Live Blogging – Custer’s Last Stand?

I’ll be flipping between the other 3 games at commercials, and typing out random comments on our game. I have a friend in the JAG Corps in the Bay Area, and he’s seen Cal play several times. He assures me that Powe is the real deal, and that the rest of the squad is “solid.” We’ve had trouble controlling legitimate star players, especially in the low post (see Hansbrough, Tyler), so we’ll need to see better defense – preferably a junk D or two, even – if we want to win.

I honestly don’t know what to expect tonight, although my gut says to expect an extreme – either the best game in 2 months, or a very ugly performance.

Back to the topic everyone has talked about all week. How about the solid fit between Sendek and the newly vacant Iowa State job? The Cyclones are finishing off another pseudo-scandal, and a guy who can make the NCAAT and maintain a clean image would seemingly appeal to them. Perhaps as interesting – ESPN is reporting that Loius Orr might be on the way out at Seton Hall. The geographic fit there would be good, with Sendek’s NY recruiting contacts.

7:09 – We’ll get to see a few minutes of George Mason vs. Michigan State. You’ll know Roy Boy has a deal with the devil if Mason pulls this one out and paves the way for a Tarheel Sweet Sixteen (UNC’s nightmare matchup, at least after BC, is Michigan State).

7:14 – Great, the dumb ass Masters commercials are back. Look, everybody who likes to watch golf already knows when it will be on. The rest of us don’t care, and never will. At least no “Spring Break Shark Attack” promos this year.

7:19 – At least we won’t have Dan Boner or Bill Raftery tonight. Gavin Grant has been playing so well of late that he’s no longer starting. Figures.

7:22 – Wow, is that ever one empty arena.

7:23 – Powe is going to get Big Ced in foul trouble. Mark it down.

7:25 – Good patience on offense so far. Really liked Cam taking the open mid-range jumper. That should be available all day. 9-7 Cal at the first stoppage.

7:29 – Big Ced is involved early on. That’s a very good sign.

7:30 – The defense has been better, too. Where is Gavin?

7:34 – Ced with authority!

7:39 – Somebody must have hit a three. CBS has cut away.

7:40 – 16-13 now. Fascinating coverage of MSU timeout.

7:41 – It was Fells with the three. Wow. He adds a free throw for 4 total.

7:42 – Ced is a man possessed tonight.

7:45 – This is a much better played game than the 2003 meeting. Unfortunately, Cal has figured out that Ced is our only legitimate low-post defender. That is an exploitable weakness.

7:50 – Fells and McCauley have combined for 6 of our 21 points.

7:51 – At least it seems like we’ll make Cal beat us, rather than just laying down and crapping ourselves.

7:56 – Silly foul by Ced. We didn’t need that. His THIRD, too.

7:58 – We need to keep the margin under 5 at the half. If we do that, I like our chances. It’s kind of sad that my expectations have been dulled so much that I’m excited about us not playing dead in an NCAAT game.

8:02 – The lead is 4, each team will get 1 more possession. This is a key stretch. It would be great to only be down 1 or 2. 6 or 7 would be a danger sign.

8:03 – The announcer thinks we’ll go 2 for 1. Ha!

8:05 – We dodge a bullet as Powe finally misses. This game is a 50/50 proposition now. Cal 29, State 25 at the break.

8:10 – I know many will disagree, but Packer and Nantz are as good as it gets in college hoops broadcasting. It would be sweet to hear them call Albany upsetting UConn. The Danes only trail by 1 at the half.

8:35 – I have a good feeling right now. Still 4 points, but we look better.

8:39 – Big Ced, doing all the work on O.

8:43 – Cal is playing much better defense in the 2nd half. That’s the difference right now. Still, one good spurt, and we can take control.

8:46 – We can’t give Powe 3 chances.

8:50 – Tie game. Told you I had a good feeling. We need to keep up the pressure, Cal seems confused.

8:54 – First Pack lead in forever.

8:56 – Wow. Missing out on extending to 5 could be big. We still have all the momentum. Powe is the only Bear who is looking to score.

9:00 – Miracle shot of the year. Bethel returns the favor.

9:01 – Pack brimming with confidence. I’m close to calling this one.

9:02 – Just look at this defense!

9:04 – This is Cal’s run. Withstand it, and it’s in the books.

9:08 – First FT no good. Second cuts it to two.

9:10 – Game tied. Bite those nails.

9:11 – Evtimov’s 3 would have iced it. Still think we’ll win. Playing our hardest, at least.

9:13 – Was that a three? Looks on the line to me.

9:14 – Shot IS a two. Please, Sendek, don’t run the clock and let Cal have the last shot if we miss.

9:16 – Great D by Powe. Need to score, or Cal WILL have last shot.

9:17 – Cam is MONEY. I’m calling it – GAME OVER.

9:18 – I would have hated for Cam’s career to end on a miss there.

9:19 – Now, it’s really, really over. Good game, guys.

9:21 – Perhaps the best defense we’ve played all year. And yes, Sendek still needs to go. 🙂

9:22 – Final score – NC State 58, Cal 52. The Sendek vs. Barnes circus is 99% likely to happen in 2 days. Strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride.

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39 Responses to Live Blogging – Custer’s Last Stand?

  1. RedFred 03/17/2006 at 10:12 PM #

    Intelligent? Yes. Want to join in with some knowledge to back up your comments.

  2. Cardiff Giant 03/17/2006 at 10:13 PM #

    “Like I said last night when you didn’t even know who Tommy Burleson was.”

