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We had a quite a weekend of despair on the gridiron, so we ask that you spend time scrolling through some of our football entries on your own without a lot of linking from us. We’ll get back to a lot more commentary on the Pack’s spiraling season later in the day. But, while hope still springs eternal for the Pack we thought that we would hit some items that you may have not seen yet.

Julius Mays
One of our most popular single-day entries in quite a while was our entry regarding the Julius Mays commitment linked here. Many of the comments shared in that entry are as good or better than the entry itself and you really should read through them if you haven’t.

The unique twist to analyzing Mays’ commitment is that we just don’t know that much about him and his talent yet to make any kind of accurate conclusions. If Mays ends up a Top 50 national player and one of the 10 best point guards in America then the staff has obviously hit a grand slam with an extremely early assessment of a talented player. If Mays ends up as one of the Top 200 players in America as a “combo” guard then his fit on the roster is a little more perplexing in light of existing players in the program and the enormous success that Coach Lowe‘s staff is having gaining access and interest with the most talented high school players in America.

Coach Lowe Article
The Durham Herald Sun had a nice article on NC State Basketball and Coach Lowe last week that we didn’t discuss. (Link to article) There is nothing there that you haven’t seen before but it is worth a quick link.

For sure, Lowe is going to ask for your patience, and it would be thoughtful and maybe rewarding if you gave it to him. Consider his situation for a minute.

He directed Jim Valvano’s 1983 NCAA championship team as a point guard who’d value the ball, distribute it to the right teammates, usually at the exact time for a high-percentage shot. Lowe would stare down defenders and dare them to get close and then, with the quickness of a cheetah, he’d whip a pass to the waiting hands of Thurl Bailey. Then, as Lowe would sometimes do, he’d wink over at Valvano who’d rub his dark eyebrows as if, well yeah, that was the right thing to do, Sidney.

If it hasn’t already happened to Lowe, it will — and that’s the day he’ll be catching a flight from Raleigh-Durham International and either Mike Krzyzewski or Roy Williams, or maybe both, will be there, too.

The territory is cluttered with national titles and Lowe knows it.

“We’re going to get it where it needs to be,” Lowe said, drawing on the coachspeak you’d expect from a man who will be an underdog more times than he’d like. “We might have to make some adjustments.”

Pearl’s Personality
ESPN ran a very interesting article that you will enjoy focused on Tennessee’s Bruce Pearl –
Pearl’s Personality as bright as his sports coat

After years of dreadful dullness, the SEC has transformed into the most charisma-laden league in America — without any help from the flagship program, Kentucky.

Please don’t ever mis-read any of our comments about other coaches as complaint/indictments on the hiring of Sidney Lowe. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, Pearl represents one of those awesome options that would have been available to NC State had Lee Fowler ever taken charge of State’s basketball program so we like to follow him (for numerous reasons).

For the record, we aren’t just looking back at Pearl with the use of hindsight now that he is successful at UT. Take a look at our entry from March 30, 2005 when he was hired and before he ever coached a game. Identifying up-and-coming coaching talent really isn’t that hard…even for the lunatic fringe who don’t “know basketball”.

Again, really good article on ESPN that you will enjoy.

Best Games of the Year
College Basketball junkies will likely take the games discussed in this article and drop them into their calendars for viewing during the year.

Give Sendek Some Time Follow-up
We were so busy last week that this entry got a little lost in the midst of all of our work. We wanted to re-link it because it was related to basketball but also because the conversation that was had inthe comments was fantastic and accurately articulated some people’s opinions that are often mis-represented on the internet. It’s definitely worth some reading.

Red / White Game
The following is some video from last week’s Red / White game. (Link to related comments about the scheduling of the R/W game.)

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16 Responses to Basketball Approaches

  1. Andy 10/30/2006 at 1:01 PM #

    Good Sendek/ASU read for those with ESPN insider subscriptions (Blue Ribbon Preview):

  2. redfred2 10/30/2006 at 1:26 PM #

    Is there any way to see some video footage of Duke’s, or UNC’s first public scrimage of the year for comparison purposes. I’m just wondering how those school’s athletic departments set up for their routine, and yearly introductions of players, and the coaches who are already settled in. I’m just wondering how their run of the mill scrimmages compare, to a once in a lifetime event such as was held for Sidney Lowe and his staff.

    Wasn’t there, and I’m judging by this video alone, but man the hoop la!!!
    Wedsnesday night…women’s team, Kaye being right there…and all of the empty seats in the RBC…

    Was Lee Fowler present? Did he have some encouraging for his new coaches? Or did he even speak?

    This athletic department’s foresight is mirrored, exactly in it’s preparation and the image that it presents to the public.

    Lack lustre leadership/mediocre results at best.

    SFN: Their programs aren’t run by Nora Lynn Finch, Kay Yow and the woman’s mafia like our program is run.

