Miracle in Raleigh

Wow. With the best Hail Mary since Erik Kramer beat USC on an untimed down in 1986, Daniel Evans enters Wolfpack folklore. The kid sure has poise, and can tear up a base defense. He can also read a defense like a 10-year NFL veteran. As long as he doesn’t get killed behind our still-porous offensive line, he could very well save this season.

In the end, the missed extra point, Ryan’s bobbled snap on 3rd and 1, and some questionable end-of-game management (single coverage on Dunlap – with a safety – WTF?) killed the Eagles. They had been living right in close games, and they finally got bit.

The road to the Atlantic Division title now clearly runs through Clemson, South Carolina. But it is without question a free-for-all.

It was also a special night for Johnny Evans. It was special to hear Johnny interview Daniel after his big game. It was amazing to hear how professional Johnny Evans handled himself during the game. Class act, couldn’t be happier for the Evans family.

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  1. brown pelican 09/24/2006 at 12:36 PM #

    great play by a great kid—he’ll take his lumps at times this season—however—he will consistently improve—the key will be to have the fan base and the coaching staff stay patient and watch the young man develop—by the end of the season he should be one of the best in the conference—the poise, decision making and ultimately the play making was just what he did when given the opportunity at broughton

  2. redfred2 09/24/2006 at 1:03 PM #

    About the time out, or lack thereof, and the discussion going into half time, lets be fair. I think it was bad move and looking on as a fan, I say air it out and see what happens. But this offense, or rather the OC hasn’t done much to inspire any real confidence, a bobbled punt, a young QB starting in first game, or a penalty giving Ryan and BC another shot, may have been the reason for the hesitation.

    As far as Chuck’s explanation on the sidelines going into locker at half time, he’s in the game, just in the game, and with an undefeated and nationally ranked opponent in #20 BC. The offense is now offering him options he hasn’t even thought of earlier and he’s thinking we have a lot to talk about here, just let me go.

    Or maybe not, but it’s for alot the then Mr Hot Seat to ingest and still talk coherently with the #*%* media, when all he’s thinking about is talking to his players at halftime, winning the game, and keeping his job.

  3. Wolfpack4ever 09/24/2006 at 1:06 PM #

    Gee, wouldn’t it be great if Chuck said all the right things — things we think he should have said. After all, MOC SAID all the right things.

  4. WolfpackSteelerfan 09/24/2006 at 1:10 PM #

    I wouldn’t have called the timeout before the half either, because BC at midfield, and the previous two drives had stalled (IIRC) deep in our own end, culminated by Deraney hitting some very short punts. In at least one of those, I think he hit it short to avoid it being blocked. But, anyway, with a young QB in his first start, I would have made the same decision that Chuck did.

  5. WolfpackSteelerfan 09/24/2006 at 1:12 PM #

    Oh, and not to lose sight of it: Man, that was an awesome win!! I was about giddy for at least 10 minutes afterward. What a way to win!

  6. bTHEredterror 09/24/2006 at 1:15 PM #

    I’m not getting of the coaches until, week after week, they play that hard. This game relieves the pressure and Chuck and co., but only until the next egg gets laid. IMO this just proves they were asleep at the wheel. How can you beat in that fashion, the best team you have played, and yet not show up against two lesser teams?
    True the OL is obviously a concern, and I agree Newby in particular got owned most of the game, but that inherent weakness points to coaching as well. Either poor recruiting or not developing OL (whcih really has been something of an issue under Chuck every year) the blame lay with the coaches. I was pleased to see the effort there, and before the heroics even began, I was satisfied with the game we played. I couldn’t get to the game, but the crowd was great, and I think showed in the national spotlight we were a positive group. The only booing came when Chuck let a minute and change drip from the 1st half game clock, and I understand that. I would have joined the boos. I also understand why the coaching staff would make that choice, even though I disagree with it. Trestman called a good, patient game, and based on reports, handled Evans great (one article said after the INT Hill caused, Trestman told Evans to stay in it! which he did of course).
    The most exciting part of this is that it was a team win, Evans gets a lionshare of the credit, as QB’s often do, but the D-Line was relentless against a very good ol, and the LB’s undermanned as they were made some plays. Young Ernest Jones looked alright out there in place of Martin. And our Special Teams helped us fight the field position battle well. It was a win we as Pack fans can relate to, last second against all odds. Get ready for FSU, it’s likely to be the same type of game.

