TSN – Pack 9 Slots Better Than SI Predicts

As I promised in this thread discussing SI’s predictions, I received my college football season preview from The Sporting News, and we can now compare their take on the 2006-07 Wolfpack.

It’s not good, but a little better. TSN picks NC State 5th in the Atlantic, and #58 overall (no record given). In 10 categories ranked, NC State is only in the top half of the league once (secondary picked #5). In coaching, TSN ranks us dead last. Duke is last in all categories except secondary (11, only UNC is worse) and coaching (10, UNC and NC State are worse).

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4 Responses to TSN – Pack 9 Slots Better Than SI Predicts

  1. Glen Sudhop54 08/20/2006 at 8:23 PM #

    Until further notice, TSN is dead-on on the dead-last coaching observation. Success early on in the Amato regime was purely a product of Philip Rivers’ greatness and ingenuity. PR masked a LOT of coaching deficiencies. Amato could only muster a 7-5 regular season record with a SENIOR Philip Rivers.

    How much do want to bet that we’ll line up offsides at least once during the first set of downs against ASU?

    Money in the bank.

  2. forst8 08/20/2006 at 11:18 PM #

    So, assuming you win that bet does that mean our coaching staff forgot to teach them how to line up onsides?

  3. Devon162 08/23/2006 at 1:36 AM #

    I’ll answer him for you Glen: it will mean that our team has little to no discipline. They know how to line up onsides already and they know how to play football without so many penalties. They just don’t do it. Part of coaching 18-22 year olds involves making discipline a requirement.

    Besides offsides calls (which were rampant last year), our team is also notorious for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ calls. Several of those literally derailed the team en route to more than one possible victory last year. Glen will win his bet.

  4. redfred2 08/24/2006 at 11:06 AM #


    I won’t touch that bet with a ten foot pole.

    Who is our helmet manufacturer? Is there any chance the helmets might be defective and unusually oblongated? Kinda conehead-like?

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