Partially Retracting My Rant?

My kids had been watching cartoons on Fox 50 this morning, and the TV was still on when I caught the last 15 minutes of Lee Fowler’s weekly TV show. Tony Haynes read a question about Notre Dame and Tennessee’s status on future football schedules. Fowler confirmed that we wouldn’t be playing the Irish (noting that it was never a firm commitment, but rather a “concept” of ND playing all 4 NC-based ACC squads, which the Irish have since jettisoned). However, Fowler said that UT was still on for 2008 and 2013, although the 2008 game might be moved to 2012 to accomodate playing USC in 2008 and 2009.

If this is true (and not just a gimmick to buy some time and quietly drop the series later), then I offer my sincere mea culpa to Fowler and Amato for my earlier rant. It would be worth pushing back the trip to Knowxville in order to play Spurrier’s Gamecocks – as long as that trip still happens in the near future.

Whoever would have thought one of Lee Fowler’s great many media appearances would result in a savvy smoothing over of a source of significant fan displeasure? Well, potentially, anyway.

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  1. bTHEredterror 06/10/2006 at 2:50 PM #

    Good news if true. I agreed with your earlier assessment of the series. We should play Tennessee an SC if only to alternate between the two. I’m excited about the prospects of playong Pitt and SC in the same season year after next. As disappointing as it can be to lose high profile games, how many classics have we been party to in those tough losses? Alabama, Ohio State, and Syracuse. Just in the last decade. I feel those games helped our program, and future matchups can only offer hope to fans and bait to recruits. What we lose in bragging rights we gain in exposure, and there are a lot of young men who are competitive and want to think of themsleves as the missing ingredient. Thanks for the update!

  2. Mr O 06/12/2006 at 7:57 AM #

    BJD95: Check out the SEC football scheduling article from yesterday. It talked about the difficulty of finding a 12th opponent because everyone wants to play a home game. SEC schools are paying $750,000 to get opponents to come play single games at home. Wash. St is playing Tenn. for $850,000.

    Does anyone know what our total profit are from a home game? Can we even afford to get a team like Wash. St to come to Raleigh?

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