Noel Mazzone Revisited

Ole Miss is surprisingly sticking close to SFN’s 6th rated Alabama. Of course, this is due in large part to defense, not Noel Mazzone’s offense. In fact, here is a sequence that NC State fans will find familiar. Down 10-7, the Rebels face 3rd and goal from the Tide 3. Ole Miss proceeds to get TWO CONSECUTIVE delay of game penalties, then does the old Mazzone staple play (fake reverse look, handoff to tailback up the middle) for 5 yards. Ole Miss ran four plays after getting 1st and goal from the 9 (Alabama was offsides on one play), and at no point was the ball thrown into the end zone.

It’s hard to get the home fans to boo when tied with a Top Ten team, but Noel Mazzone found a way, as we all knew he could.

Update – Alabama wins on a last second FG, 13-10. Way to go, Noel!