Sunday Sightings

Lots of great basketball all over the country yesterday. I thought that we would just highlight some random thoughts as the sports world turns its focus on NFL Football later today.

===> Pack Pulls Away
BJD did a super job on the live blog yesterday during the Wake game. It was so good that the N&O’s Blog linked it up real time. Thanks a lot!! It is much appreciated. (Man, that’s got to be a thorn in the side of the jack-ass loser posters at other websites who are “StatefansNation Haters”.)

It was very nice to get a win against a Big Four opponent while also scoring in the 90s. Macro-level, I happily agree with the Durham Herald-Sun‘s comments:

What Sendek’s team did on this day was impressive. It played with poise and composure without the lead and when it was all over, people were saying the obvious — this is a pretty good Wolfpack team.

Pack Pride’s Daily Webrun will direct you to anything that you want to read on the game.

===> The National Position of the Pack
The season is shaping up to be as fun as the 2003- 2004 season…and it is so much more fun following standings, rankings, and ratings when the focus is on projected NCAAT seeding and national attention than when we are sitting on the bubble.

Cedric Simmons recent success has served to place the Pack on many national radars, like Mike DeCourcy’s. Hopefully this attention will start to boost the perspective of the Pack in the general fans’ minds –’s fan poll currently has the 14th ranked Wolfpack ranked as #20 in the country.

A variety of media sources currently project NC State as a #4 seed in the NCAA Tournament. But, because of the program’s struggles against highly rated competition (State is 0-2 vs teams in the RPI’s Top 20), few outlets have the guts to project a tournament run far past the Sweet 16.

Herb Sendek’s Wolfpack look fully capable of another run to the Sweet 16. And you might be able to tack on another round to that projection if sophomore post Cedric Simmons (28 points, nine rebounds, seven blocked shots and three steals against the Blue Devils) continues his rapid rate of improvement.

===> The ACC Position of the Pack
NC State currently has an extra ACC game under our belt than most of the conference. After Carolina travels to Florida State tonight, and then State plays Seton Hall next week when most of the conference is going head to head, all teams will generally be on the same “total games” schedule. Seton Hall is currently ranked #85 in the RPI.


===> Congratulations, Georgetown
Just last week I watched a biography on John Thompson, III on HBO’s Real Sports. It was the most intimate look that I had ever seen at JTIII; and, unlike his father, this guy is almost impossible not to like. What a (seemingly) great guy

From the ACC’s perspective, it was a tough pill to swallow to Duke lose to Georgetown. But, watching the HBO piece and feeling closer to JTIII helped cushion the blow a little bit. This was an interesting article today.

This game obviously leaves the sad population of excuse-mongering NC State fans perplexed with how a 2nd year head coach (at Georgetown) beat Coach Coach K…with a PRINCETON OFFENSE?! Wow. He hasn’t even had a decade to ‘develop” and recruit “his players”. It must be G’Town’s great fans who had succeeded in selling out the 20,000 seat MCI Center ONE TIME in history prior to yesterday’s game. Yeah. That must be it.

===> Congratulations, Tennessee
You really gotta give Seth Davis credit for staking the prediction before the game. Are you paying attention to what is happening in Knoxville?

How in the WORLD has Bruce Pearl put Tennessee in the Top 10 of every computer model in the country in his FIRST YEAR of taking over a program that was so bad that they chose to fire their old coach? How is this possible?

Surely the UT fans are regretting the decision to fire such a “good guy” like Buzz right now? (Man, I really wish that I had the time to chronicle of the idiotic comments that folks make over on Pack Pride in past conversations about Bruce Pearl).

Congrats to Tennessee for making such a significant national impact so early in Pearl’s tenure.

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  1. PACDADDY 01/29/2006 at 10:29 PM #

    “That is so interesting…because, under the Pacdaddy/Lee Fowler/Herb Sendek school of management, Peterson would have been allowed to keep his job solely on having good players and UT would have therefore never hired Pearl. The inconsistency is amazing.”

