Maybe it is the Color, Blue?

Our blog is always looking for long term trends upon which to base judgements and have discussions. Instead of looking too deep at things like records against good teams compared to bad teams….and records in close games….and not so close games….

….maybe the trend is more simple that that…maybe we just struggle against teams that wear the color blue?

State looked almost like StJohns-from-last-year-crap tonight, and despite Saturday’s performance, ultimately reverted to form of not being able to execute an exciting comeback that so many other programs pull off year after year.

Our boys got continuously punched in the mouth tonight…and our boys ‘responded’ with the same bland demeanor and (lack of) pride that has become a staple of our generally emotionless style of play. It was like robots upchucking in slow motion.

In case you needed a refresher…tonight was a super reminder of WHY NC State plays such a piss poor out of conference schedule every year. Although, tonight’s game against the #84 team in the RPI should serve to improve State’s embarassing #268 OOC SOS a little bit.

How does a mediocre coach amass a 59-6 (90.8%) out of conference record in a $160 million arena? Easily…by not by playing any good teams if you can’t beat them. After losing at home to West Virginia last year and now Seton Hall this year, I hope the Lifetime Rights Holders aren’t holding their breath for any home headliners any time in the next decade or so. Sendek is 32-19 (62.7%) in conference games in the RBC and 59-6 in non-conference games. Oh…where is Wofford when you need them?

All year we’ve been hearing how “good” this team is. And, I’ve bought into it as much as most. Some credible websites and media sources have talked about outside chances of making a run to the Final Four. Experts seem united on predicting an advancement to a second straight Sweet 16. But, nineteen games into the season, NC State has defeated ONE team that would make the NCAA Tournament (if it began today). How does anyone know how good we are when we haven’t beaten anybody that is any good?

The hope and dream of a legitimate “peak season” worthy of this program’s resources and the endless patience of Wolfpacknation has disappeared into the horizon. Now, Wolfpackers will have to wait for a strong run in a tournament environment to provide a high-water mark that is worthy of true bragging.

* I hate this for the ACC.

* At least Herb got a technical

* At least Carolina is losing by 12 at half time.

* The only good news about tonight is that it wasn’t a conference game.

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11 Responses to Maybe it is the Color, Blue?

  1. class of '74 01/26/2006 at 6:32 AM #

    This was the same team Duke nearly doubled the score on back in November. Heck, Kay Yow’s squad could have beaten us last night. It was just awful! Good teams lose games they shouldn’t on rare occasions but good teams don’t get punked like that at home.

  2. Jeff 01/26/2006 at 7:46 AM #

    Agreed. I was hoping that this was FINALLY going to be our “great” team.

  3. class of '74 01/26/2006 at 7:53 AM #

    Me too!

  4. Fish 01/26/2006 at 8:44 AM #

    This team and coach suck. A good team doesn’t get their asses whipped by a bad Seton Hall team especially at home. We do not need to even discuss this team being great.

    Final Four – forget it

    Sweet Sixteen – Extremely doubtful

    Round of 64 – A possibility

    Why oh why are State fans stuck with such dreadful revenue programs.

  5. TVP 01/26/2006 at 11:47 AM #

    Maybe it’s playing on one of the ESPN networks. On ESPN this year: 0-4. Not on ESPN: 15-0.

    Not sure what else to say – last night sucked.

  6. packer74 01/26/2006 at 2:49 PM #

    Herb’s technical was real effective. They went from 19 points down to 24 points down. The Pack wasn’t ready to play last night and a bucket of ice water in every player’s and coach’s face wasn’t going wake them up. They all better get a “player ticket” for the game at Clemson.

  7. paul 01/26/2006 at 2:49 PM #

    we’ve beaten two teams that would make the tournament if it started today — GW and BC.

  8. Jeff 01/26/2006 at 4:52 PM #

    ^ that is true…now

    When I wrote the entry last night, BC had not defeated Carolina and was certainly not a lock based on their record and RPI.

  9. paul 01/26/2006 at 10:14 PM #

    ^ fair enough.

  10. Charles 01/27/2006 at 3:43 PM #

    We never seem to play well when Bill Rafferty does the analysis. Or, maybe it just seems that way because he irritates me so much. Is it too much to ask a guy to pronounce the players name correctly. Who is Etivmov? It was bad enough watching such a dismal performance, but I had to listen to him also. Yech!

  11. zoroastrianism and christianity 03/16/2006 at 1:20 PM #

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    “I would lift my habit, Mother Superior.”

    Mother Superior (shocked): “And what would you do next?”

    Sister Maria: “I would tell him to drop his trousers.”

    Mother Superior (even more shocked): “And what then?”

    Sister Maria: “I would run away. I can run much faster with my habit up than he can with his trousers down.”

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