  7. GoZips 09/24/2006 at 1:27 PM #

    Congratulations on a fine win. The Wolfpack has lots of supporters here in the ZipNation.org

    Coming home after our easy win over North Texas, yes, they are that bad,
    I was able to watch 1/2 the third and all of the fourth quarter of your game.

    We were confident and pulling for NC State all the way. A great win over a quality team. Thus proving that the Wolfpack is not some schlock team.

    The new QB is a player. Glad we didn’t face him. Good luck the rest of the season.

  8. packgrad2000 09/24/2006 at 1:45 PM #

    Great win. The D played MUCH better than expected. Tank Tyler was a freaking beast out there and more than made up for his ejection last week. A.J. Davis should be given a lot of credit as well. We sure have missed him. Still some stupid personal fouls (a late hit) and obviously the roughing the kicker that needs to be dealt with (same story, different game). OL was weak as expected but just the fact that DE was still playing at the end means they did OK. The false start on Jon Holt was nothing short of hilarious. He was over by the left guard before the rest of the line even moved! Brown and Baker are incredible in the open field…they can shake off just about anybody. And of course Evans made some great decisions after getting out the jitters the first quarter. My brother is friends with him (well, more with his brother Andrew) and says Daniel is so low key and mellow…certainly showed tonight as he was not rattled at all!

  9. legacyman 09/24/2006 at 2:00 PM #

    I would like to relish this win w/o trying to bash the coaches or any players who might have goofed on a series. It has been a long time since we won a squeaker much less beat a good team at home. Let’s quit bashing the coaches and get behind this team. Daniel had a miracle game and good for him, the team, the coaches, the fans, the Wolfpack family and the state of NC.

  10. GrandWolf 09/24/2006 at 2:36 PM #

    Up until last night, the loudest I had ever heard C-F Stadium was during some of the defensive stands against Penn State in 1974.

    Last night when Dunlop snagged that ball, that ’74 experience took a back seat.

    Dang good game. Can’t wait to see Daniel progress now through his career.

    Unreal game.

  11. packpigskinfan23 09/24/2006 at 5:11 PM #

    I had a few problems with the offensive play calling, and game time decisions(I think if chuck would just explain things a bit better, or acted like he KNEW why he really made a call it would make things better), but with that said I am not gonna waste any more time with it….

    the only thing I want to throw out there, that I dont think anyone has mentioned yet is this- We dont have a game for 11 days. We have plenty of time to prepare… BUT hopefully our lovely OffCoord dosnt feel the need to cram too much into young Evan’s mind. He played with great heart and instinct in the second half Saturday night, and I hope they let a little bit of that reamain and dont spend TOO MUCH time with the x’s and o’s

  12. vtpackfan 09/24/2006 at 6:07 PM #

    A lot can be said about the excecution of plays, play calling, time management, ect,ect… But this game really served as a wake up call to a team that never was able to find a new identity after losing mega star talent to the NFL. It was assumed by the Defense after PR left, and for the first time in many years CTC had no side of the ball, or even special teams, to strut and intimidate the opposing team. The way that the defence played yesterday after spending so much time on the field in the first half and then losing Martin, was truly amazing. It was as if the longer the game went on they were actually showing up the BC guys by not fatigueing. There was no way BC would have felt good about going to ot against a Defense that had showed no quit in them.
    Brown and Baker showed flashes of last year when they carried the bulk of the yardage and scoring during Packs 5-1 run to end the year. Evans showed late in the game that he could tuck the ball a fight back into the LOS, or over throw (or underthrow) a ball to take out chances of costly picks. We probably have to keep Hill in on virtually every passinf situation because of our poor line play. That leaves WR deep threat and screens/swing passes. Its a simple plan but if teams respect DE passing game enough then Brown, Baker and Eugense should be able to make something happen.
    I still don’t know if they have found there identity yet but playing through injuries and adversity shows that they are searchin really hard right knw and may be close to figuring something out. Hopefully Blackman is out only one more game, and the OL can get used to DE’s cadence (the offside shit won’t cut it against FSU D)

  13. tractor57 09/24/2006 at 7:16 PM #

    I think most of us can point to some areas where we thought the coaching decisions or play on the field could have been better but what an inspiration Daniel Evans proved to be. Certainly there is more work to be done but I say enjoy the moment!
    That ending is what college athletics should be about.

