More Hickson in the Media

To illustrate the point of why JJ Hickson’s commitment was so vital to the health (and maybe more importantly, the perceived health) of the NC State basketball program, we direct you to this Fayetteville Observer article and Dave Glenn’s insightful blog post. Perhaps the best summary I’ve seen is in the last two paragraphs of Dan Wiederer’s piece:

Perhaps even bigger for State is the potential for Hickson’s commitment to create an excited buzz about the Wolfpack program. “This could turn out to be monumental in the way it may influence and affect other top recruits,� Oettinger said. “A commitment of this magnitude tells other kids that State may indeed be on its way back. When (Lowe) took over there was some skepticism as to whether he would ever be able to land that top-tier blue chip recruit. Well now he’s proven it. And he’s proven it in his first year.�

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