Did You Really Think the Akron Line Would be -10.5?

First of all we don’t gamble, we look at the lines when they are released to get a feel of what Vegas thinks of an upcoming game. Personally, I thought that the line would be NC State-3. So I was suprised to see that NC State has opened as a 10.5 point favorite. For NC State to win by more than 10 points we are going to have to “open up the playbook” and unleash the “lethal forward pass”. Couple other ACC games this week: BC 1 pt fav. over Clemson and VT 11pt favorite over UNC.

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  1. slushy1975 09/04/2006 at 10:34 AM #

    The opening spread is very much shift as these are the entry odds on an “off game” for Vegas bookies.

    If tons of bets come on on Akron’s side (which they can lose by 10 points and the bettor would STILL win money on the Zips), then you’ll see the spread shrink to, likely, what the blogger feels is “appropriate.”

    However, if bettors feel the Pack will pull away, easily, by 10.5 points, you could see a spread jump to 15 points or so – the next significant scoring margin of victory.

    Maybe Vegas sees Akron, talent-wise, as on par with App State? I could see it.

    For all the early season hype on Clemson, it’s interesting that the odds are basically a push against Boston College. The Va Tech spread of 11 points, I expect, will grow given the UNC’s weekend loss to Rutgers.

    It’s too bad my money is chronically “scared money.”

  2. packpigskinfan23 09/04/2006 at 11:48 AM #

    Clemson looked great this weekend… and BC looked horrible… I def. pick Clemson to dominate.

    I can only hope we dominate against Akron… tough team. Va Tech is gonna murder Carolina 🙂

  3. redfred2 09/04/2006 at 12:12 PM #

    I really hope that Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer will finally show some real ACC class, *like most Wolfpack fans expect from our coaches,* by taking it really easy on Bunting’s Tar Heels.

    That would really help the VT program earn respect and be of immense benefit to them on the recruiting trail.


  4. cfpack03 09/04/2006 at 2:27 PM #

    geez fred, you’re in a pissy mood today. I remember a while back you trying to correct me when I said one thing about Kenny Inge being terrible. Now you’re flaming out today… I hope this is rare form for you

  5. Wolfpack4ever 09/04/2006 at 2:41 PM #

    Fred, taking it real easy on an opponent is not the same as going deep in the fourth quarter trying to run up the score and I think you know the difference. Playing your best, tackling hard, crisp blocking and executing fundamentals is not the same as showing off your quarterback’s arm, feeding your ego and impressing the XFansNation while embarrassing a bunch of kids who don’t have the talent your team has. (If we have a chance to embarrass the tarholes, all bets are off BTW.) What recruit is impressed by running up the score against a 1A team?

  6. redfred2 09/04/2006 at 2:55 PM #


    Maybe you misunderstood my post, I’m not flaming out on anyone, not Beamer anyway, he has every right to score as many points against anyone his team faces.

    I guess I brought some emotions over from the game thread where some of the Wolfpack faithful were saying that they thought it was classly for Amato not to try to run the score up on App. by passing late in the game. I don’t think that was exactly the case, but I wouldn’t consider it classy either way.

    I think that offense had better be learning to how to complete some passes and learning how to score every chance they get, just like everyone else did on Saturday and irregardless of their opponents. It might help with the player’s confidence on the field. The lack of confidence coming shown in the play calling surely isn’t.

  7. cfpack03 09/04/2006 at 3:30 PM #

    No, I understood the deadpan delivery of your post. I saw all the emotion on the prior topic, all the pointless negativity for the majority, and this last comment I felt was the least warranted, especially from you who called me out on my Inge bashing.
    Anyway, I actually agree with you that our offensive playcalling had nothing to do with class or respecting a lesser team. I saw quite a few passing plays where Stone took a quick look, then just tucked and ran. We clearly have some room for development but overall I’m satisfied with our performance Saturday.

  8. cfpack03 09/04/2006 at 3:33 PM #

    Almost forgot, I think us giving 10.5 to Akron is a fair bet. Believe me, Vegas thoroughly researches every game. IMO, we SHOULD be heavy favorites since the Zips will not be able to stop 24 or 22.

    And, Clemson over BC is a safe bet.

  9. Wolfpack4ever 09/04/2006 at 3:41 PM #

    “The lack of confidence coming shown in the play calling” is a valid interpretation. Another possible interpretation is the offence, what Trestman was practicing, was a possesion offense that would complement the outstanding running game that is clearly State’s strong suite. The time spent on player development on the OL was a sacrifice to practicing the deep passing game 11v11. Passing timing can be worked on in a 7v7 shell as effectively if not more so, as in 11v11. The blocking and line play is IMNSHO developed in 11v11.

