Is the ACC Becoming the SEC?

WOW!! It’s a bad day for the ACC.

If you were to go to one of my favorite sites on the internet right now,, you would see the following headlines in exact order:

Clemson player arrested for simple assault
Clemson Football – 11/17/05
Clemson reserve bandit end Cortney Vincent was arrested last week and charged with simple assault. Details of the charges from news reports: The warrant states Vincent offered to “do bodily harm to the person of another with the apparent ability presently to inflict the harm…

Probation for Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech Football – 11/17/05
The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have been placed on probation for the first time in the school’s history. The probation will last two years and the football team will lose 6 scholarships for 2006 and 2007. No intentional wrongoding was found and Tech is giving…

“U” made a Big Mistake
Miami Football – 11/17/05
A story that surfaced late Wednesday night has been confirmed by, regarding the recording of an explicit rap song by some Miami Hurricanes. The song includes multiple references to sex acts, slurs for minorities and the use of derogatory terms for women. According to…

FSU recovers stolen championship trophies
Florida State Football – 11/16/05
Officials at Florida State University announced that they have recovered both of the Waterford Crystal National Championship trophies stolen last summer. Police have arrested at least one suspect in the process of recovering the trophies, which were stolen during renovations at the athletic center in…

Bowden re-writing history books, reliving the ’70s
Florida State Football – 11/16/05
Dadgummit! Dadgummit! Dadgummit! I missed this painful little factoid following the Florida State loss to Clemson: Florida State has lost to three unranked teams (Clemson, Virginia, and NC State) for the first time since 1976 – Bowden’s first year at FSU. And as I pointed…

Judge orders accused felon back onto (Georgia Tech) football team
Georgia Tech Football – 11/16/05
This has to be the strangest ruling I’ve ever seen. Judge orders Tech to reinstate player facing felony drug charge ATLANTA (AP) — A Fulton County judge ordered Georgia Tech to reinstate defensive back Reuben Houston to the team Tuesday even though Houston is facing…

What in the hell is going on?

I know that this is just a single snapshot in time, but this is amazing.

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2 Responses to Is the ACC Becoming the SEC?

  1. Class of '74 11/18/2005 at 7:56 AM #

    The Reuben Houston/ Ga. Tech story is the single dumbest ever in sports! You go to court to be reinstated to the team. Hey Reuben are you going to sue if the coach doesn’t play you or if he makes you run windsprints? You moron!
    And judge, what in the hell were you thinking? You should have to do windsprints with Reuben! You liberal moron!

  2. TigerFan 11/18/2005 at 3:08 PM #

    The ACC started down the road of “becoming the SEC� when they decided football was king and let in FSU. The conference cemented is place among the best (or worst depending on your perspective) when they added Miami and to a lesser extent VPI.

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