    That’s pure and simple BS. You obviuosly don’t have a clue about where I come from Jeff. I supported Herb over last 4 seasons, not because of the talent on the team…the results man! I’ve even defended you 2-3 years ago on Statefans about some your views.

    I have forgiven and forgotten the first 5 years of his tenure because I knew he had an up hill battle. SO DID EVERY OTHER COACH THAT WOULDN’T TAKE THE JOB! Herb took 1-2 years longer than I expected, but that’s HISTORY…meaning…a long time ago!

    Herb was 33 years old when he came to Raleigh…33 years old!

    Pearl is benefiting greatly from a weak SEC. He will continue to improve and build that program, because he’s a good coach and he’ll have a ton of support. SEC is a completely different BB conference. Outside of UK(except this season), they have inconsistent programs that rarely dominate EVERY YEAR within the conference. Arkansas used to be one of the other programs and that was quite a long time ago. Florida lost to Miami and FSU last season….still won the SEC (I think)

    There’s no excuse for NCSU not having a solid program!

    Do we NOT have a solid program Jeff? Seriously…is second place(currently) not good enough fo you? Is finishing in top 25 3 of last 4 and probably 4 of last 5 seasons in top 25 not good enough for you? Is Herb allowed to lose a game? …even a few he shouldn’t? I mean heck…we’ve lost 4 games…3 on the road and one against an underrated team, looking to make a point.

    I’ll say this…my standards are so high for the future of this program you’d be suprised. You and I are not that far apart from what our “expectations” are for this program. I just appear to have more patience and no axes to grind. I expect a consistent top 10 program…one that can get a 1-2-3 seed in the NCAA and compete for final 4’s and ACC Championships. Not every year, but more than V could provide.

    I raise my standards as Herb’s tenure progresses…not that I ‘m going to scream for him to be fired if he has a down year…too many things can happen to a coach within a year…like GW last season…funny…”that down year” for GW was simular to what Herb has had to put up with 4-5 seasons while building this program.

    Sammy Kent…your last post is exactly why I get so frustrated with some fans. Again…The last 3 of 4 seasons we have finished in the top 25 coaches poll. We are a last second shot and a last minute meltdown from 3 sweet 16’s. We played in the ACC final game twice. We have a lost games we shouldn’t have, but that’s the nature of college BB in todays game, unless you have a stock pile of Mc D AA’s. Ref’s have so much influence in a game it’s not even funny…especially tourneys(remember towell boy tech that kept Herb from 3 ACC finals in a row!).. Herb has had to earn everything he has gotten at NCSU…Losing key recruits to grades(Cotten)…losing key players to injuries at crucial moments of a season(Thornton, IE, Scooter, Bethel, Kelley….on and on). Herb has had to overcome his lack of age and experience with hard work and determination. He’s had to deal with losing recruits because of fans…during important times of his tenure. He’s outlasted Cremin’s, DOH, Gillen, Odom, and others…why? Because Fowler likes him?..heck no! Because Fowler is more informed about this programs direction than you! Looking at things lately…you might have to include Prosser to the list of he continues his downfall…you know…the coach that finished #1 in regular season just 2 seasons ago….why? Because smart people can see the writing on the wall…Chris Paul is gone and he ain’t coming back and THE ACC IS TOUGH!…sure it has a down year here and there, but there’s no other BB conference like it.

    NONE of you would have thought we’d be a top 20 team NOW before Jules arrival with Herb Sendek…you were wrong then, and you’re wrong now.

    None on you would have thought we’d finish 2nd place 2 times in last 3 seasons…I realize that hasn’t happened yet, but we’re looking strong right now.

    ..and I remind some of you of “Ned” or the “black knight”? ha!

    You’ve been wrong…wrong…wrong then…and I THINK…you’re wrong NOW.

    I used to say most of the anti-Herb crowd wasn’t wrong, because they had every reason to be upset at the pace of the programs progress(I didn’t agree but I understood)…

    NOW…for those that continue to preach about “mediocrity” with us seating here at top 15, 2nd place in conference and just coming off a sweet 16 season…it’s a freakin joke!

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