    The bottom line is unless we are privy to exactly what Trestman was attempting to do, any criticism, much less assumptions as to his doubts and fears, is at best brain-farting.

    I am also amused to read the high praise that Caulton Tutor gets for his analysis of football. Yeah, if I wanted an educated, experience-based thought about football (or basketball for that matter), a sports writer with Caulton’s background is where I’d go. I’m about as interested in what the N&O has to say about NCSU as my wife is about my opinion of what it is to have a baby.

    SFN – we are amused that you mistook praise for Tudor’s ability to succinctly analyze the (obvious) current situation on our football team as some kind of deep analysis of football.

    Our D should be given a good test by Akron Saturday. Those guys air it out pretty good. And why do they air it out? They don’t have the horses to grind it out. I’ll have to wait and see but I think our backs will have an even better day running against Akron than ASU.

  10. packpigskinfan23 09/04/2006 at 3:46 PM #

    I dont give two poos for respecting the other team… but handing off the ball and running down the clock in a non-confrence game, against a team that(even though a lot of you hard heads STILL dont believe) could come back on you is actully a pretty good idea.

    I really think the negativity is a bit childish… we won. I would hate to be a player/coach/booster and have to read all of this. it really dosnt make you feel to good about the win, and dosnt really boost your confidence heading into the Akron game, that is gonna be a bit tougher. Us 10 points over a team that held in there against Penn State?!?!

  11. packpigskinfan23 09/04/2006 at 3:46 PM #

    the W is NOT going to just be handed to us

  12. pack7483 09/04/2006 at 4:48 PM #

    i am going to bet the mortgage on the zips……no way in H we cover 10.5. no way.

  13. pack7483 09/04/2006 at 4:51 PM #

    cfpack03…..why do you think the Zips won’t be able to stop 22 or 24? Akron held Penn St to 80 total yards rushing.

  14. Wolfpack4ever 09/04/2006 at 7:17 PM #

    “SFN – we are amused that you mistook praise for Tudor’s ability to succinctly analyze the (obvious) current situation on our football team as some kind of deep analysis of football.”

    SFN – My goof! I was on automatic rejecting praise of Tudor. I have so little use for his analysis, succinct or otherwise, I was knee-jerk.

  15. bTHEredterror 09/04/2006 at 8:48 PM #

    I’m trying to figure out where these 10.5 pts are gonna come from. With Stone’s performance last week, there will certainly be a couple 9 man fronts waiting for the B’s. As much as we were griping about the scheduling, it looks pretty smart after Saturday. Progressively more difficult games (relatively speaking) until the ‘Noles come strolling in.

    The Clemson/BC line looks realistic if you consider BC played a much better team on the road, and they are also the home team. Clemson has laid some eggs in this type of game under Tommy Bowden.

    The sheep will be wishing for only an eleven point loss after the Hokies get done with ’em. Brandon Orr will have a huge day. The Holes are looking 1-4 (0-5 if fates are kind) dead in the face with games against Miami and Clemson following VT and Furman, incidentally the team with the most wins as a IAA vs. a IA opponent.

  16. redfred2 09/04/2006 at 9:30 PM #


    I think you read more into my post than was intended. All I wanted to hear was that they at least experimented with the passing game. Maybe Stone needs to be forced to throw the ball down field without any other options. Either way, no matter how good the defense and the running game are, that day will come. No better place for a gut check than the first game of the season against Appalachian State.

    Was anything learned on Saturday in that regard that will carry over into next week’s game against Akron? That is besides helping Akron’s defensive coordinator make up a gameplan that will be keying heavily on the run and not much of anything else.

  17. choppack1 09/04/2006 at 10:07 PM #

    One has to hope that this isn’t just the bias that Vegas will put into games like this – a major vs. mid-major. I would be thrilled w/ an 11 point win over Akron.

    We’ll see – I’m hoping we’re faster and more physical than PSU – I believe the first one is possible…We also may have been holding out.