    Are you kidding? Really…

  3. RedFred 03/17/2006 at 10:18 PM #

    Nope, he admitted it, and said that he couldn’t believe the people who admired TB, a person he was too young to know anything about.

  4. RedFred 03/17/2006 at 10:25 PM #

    It’s the end of the world I tell you! THE END OF THE WORLD! But People like “Jesse” there represent the new thinking of most NCSU fans.

  5. jesse 03/17/2006 at 10:26 PM #

    here is what i said:

    hey tommy you must have been pretty good back in the day. you have a lot of support around here. i am too young to remember. hmmm i wonder if there was anyone else on those great state teams of the mid 70’s. oh yeah i seem to remember someone named david something.

    i was just pointing out the fact that dt was on those teams with tb so let’s don’t act like tb was the greatest player of all time. i understand he was very good and i know who he is but i don’t value his opinion very much.

  6. BJD95 03/17/2006 at 10:34 PM #

    It was a good, solid win. But, at the end of the day, it was ONE WIN. Two more, and that will be significant.

    But, no matter what, it’s a good memory for Cam. We can all feel very good about that.

  7. RedFred 03/17/2006 at 10:39 PM #

    Again “Jesse”, did I ever say he was. DT was, without question, the most naturally gifted and most complete player to ever play college basketball. TB was a 7’4″ center with skills that would make him THE major factor on any team playing today. He just happened to play with David Thompson, together on the same team with Monte Towe, Tim Stoddard, and Mo Rivers. It’s all fact and history, it wouldn’t interest you.

  8. 4NCST8 03/17/2006 at 11:10 PM #

    Hey, Jesse, Rick’s going to whip your boy, Herbert, on Sunday.

    Don’t get too high, Jesse.

    Herbert will bring you back down quick.

    Man, the Herb lovers will be dancing in the streets if somehow their man can pull the upset on Sunday.

    I’m just for Herb to leave, regardless. If he leaves, the program will be in better shape and it will make thousands of State fans happy.

  9. jesse 03/17/2006 at 11:24 PM #

    will someone please explain to me what is so great about rick barnes? didn’t he get spanked by duke earlier? honestly, i haven’t been following texas this year so i may be wrong. i really would like to hear your best case for rick barnes.

  10. RedFred 03/17/2006 at 11:47 PM #


    Finally we agree. I do think that a knowledge from living in this area and understanding the all consuming passion that basketball carries here is a factor. But I wasn’t exactly a fan of RB while he was at Clemson until the Dean Smith incident. Maybe the passion, that he was willing to let fly back then, is all that is needed to spark the flame and get people up off their a*’s here in Wolfpack country. We’re all just a bunch of rednecks anyway.

  11. BJD95 03/18/2006 at 12:23 AM #

    This thread has gotten a bit out of hand. I cleaned up a few of the comments. Go postal on each other in the “Judgment Day” thread if you want. I don’t have comment-editing power there.

    I define success by numerous metrics – making the NCAAs, deep NCAA runs, regular season conference titles, conference tournament titles. Barnes has (IIRC) at least a few regular season conference titles, and has made a Final Four. He does have an Achilees’ heel of never winning a conference tourney, which he should have done by now. That’s better than Sendek. Remember, I don’t think Sendek is a bad coach, just not good enough. Barnes has proven better, and I’d be interested to see what he could do with the keys to our program for 5-7 years. He’s not perfect, but he’s a good coach and a good subjective fit for the university. He’s an upgrade.

    Trout, glad you enjoy the recaps. Maybe my wife will let me do another one on Sunday. 🙂

  12. FatWolf 03/18/2006 at 1:36 AM #

    I went to the game tonight. The arena was not that empty. There was a pack of State fans on 100 section. The Amercian Airlines Center is Dallas Maverick’s home. It is huge. So seeing from TV may look like empty. I was siting on a 200 section with few pack fans I have never met before.

    It was a nice win. This is actually my first “live” game after left State in 1995. I live near Dallas, and did not buy a ticket in advance. Today after work, I just went and got a ticket at the door.

    I agree with most of you on this site about Herb’s future. We do need a change, or Herb has to change his coaching style or make adjustments during the game. I have followed Pack most on TV this season. I did see changes in tonight’s game:

    1) we did go to Ced more than we did past few games tonight, which opened the game up in some degree;

    2) Grant did not take many “ill” drives to the baskets, which pabably saves us few turnovers;

    3) Atsur played less, so Grant got more minutes, which helped the defence.

    I also watched half of Texes game. If State shoots 3s better on Sunday, I will see State advances. Again, to his credits, it seems Herb made some adjustments for the game. He should do that long time ago.

    Just want to share some with you.

  13. Jeff 03/18/2006 at 10:47 AM #

    will someone please explain to me what is so great about rick barnes? didn’t he get spanked by duke earlier? honestly, i haven’t been following texas this year so i may be wrong. i really would like to hear your best case for rick barnes.

    Well..there is your problem.

    If you don’t know enough about College Basketball to begin with…let alone a time horizon longer than this season…then you probably should be keeping your mouth shut a lot more than you do.

    Odds are, there isn’t a lot of education that we can give someone who obviously is about 12 years old and has been regurgitating whatever their dad (probably MebaneWolf, macd, or Wolf81) has been telling them.

  14. jesse 03/18/2006 at 12:49 PM #

    well jeff i replied however the moderator deleted it. i guess you win 🙂

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