May 6, 2006 – We Were There

Who knows whether it will be a meaningful anecdote 10, 20, 30 years later. But indeed, I was there, one of the 1,000 or so souls (including fellow SFN bloggers Cardiff Giant and Beowolf, along with 2 of our combined 3 wives/fiancees, and 4 of our 6 combined progeny) crouched on the concrete bleachers surrounding Derr Track, reminiscing about PE100 (no longer a requirement for graduation – doesn’t that piss you off?) and waiting for a brief glance of new Wolfpack Head Coach Sidney Lowe.

I couldn’t really tell if Coach Lowe was impressed or just a bit frightened (maybe both?) at the sight of us Lunatic Fringers chanting his name. It was certainly an affirmation of how desperately NC State fans long for the return of basketball glory. Lowe spoke a few brief words into a megaphone (he seemed a bit unfamiliar with the concept, having never been a sheriff facing down a riotous mob), but the throng was happy nonetheless. One of Lowe’s 7 year-old twins flashed us the wolf sign, and we all responded with enthusiam. Then, before you knew it, it was over. The Lowe era had officially begun, and we all went back to our prayer vigil for Big Ced’s return.

One nice sidelight was the affirmation of unity, which I always felt was a crucial reason why Sendek’s departure was essential. Both supporters and critics of Sendek stood side by side, trading stories with big smiles on their faces. One such supporter discussed Wolfpack basketball with critic-in-chief Cardiff Giant, noting how much taller Brandon Costner (now approximately 6’11”, presumably with the same impressive athleticism) got last year[NOTE: We are not vouching for this, just repeating a story.], while recovering from injury. One couldn’t help but dream about a front-court rotation of Brack, Ced, and Costner, or perhaps even all 3 on the court at the same time, dominating the low post, and cleaning up on the glass. But even better was the UNITY – and let’s keep that going. No matter what your Sendek opinion may have been – Sendek has moved on, and so should we. Coach Lowe will need every last one of us come this winter.

Link to Sunday’s conversation.