  18. redfred2 09/04/2006 at 10:39 PM #


    I’ll try not to brain fart anymore, and no, I cannot read Trestman’s mind. All I know is that there is still no sign of a passing game, there’s not even much of an attempt at it, even against an early opponent who is good, but still one of the weaker teams when compared to the conference schedule. I think that at a least threat to pass the ball, not total a lack of confidence and hesitation whether it’s stemming from the coaches or the QB, may just be a necessity at sometime during this upcoming conference season. I may be wrong about that, but it would at least be helpful for other defensive coordinators to see some evidence of that ability on early season scouting films anyway.

    Maybe it’s a foregone conclusion by the coaches and not an option, or maybe it is? But if play calling doesn’t open up some and give the players on the field time to work at it on gameday, Marcus Stone and the fans may never have a chance to know either way.

    There’s nothing wrong with ultra conservative and I’d love nothing more than to run the ball down everyone’s throats anyway. Four yards and cloud of dust works every time. If Trestman can pull that off for a whole season and end up with a half way decent record at year end, then great, and more power to him.

  19. Wolfpack4ever 09/04/2006 at 10:58 PM #

    Maybe Vegas thinks that a strong D can win over a team that has to pass to move the football.

    I wish to once again remind those that think a great or even good passing game is great news in the opener vs. a 1AA team, that it is meaningless. In last year’s opener vs. E Kentucky, we demonstrated how great we were throwing the ball (does anyone have access to Jay’s stats) and how meaningless it was as far as the future was concerned. And didn’t Stone complete a long pass for either a TD or very good yardage in the opening series against BC? Then BC ate our lunch when we couldn’t move the football against that ridiculously strong DE of theirs.

    I would love to have an adequate or even great passing QB. Like it or not Stone is our date at the prom. As bad as JD was, Stone couldn’t beat him out in the spring and DE didn’t beat MS out this last spring. (I do wish Greco would have stuck around.) I think I recall DE tossing a generous amount of picks in the spring and fall.

    No ladies, big whoop passing in an opener is no guarantee of success later on. The Tarhole QB had a great day passing (to his and theirs) and all JB could do was lament the fact that his D sucked.

    Domination in the trenches is where it’s at and THAT is a real concern IMNSHO We didn’t dominate with our O line. That’s what we best be working on. I’d like to see some agile, mobile and hotile O linemen ala Sean Locklear out there. What happened to Jeraill McCuller? I thought he might be ready to start if not contribute by now.

  20. packpigskinfan23 09/04/2006 at 11:37 PM #

    redfred- with all of what we have been arguing done with now, I think that you and me actully are on the same page… I agree

  21. Jeremy Hyatt 09/05/2006 at 12:42 AM #

    um.. ok so what happened with Chris Wright’s visit?! : }

  22. redfred2 09/05/2006 at 8:49 AM #


    Some good points you brought up there. I agree about domination up front and hopefully the O line will gel as the season progresses. I will say that your comparisons to J Davis stats in the EK game last year are also correct and meant zip later on. But what if the running game just can’t get anything going in just one game, especially with the O line just starting to come together, what then? I still say Davis was ahead of where Stone is now, confidence-wise at least, after that EK game. Maybe not, but he was at least given an opportunity to throw the ball early and should have been anyway. The stats are definitely in your favor, but that was Jay Davis, a quarterback who did not improve with time and experience. Hopefully Stone is different.

    I really thought Stone would come out looking sharper from the get go this season and believe that he still may improve substantially. We’ll have to wait and see if it happens as the schedule gets tougher and tougher.

  23. noah 09/05/2006 at 9:15 AM #

    I think the criticisms of Trestman are absurd. As are the delusions of “We weren’t trying to tip our hand, so we kept things simple.”

    No, Marcus Stone is awful and we wrung every drop of ability out of him that was humanly possible on Saturday and he still only threw for 36 more yards against a 1-AA team than I did.

  24. BoKnowsNCS71 09/05/2006 at 9:24 AM #

    Some player injuries and and several players with the stomach flu is what I was told was the reason for a lack of passing. Most of the healthy receivers available were freshman. Bottom line was to win the game and not make too many mistakes then progress — move forward and build on it. I’m just glad to see a W.

  25. PBdafan 09/05/2006 at 10:01 AM #

    Man, too bad we missed out on Brent Schaeffer – we were so close to getting him. I watched him Sunday night, and although he had only been on campus 20 days, he looked really good. Smart, athletic, and a leader on the field. The fact everyone is talking about App State and Akron like they’re real games is sad. 37 yards passing against a D2 opponent is even sadder. 10.5 points, 1.5 points, or 105 points favorite against Akron is meaningless. Unless something miraculous happens at QB, this is going to be a long, pitiful season.

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