, Butch Davis is going to be slapping his forehead.

  17. roandaddy 01/22/2007 at 3:34 PM #

    Guys.. we are talking about AR-Kansas.. not Southern Cal or Notre Dame..
    It ain’t THAT nice of a job. Seriously, when was the last time AR-Kansas was good in football? They should be extremely pleased with the job Houston has done. I thought State would have been lucky to get him… well.. before all the recent drama. But he can coach and recruit.

  18. BoKnowsNCS71 01/22/2007 at 4:15 PM #

    It’s the Butterfly Effect —

    The idea that very small causes can produce dramatically out-of-proportion effects. The notion that “the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil” might “set off a tornado in Texas” The butterfly effect is an illustration of sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

    Except in this case a flap in Dallas creates butterflies in Chapel Hill

  19. packpigskinfan23 01/22/2007 at 4:15 PM #

    as for the pre-season top 25 it is good to see BYU getting some respect. I really wonder who they have coming in as QB this year. Bronco Mendenhall has done a GREAT job up there.

    this years suprise QB to come out of the draft is going to be John Beck. watch out for him guys. He’s gonna be a NFL starter in the next 3 or 4 years, if not well before!

  20. ldr of pk 75 01/22/2007 at 4:54 PM #

    No real surprise for a Top 25, but, this early it’s a guess. What is interesting is that the names don’t change much. I don’t hear the OSU’s, USC’s, Texas’s etc. crying about losing their Heisman winners and whining about oh my what will we do. Real teams don’t have to, they just keep on keepin’ on. The majority of the ACC is so far removed from “real” that it just keeps getting harder, but not impossible. We maybe a long ways from real at this point, but I think TOB can get us to the point where graduation or early entry NFL won’t be a death knell every time it happens. We’ll have to walk before we run.

  21. noah 01/22/2007 at 5:15 PM #

    “It ain’t THAT nice of a job. Seriously, when was the last time AR-Kansas was good in football?”

    Last year.

    They have a national title. We don’t. Carolina doesn’t. They were pretty great when Frank Broyles was there. He was the coach that Holtz replaced after his 1/2 a season with the Jets (1977?)

    They were in the SWC, so I’m sure they were as dirty as hell to get there. But let’s not pretend that a Big Four coaching job compares.

  22. wesley 01/22/2007 at 7:34 PM #

    “So your tellin me theres a chance?”
    -Dumb and dumber

  23. lsutton5144 01/22/2007 at 7:38 PM #

    Did anybody else see the Simms brothers sitting with TOB at the basketball game Saturday? Anybody heard if we are recruiting?

  24. bTHEredterror 01/23/2007 at 3:39 AM #

    I saw the Simms brothers too Sutton, it was funny to me. The Announcers were talking like they were looking for TOB for a few minutes, finally found him, and lo and behold….Simms brothers. Brett Musberger seemed somewhat surprised they were there.
    Haven’t heard if we are in the running for the younger Simms, but it was hella cool to see that picture. Coach is swinging for the fences! Too bad they got to watch us get served on our home floor.

  25. class of 74 01/23/2007 at 6:06 AM #

    How many games did Mike Price coach at Bama before he left? How many did Cremins coach at USC after he was hired there? It is very possible for Davis to leave, not likely but possible that’s all.

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