Glad George Mason Won? You Can Thank Me

Every instant I watched the early game today, UConn dominated. Every time I turned the channel or was called away for an errand, Mason stormed back. Finally, with about 11 minutes left and Mason up three, I decided to take one for the “team” (in this instance, the 99% of red-blooded Americans who love the underdog, especially against an evil jerkwad like Jim Calhoun). I turned the TV off and took my wife and kids bike riding. Yes, I intentionally missed perhaps the greatest Cinderella game of all time. But I did it for YOU PEOPLE!

Speaking of the NCAA tournament, I agree with Billy Packer’s assessment – this has been the best tourney ever. Just incredible action and storylines. With the complete absence of evil in the Final Four.

Florida becomes the 3rd team to make the Final Four primarily using defense. The Gators have held their first 4 opponents to 50, 60, 53, and 62 points. I guess they missed the memo noting that Billy Donovan teams are supposed to have no heart.

And yes, to reiterate, my wife had 3 of the Final Four teams right (every one but George Mason), in the only bracket she filled out (in 10 minutes, based on geographical preference). Will she be alive to take down a 155-entry office pool? I’ll find out in the morning. 🙂

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  1. BJD95 03/27/2006 at 2:03 PM #

    ^ Tongue in cheek, my friend. Take things a wee bit less seriously, please!

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