Sunday Expansion Thoughts

I’ve long-believed expansion/re-alignment wouldn’t end until there were four 14- or 16-team superconferences controlling the football universe, i.e., TV/BCS revenue. The proliferation of college football on TV over the past 20 years has shifted the landscape such that traditional cultural and geographical alliances simply don’t matter, and conference names have little to do with affiliated […]

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Conference Expansion…again?

I wrote last November about the absurdity of the most recent series of conference re-alignments and expansion. Conference realignment and expansion is in no way a recent, or revolutionary, concept. College football over the decades has remained about as steady as the Hatteras shoreline. The trend of several small, regional conferences towards a few elite […]

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Wiz: The Rise & Fall of Bobby Lowder

Sundays in the off season are made for personal interest and feature stories…so, when I ran across this link from the Wiz I couldn’t ignore it. Long time college football fans recognize the name of Bobby Lowder as perhaps the ‘most powerful booster in college football’. I first remember learning about Bobby Lowder by reading […]

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