  14. beowolf 09/24/2006 at 8:10 PM #

    BJD, I thought the same thing about the “flick” play. That was very cool-headed. Love that he didn’t get rattled on a key third down while being pursued.

  15. thebigwood 09/24/2006 at 8:29 PM #

    does anyone know anything about the recruits that were at the game?

  16. choppack1 09/24/2006 at 9:34 PM #

    All I can say is that’s the reward for being a diehard fan of a sports team. It’s those special moments like last night that make all the pain and the heartache worthwhile.

  17. Wolfpack4ever 09/24/2006 at 9:41 PM #

    I would like to offer another point of view of our OL: pass blocking OK. Run blocklng not so hot. O-Line University, of BC as it is sometimes called, allowed 3 sacks and some negative yardage plays while, our often maligned O-Line gave up 2 sacks and more than a few negative yardage plays.

    We were somewhat more effective than our “sister” University in allowing yardage and points. Come to think of it, my sister could have played better D.

  18. Woof Wolf 09/24/2006 at 10:04 PM #

    How big is your sister? Does she have any eligibility left?

  19. Astral Rain 09/24/2006 at 10:55 PM #

    I just saw the video of Amato’s post-game interview. I haven’t seen a coach so emotional after a win in a long time. Makes you feel good for the guy, even if you think he makes a lot of stupid decisions.

    I’m hoping Evans gets confidence from this, and gets better now. We’ll need him to be.

  20. Glen Sudhop54 09/24/2006 at 11:46 PM #

    Great win ! It just may save the season for us.

    I have a question for the experts assembled here.

    When we took the lead 16-15, what was the purpose of kicking the XP instead of going for 2? Whether the score is 16-15 or 17-15 a field goal beats you. Granted, BC didnt have enough time to set up a field goal, but that 17th point was useless. Am I missing something here? Seems like we should have gone for 2 to try and make it 18-15. Not likely, but let’s say a BC guy runs the kickoff back to the State 30 yd line or so and one of our guys accidentally gets ahold of the facemask while tackling. The game cant end on a penalty and BC kicks a field goal on the last play to win 18-17.

    Somebody please enlighten me to the strategy of not trying to make it a 3pt lead, I can’t figure it out.

    GO PACK!!

  21. class of 74 09/25/2006 at 6:07 AM #

    ^You could make the case for taking a knee on the point after. What if the kick were blocked or we go for two and fumble or get intercepted and in any of these scenarios have it returned for two points against us? Now that would have been the ultimate let down.

  22. vtpackfan 09/25/2006 at 7:24 AM #

    One thought could be that Chuck sent out PAT unit to get the play off fastest. Not that there was any doubt but he may have wanted a play to be run in efforts to get the replay totally out of the question. I don’t question it too much because those are the little things that coaches are always doing to play against the “hypathetical” scenarios. Did Nute Rockne, or Vince Lombardi get all the scenerarios right all the time in close games. Probably not, since those kind of game play calls are remembmered when ball takes a funny bounce or a guy makes a bone head play in the closing seconds. Sometimes a head coach can do a great job getting the guys focused on the task and fostering a belief that todays the day you will triumph. I know thre guys aren’t worried ’bout it because they felt anything the coach asked of them they could make it happen, PAT, two point conversion, 60+ yards in under a minute with no timeouts, whatever.

  23. packpigskinfan23 09/25/2006 at 8:12 AM #

    I think the coaches probably have more faith in the superb kicker we have than anyone else on the team… I dont think thats a bad thing at all. He deserves all the credit he can get!!

  24. packpigskinfan23 09/25/2006 at 8:30 AM #

    ^Evans,Dunlap,and the D do also… dont get me wrong!

  25. Pack Laddie 09/25/2006 at 8:36 AM #

    When one point is meaningless, as was the case Saturday night, I think you should just take a knee, and not risk anything. If there is a bad (or mishandled) snap, or the kick is blocked, and they scoop it up and run it back, you are behind.

    You run the same risk if you go for two, although if you do get the two, then a FG cannot beat you (but it was very unlikely, if not impossible given the time left, for them to get in position for a FG attempt)

    With 8 seconds to go, and the new rule starting the clock as soon as the ball is kicked off, they are probably not going to have a play from scrimmage, so I think I would have eliminated any possibility of a botched play where they could have gotten two. Take a knee, kick it off, ball game.

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