  3. packbackr04 10/30/2006 at 2:11 PM #

    does anyone know when the early signing period starts?

    can we please talk about bball since i begin to gently weap every time we talk about football. Speaking of, Does Marc Trestman still have a job at NC State? IF so, why?

    anyone wanna tell me who these mystery recruits are?

  4. RickJ 10/30/2006 at 2:38 PM #

    ^Basketball (Early Period) November 8, 2006 through November 15, 2006
    Basketball (Late Period) April 11, 2007 through May 16, 2007

  5. vtpackfan 10/30/2006 at 7:50 PM #

    We gotta ink Tracy Smith folks. Keep up on ‘Bama PG verbal who is know undecided. Atsur achilles, Degands petition, who man there is way more going on off the court during this transition period than on the court its sort of out of hand. I am looking forward to the scoring poosibilities of Fells/Grant/Costner, even w/o Atsur on the court to begin the season (I mean someone gotta score for us right, its not football season). How can Sid keep McAuley fresh and out of foul trouble is a big question, since I think he is a legitimate 8 pts, 8 rebound guy in the ACC if he is not gassed out by mid season. How can Sid get 4 minutes a game out of big Lew this season is a biq unknown. Are there any walks on over 6’6″ to speak off?

  6. redfred2 10/30/2006 at 9:11 PM #

    Speaking of Atsur, I thought I saw the word “gravis” typed somewhere on an earlier thread. Was that refering to Atsur’s condition?

  7. Woof Wolf 10/30/2006 at 10:26 PM #

    Nine days to early signing. Eleven days to game one.

  8. WolfPup35 10/30/2006 at 10:33 PM #

    The ‘Pack should be able to surprise some teams who have gotten used to them holding the ball and lofting a hopeful 3 at the end of the clock. I DO think that Sid will try to use some of the same ‘junk’ defenses that V had so much success using (box & 1, triangle & 2, etc). If he can teach his kids (and I know he can) to play within the system and be confident in themselves, then the ‘Pack can STUN the ACC. Go Pack!!


  9. JimValvano 10/31/2006 at 12:24 AM #

    I don’t know what you guys with SFN want to do with this, but here is an update on Chris Warren from that is an interview about his visit to Ole Miss. I think this guy is still pretty important to the future of our program. We’ll need a point man next year and this guy seems to be our best bet…but maybe that chance is fading.

  10. StateFans 10/31/2006 at 9:12 AM #

    We highlighted thoughts on a lot of these recruiting & scholarship topics in this fantastic entry.

    Despite many fan’s comments on the internet about their personal desires to ‘want’ Chris Warren..and that it would be a good idea to get Rico Picket, etc…..we are holding pretty firm to our guidance and our analysis of those situations.

    Based on the players that we have a good shot at landing in the 2008 class we don’t know why anyone would support spending a scholarship on any other players in the 2007 class not named Tracy Smith or ranked in the Top 25.

  11. packbackr04 10/31/2006 at 10:59 AM #

    SFN^^It sounds as if you think one of the mystery guys will commit if you are saying we dont need to give anymore schollies unless they are top 25 guys. so when are we going to here from these mystery guys? Is it Austin Freeman, coming per sids dematha connection?

    And when will Farnold be told his status for the upcoming year?

  12. primacyone 10/31/2006 at 2:45 PM #

    ^^^Ahh, the box & 1, the triangle & 2. Good times. I miss those days. I miss the days when the coaching was as good if not better than the guys playing.

    Jimmy V, Dean, Norm Slaon, Lefty, Terry Holland, Bobby Cremmins, even Cliff Barnes for that matter. ACC basketball was about great players and great coaches. Great in-game caaches. Those guys would really battle it out, adjustment after adjustment. When I think of that game where Jimmy V introduced the box and 1 against Michael Jordan. That was an awesome game. Dean and Jimmy V new how to keep everybody on the edge of their seet. Now it seems everybody gets the best players they can get and just let’s them run up and down the floor.

    The in game coaching ability of all those guys was just awesome. Looking over on the bench at the red and white game and seeing Sidney Lowe and Monte Towe especially, but also Larry Harris and Pete Strickland, I got the feeling that we were going to see some awesome coaching come out of this crew as well.

  13. Jeremy Hyatt 10/31/2006 at 3:02 PM #

    why was my comment about the read and white game removed, SFN? kind of silly I don’t think it could possibly offend anyone. what is this gestapo businesss.

  14. redfred2 11/01/2006 at 1:16 PM #

    primacy- It is an art form that we haven’t seen in a while, for sure. It is somewhat complicated and technical, but then again, it isn’t. It’s like playground ball, you line up, start playing and when you get abused by the guy you’re guarding, you switch off.

    It is admittedly more complicated more than that. But the ability to watch kids in practice and pick up on their major strengths, and then develop ever changing strategies to use them at game time, will go further than most believe. Also the ability to pick out the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, what to try to disrupt, and what is unstoppable or just better left alone.

    That’s what I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing once again in Raleigh in a just few short months. Amen.

  15. packbackr04 11/03/2006 at 9:40 AM #

    well put red^


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